Chapter #238


Naruto Episode #135

Appears in

Anime and Manga

Voice Actors


Natsumi, Kiyoura



September 7th

Gender Female


Part I: 12
Part II: 15


Part 1: 141.4 cm (4'6" ft)
Part 2: 150.8 cm (4'11" ft)


Part 1: 33.5 kg (73 lbs)
Part 2: 40.4 kg (89 lbs)

Blood type


Kekkei Genkai

Ice Release


Missing nin

Affiliation Akatsuki


Kirigakure Intel


Rini Ganetto


Yuudai Shison (Father)
Kinoshi Chie (Mother)
Aiten Shison (Brother)
Shizuo Shison (Uncle)

Nature Type Water Release
[1] Wind Release


Water Release: Ravaging Monster
Water Release: Weapon Morph
Ice Release: Weapon Morph
Wind Release: Eagle's Breath
Ice Release: Winter's Breath
Ice Release: Forboding Claw
Ice Release: Grip of Death
Ice Release: Dragon Teeth
Ice Release: Dragon Blood Armour
Stage I: Left Arm
Stage II: Complete Left Side
Stage III: Complete Body


Curved Dagger

Yukino Ryokoon is a young missing-nin from the village of Kirigakure and is now affiliated with the organization Akatsuki.

She later serves as a love interest for Kisame Hoshigaki.

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