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Yuusha-Giri Akkimaru (優秀なのキラーkiller of excellence) (鬼の武士 samurai of the ogre) entreats those willing for a test of strength to fight him at his dojo called On the Edge of the Map (地図の端に chizu no oite kiwa)... if they can...

Table of Contents
Beginning of Story
Eventually In the Story...
At Some Random Point...
Where Am I In the Story Now?
What's the Punchline?

Beginning of Story

Born into the Akkimaru clan (obviously), which is situated in the Village hidden Among Rocks, he lead a good and happy life, full of joy and not a hint of negative emotion at all... until that day, at age 3, when he got separated from his family in a forest. His parents searched and searched, high and low, for dozens of hours and dozens of days, but to no avail. Fortunately for Yuushagiri, he stopped crying for his loss after the second day, so he was coping pretty well all alone, with only animals and flora as his company. On the 8th day, Yuushagiri was taking a walk by a river when he saw what looked like three tiny monkeys farther down the shoreline: one looked to be nearly invisible, one looked like a monkey-shaped bottle filled with water, and the other one looked like he was a bonfire. What it looked like was they were all trying to reach a fruit on a branch that was hanging over the river, fighting the one who manages to be ahead the rest. Eventually, as it was inevitable, the tree branch snapped and all three fell into the river, trying to hold on to a jutting rock to prevent being carried away. Yuushagiri saved them in a very heroic and awesome way that I will not elaborate on because it lacks realistic and practical components. The three whom he saved, named Yasei no Hi (Wild fire)

"What is your destiny, young one?" "What shall you do,

from now until the end of time?" "I will defeat enemies

amazingly stronger than myself! I WILL become a god!


Akkimaru sign

Not very good, but works. Please, make a better looking one and send me it (since this pcture is pretty sad).

Yuusha-Giri "Sakana" Akkimaru
(Yuusha-Giri - yuushu na no kiraa)
("Sakana" - sakana)
(Akkimaru - oni no bushi)
(JapaneseTextIfApplicable - RomajiPronunciationGoesHere)
Yuushagiri stats

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