The Uzumaki clan (うずまき一族, Uzumaki Ichizoku) was a prominent clan in Uzushiogakure. They were distant relatives of the Senju clan and as such, both were on good terms; an alliance that extended onto their hidden villages —Konohagakure and Uzushiogakure. The shinobi of Konoha integrated Uzushiogakure's symbol onto their uniforms and flak jackets as well as on the shoulders of their uniforms as a sign of friendship and goodwill between the two villages, and continue to do so to this day, in memory of their friendship even years after Uzushiogakure's destruction.[1]

Overview Edit

[1]The typical appearance of an Uzumaki fūinjutsu.Members of this clan were very knowledgeable in the art of fūinjutsu. This reputation earned them renown and fear worldwide, which eventually led to the destruction of Uzushiogakure, and the rest of the Land of Whirlpools during the era of Shinobi World Wars. With the destruction of their homeland, the survivors fled the country going into hiding scattered all around the world.[2] [2]The Uzumaki and Senju clans.The members of this clan possessed both incredible longevity and life force.[3]Their longevity can be seen in part through Mito, who lived from long before the founding of Konoha, to well into the term of the Third Hokage's reign. The clan's life force was the reason Kushina survived the extraction of her tailed beast, despite only just giving birth minutes before, though she was left severely weakened.[4]

Trivia Edit

  • The surname "Uzumaki" is a pun on "spiral" (渦巻), because it refers to a three-dimensional spiral, like a whirlpool or vortex. "Uzumaki" can also mean "whirlpool", in reference to the Naruto whirlpools (鳴門の渦潮), named after the city of Naruto.
  • All of Kurama's jinchūriki have been members of the Uzumaki clan.
  • Red is a common hair colour among the members of the Uzumaki clan.[5][3]
  • The anime character Honoka was hinted to be a member of the Uzumaki clan. She had red hair and fūinjutsu talents akin to the clan. In Naruto: Shippūden episode 227, Aoba also found a book stating that they had found a survivor of a "certain clan of ninja".[6]

References Edit

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