Creator Haru Shizen Nature Type
Water Release


Rabbit --> Snake --> Ram ---> Horse --> Dragon

Whirlpool of Death Jutsu

Japanese: 死術のワールプール

Romaji: Shi-jutsu no wārupūru

Originally created to strenghten the Shizen's Clan position in Kirigakure, the Whirlpool of Death has to be used near water or in water, like the Water Prison.

Basically, the aftermath of the hand seal is your opponet, who you got trapped in water to make it work, will get sucked down a whirlpool, unless they jumped out of the water before you finished the seal. This jutsu is a secret jutsu of the Shizen clan, and would take 1/5 of a person's normal chakra. It will suck a person under water, into a current made by you. If they do not die after riding the current (which takes at least four-six minutes) they're energy would be depleted from trying to struggle out of the water.

Ways to Get ouT:

  • Get out of water before hand seal finishes
  • Stop the opponet from finishing the hand seal.
  • Duh use Substition Jutsu.

Whirlpool of Death Symbol

The symbol used in Shizen Scrolls to describe the Whirlpool of Death

This symbol (picture right) is used in many different Shizen scrolls, describing it's ferocity. It has killed many opponets, as they weren't sane enough to figure you can, if you calm down, use substiton jutsu.

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