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"...and tigers become great trophies."
(中原 百合子, Nakahara Yuriko)


Kaitaro Nakahara (husband)
Kaitsu Nakahara (son)
Kazuki Nakahara (son)
5 more unknown sons
Takahiro (great grandson)
Amaya (great granddaughter')
Mayumi Nakahara (great-g. granddaughter)
Makoto Nakahara (great-g. grandson)
Tokutaro Nakahara (great-g. grandson)

Yuriko Nakahara (中原 百合子, Nakahara Yuriko) was the wife of Kaitaro Nakahara.


Yuriko was a young woman from the Land of Keys. She was widowed by her fresh husband and left to fend for herself. A warrior from the Land of Water named Kaitaro took her under his wings. Soon the two married. Yuriko was the mother of his 7 sons.


Yuriko was said to have been a very calm woman, to the point where people around her would nearly fall asleep. She would always outsmart her husband about the quotes he made.


  • Because Yuriko was not a shinobi, it is possible that the tradition of women being housewives instead in the Nakahara clam, has came from her relationship with the household.
  • Her name means "hundred-perfect-child", possibly a reference to the large family.


Picture from Google images. I do not own this. OC by xStarcandy

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