Umiki Hayashi

牛木 林


Appears in

Manga, Anime, Game, and Movie

Voice Actors


Ayumi Ito


Brina Palencia



April 9th




Pre-shippuden: 12-13

Shippuden: 15-16


Pre-shippuden: 155 cm

Shippuden: 170 cm


Pre-shippuden: 38 kg

Shippuden: 59 kg

Blood type



Short and Mid


18px-Konohagakure Symbol.svg Konohagakure


Team Ai


Ninja Rank


Academy Grad. Age


Chūnin Prom. Age



Goro Hayashi (father)
Hina Fujimoto (mother)
Kaede Hayaski (sister)

Umiki Hayasi (牛木 林) is a Chunin level shinobi of Kohana, and is introdused as a antagonist.


Umiki was born under Goro Hayashi, the leader of the heavy attack ANBU squad,and Hina Fujimoto, retired medical nin. Umiki was always tall for her age, usualy being a total head taller then the rest of the children in her year. She learned tai-justu from her father Goro, which made her excelle in her tai-justu studys in the academy. Hina tryed to teach Umiki medical nin-justu, but she lacked the intrest, she finding it more fun to and learn to hurt things rather than heal them. Umiki always picked things up faster than usual, becomeing board in her classes and falling asleap. To keep her attentive, Goro would teach her Genin-level nin-justu. She learned how to walk on water and climb trees useing just her feet years before her classmates.

Umiki was five years old when the most important person in her life was born - her younger sister, Kaede. Umiki quickly became attached to Kaede, wanting to take her to school and the training ground with her. She was there when Kaede took her first steps, said her first word, and even taught her to pronounce "Nii-chan". Kaede would from then on adress Umiki as "Nii-chan".

Being a head taller than the rest of her year, she earned the nick name 'Stilts' because it looked like she was on stilts. People began to think she failed a few grades because of her towering height compared to the rest of her year, even though her grades were amonst the top of her class. As she got older, her hips reached to other childrens belly-bottons. When her class would run a mile to try to teach stamina, she would always finish first - by alot.

Umiki was seven when her father was proclaimed a missing-nin. Goro slaughtered his entire ANBU squad, a total of thrity-six men. Hina whent from happy house wife, to a depressing hermit, not leaveing her bedroom, and often forgeting to pay bills or buy food. The hunger pains that came from her and her sisters bellys soon became too much for her, she resorted to petty thievery to feed the one she cared for most.

When Umiki was eight, she had a robbery-gone-wrong. A store owner caught her stealing a loaf of bread, Umiki not knowning what to do, she took off running. luckily - the store owner didnt see her face. Umiki ran for fifteen minuets straight, she took a sharp turn and ran into a boy. She heard foot steps following behind her, and pulled her and the boy into a ally that was near them, covering his mouth. When the foot steps were gone, she releced the boy. He was of the Uchiha clan, he asked what the deal was, so Umiki showed him the bread and bribed him to keep quiet. She traded him two special kunai for him to keep his mouth shut. If only Umiki would know what this deal would cause for her in the end, maybe she would of chosen to deal with the store owner.

By the age of ten, Umiki was a master of food thievery. She could hide a loaf of bread and three apples in her big jacket she wore. She came up with a rationing system for Kaede, Hina, and herself. Hina never questioned where Umiki got the food, but was thankful to have food in her belly. The bills started to pile up, and there little apartment was in danger of being forclosed. Umiki taught herself how to pickpocket, "accidently" running into people and takeing their money within a second - with out being noticed. Umiki would rather put herself on the line than have to see Kaede on the streets.

By the time Umiki was twelve, she would run on clothes lines, jump from roof top to roof top, pickpocket without notice, could talk a merchant out of his last coin, and theive like a master theif. Her speed and nateral agility helped her alot in her theivery. She could run a mile in under five minuets, punch like a guy, and care like a mother. But only Kaede saw her careing side, crime turned Umiki into a quiet, tough person.




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  • Umiki means "plum tree" and Hayashi means "grove".
  • Umiki's hobbys are walking on clothes lines, running early in the morning, and stealing.
  • Umiki has a strikeing reselbence to her father Goro.
  • Umiki graduated with the highest grade in tai-justu.
  • Umiki set the record for the academy's mile run.
  • Umiki's favoite foods are homecooked meals and dango.
  • Umiki's least favorite foods are bland foods.
  • Both Umiki's and Kaede's names are of tree blossoms.
  • Umiki's kunai are longer than the average kunai.
  • Umiki wishes to fight Goro Hayashi.


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