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Yuudai Katsuo (  かつお ゆうだい, Katsuo Yuudai)' is a jounin from Konohagakure. He is the sensei of Team 2 which consists of Shinuko, Daiki and Shin.


He was born into a very powerful clan, where the members often aspire to be of "kage" level and the men become ANBU members or hunter-nin, whilst the women excel in the medical-nin field or become tokubetsu jounin - though this was rare as the clan are very firm in their beliefs that the men should be the ones on the frontlines, and women should take on more "gender-appropriate" roles.

His father was one of the most powerful in the clan, and had reached "kage" level however, due to personal preferences, remained a member of ANBU. He was often away for months on end, and left his son in the hands of Itsuki Katsuo, who was a family friend. Itsuki was quite a harsh teacher, and pushed Yuudai to such extremes that resulted in many injuries. However, his training saw Yuudai fly through the ranks as he graduated from the academy at the age of seven, and became a chuunin at the age of nine. Yuudai soon adopted many of Itsuki's mannerisms and beliefs, that he took with him during his training. He became a jounin at the age of thirteen, and an ANBU member eight years later. After an injury ten years after joining the ANBU, Yuudai was unable to continue and so during his recovery period took on the role of an elite tutor, refusing to take it easy at any costs.  At the age of thirty-four, Yuudai decided that he needed to shape the future generation of shinobi, and so became the team leader of Team 2.


Yuudai is very power-hungry and is determined to win every battle. It's also been observed that he's quite sexist in the fact that he believes women shouldn't be kunoichi, and that they're made to be medical-ninja. His attitudes and values are passed down onto his team through his teaching style. He's not so bothered about teamwork as he is about victory and success.

His teaching methods are borderline extreme for many reasons. Kakashi often notes that he's incredibly irresponsible, to which Yuudai replies that at the end of the day, his team will grow into hardened and fit individuals and will come out on top no matter what, and that Kakashi should try pushing his students to the same extent if he wants winners.

Yuudai sees himself as superior to the other shinobi, especially the jounin team leaders, as he deems them weak and unable to assert their authority over their team members. He often acts without thinking, especially in a battle, where he's very impulsive and uses his strongest jutsu at the beginning.

Although he's deemed to be an intimidating and careless shinobi, Yuudai takes his time when training his students. He rarely trains as a group, preferring to have one-on-one sessions so he can pay more attention to his team as individuals and learn how they learn best as well as develop their nin-jutsu skills depending on what their affinity is.


Being such a stubborn and headstrong man, he makes more enemies than friends. If someone disagrees with him, Yuudai tends to argue his point until one of them either gives in or wins.

It's undeniable that his teaching methods are somewhat unorthadox and completely unethical, as he puts his team way out of their comfort zone, and in situations that could very well be the end of them. However, according to Yuudai, he never puts his students into situations in which he thinks they won't be able to handle alone. He trains his team individually most of the time, allowing him time to really bond with them, and figure out their strengths and weaknesses so that he can train them accordingly. Once a month, he trains them as a whole group, though it's never to display teamwork, and moreso to test their skills on each other.

Originally, he tried to persuade Shinuko into training to become a medical-nin, but after she strongly protested, he gave her the special paper to determine what her chakra affinity was. Upon seeing the paper darken to a solid black colour, he took a sudden interest in her and, although he won't admit it, Shinuko has grown to become his favourite student. He often spends prolonged amounts of time, trying to help her reach her chakra reserves, though he has no success. Her disability combined with her natural swordsmanship intrigues him, and it's obvious that he admires her strength and determination to complete every task he sets. Yuudai frequently is seen with her at Ramen Ichiraiku, where they talk about training.


Yuudai is incredibly large in size and the majority of it is pure mucle, as he's devoted to his fitness plans. Due to the hours he puts in every day, his tai-jutsu has improved drastically as a result, giving him an edge in battle. However, although he has the brute strength, he doesn't have the necessary speed to defeat Might Guy, who he deems to be his superior. He vows to one day defeat the shinobi in battle.

His body overall is well-sculpted and he's quite a handsome man with the idealised facial features such as the square jaw, the rugged beard and, dark, unkempt hair and piercing blue eyes. He has very broad, muscled shoulders, which give him a shape woman love.

He proudly wears his flak jacket over a black short-sleeved shirt, and tends to leave the jacket unzipped. Yuudai also wears he usual dark blue trousers and shinobi footwear. His weapons pouch is kept on his left thigh over a bandage wrap. Underneath his trousers, on his ankles, Yuudai wears very heavy weights to help build strength in his legs as well as try to improve his speed. Whenever he trains or goes for a walk or run, he is also seen carrying dumbells to help keep his arms toned. 


Yuudai is undoubtedly a very talented and powerful shinobi. Coming from a clan of highly-ranked and admirable ninja, there was no doubt that Yuudai wouldn't follow suit. Becoming a member of ANBU was clearly one of his greatest achievements, and after the injury his application to be an elite tutor was automaticall accepted, as was his application to teach academy graduates, because of his exceptional past record.


Databook Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
First 4 4.5 0.5 4.5 5 2.5 4 4 29
Second ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Third ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Part I

Chuunin Exam arc

Yuudai is first introduced before the chuunin exams take place, along with Daiki and Shin. He takes on Shinuko and her canine companions and immediately announces that he was entering his team in the chuunin exams, much to Kakashi's disapproval, seeing as Shinuko had hardly prepared, and called Yuudai "irresponsible".

Later that day, Yuudai confronted Shinuko and advised her not to worry about the exams, so long as she kept out of her team's way throughout the second stage, and simply forfeited the third state. He then offered her one-on-one training with a respected medical-nin, with the implications that she could never be a true shinobi as she was a woman. Shinuko refused, saying that she would kill anyone who got in her way if she had to, and that she wasn't some hindrance to act simply as a third wheel. Doubting her claims, Yuudai challenges her to a battle and adds that, if she won, he'd acknowledge her ambition to become a recognised shinobi. Shinuko responded by saying that she didn't need the approval of some superficial a**hole, but that she'd gladly accept his challenge to a fight.

Although Shinuko lost, Yuudai was impressed with her determination and raw willpower. He immediately took the girl to the infirmary as she'd worn herself to complete exhaustion. When she awoke, he passed her his headband, telling her that he'd never seen such a strong display of boldness, dedication and courage, and that she'd truly earned his respect, especially considering her sight impairment.

The next few days leading up to the chuunin exam, Yuudai trained his team to the brink of exhaustion. Following the preliminary rounds of the third stage, Yuudai paid special attention to Shinuko, training her to access her chakra reserves after the special paper turned black upon contact with Shinuko's fingers. He also helps her improve her swordsmanship skills.

Part II

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  • His first name means "hero, manly" (yuu) and "large, great" (dai).
  • His last name means "victory" (katsu) and "hero, manly" (o).
  • His favourite food is pork ramen and a number of different vegetables, whilst he strongly dislikes excessively fat or sugary foods and sweets.
  • His hobbies include long-distance running, strength training and muscle building.
  • Yuudai is very keen to obey his daily schedules that he devises before bed and finds the act of plan-making very relaxing. According to him, he'd not be able to cope if he had no routine.



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