Itzel grew up in Konoha with her mother,father and brother Ikura. She loved hanging out with her friends when not traning at the academy. When her parents died she tried to comfort her brother. Not able to comfort her brother she felt alone and like her brother's depression was her fault, going into a state of depression herself.(Editing more)


She is very blunt about her opinions and doesn't give a two shits if you're offended or not. She is suffering from depression and low self esteem, probably the reason why she doesn't care if anything bad happens to her. She mostly cares for her brother. Itzel has bad arthritis her hands,wrists and feet. She's also slowly going deaf. Desite all this she has Hyperalgesia.She is a dynamic go with the flow kind of person. Itzel is a strong woman who isn’t fazed by anything.


Itzel is a tall, dark-skinned woman of slender build with brown short hair. She has red eyes. She is usually seen with a indifferent, but smile on her face.(Still editing)

Ninja Info

(Edit Later)


Emiko's favoite food is fish while her least favorite food is anything deepfried

  •  Itzel's favorite thing to do is to teach at the Adcemey
  •  Itzel dislikes most stubborn people (except Ikura)
  •  Itzel is afraid of big animals. (She summons up Lemurs)
  •  Itzel loves children but does not wish to have any of her own.
  •  Itzel and Gai become married at the end of the fic that they are in,they never have any children.They adopt 3.
  • Itzel means rainbow.
  • Itzel favorite food is mashmallos and hates rice.
  • Itzel favorite word is Change
  • She was born with very flexible joints. This ability is useful because of her taijustu.

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