Usagi Yamanaka (うさぎ山中, Yamanaka Usagi) was a citizen of Konohagakure.


Usagi's husband was a ANBU before he was cut down during the attack of the Kyuubi. After her daughter was killed in a fire, Usagi took custody of Bara Yamanaka and moved back to Konoha. Her previous residence is unknown though it is said too be near the beach.

Usagi was also diagnosed with an incurable disease that ended her life in the time passage between Shippuden and Part I. It is also unknown when and how she got this disease but it slowly kills your insides; by the time you notice it is normally too late to change your fate. When she was alive, Usagi treated Bara with great care and taught her manners...though she didn't know Bara never used manners.


Usagi is a very sweet old lady that, more than anything, wishes for Bara to be healthy and successful when she grows up. She is very benevolent, this trait is thought to be passed on to her granddaughter.


Usagi had long, grey hair that was kept in a high bun with a grey bang covering her pupiless blue eyes. She had many wrinkles that were prominent features to her face and had a fair skin tone. Due to her disease she could never stand straight and was always seen with a cane to help her walk.

Her attire was a simple kimono-like dress along with a white haori and clogs.

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