Kuroyoru Umidori (黒夜 海鳥 Kuroyoru Umidori) is a OC/FC created by Addie Bear. She's an S-rank criminal, currently in Konohagakure. 

Kuroyoru Umidori
Kuroyoru Umidori
(黒夜 海鳥, Kuroyoru Umidori)
Manga N/A
Anime N/A
Movie N/A
Voice Actors
Japanese N/A
English Addison Elizabeth
Birthdate July 10
Gender Female
Age Part I: 11-12

  • Part II: 15
Height Part I: 3.8 feet tall*Part II: 4.5 feet tall
Weight Part I: 42.2 kg-43.5 kg*Part II: 52.2 kg
Blood type AB
Kekkei Genkai Sharingan
Classification S-rank criminal 
Affiliation  Konohagakure

  •  Otogakure
  •  Akatsuki
Team Team Kakashi

Clan Umidori Clan
Ninja Rank

Part I: S-rank

Part II S-rank

Ninja Registration 012606
Academy Grad. Age 7
  • Natsume Umidori (Brother, dead)
  Nature Type

  •  Fire
  •  Lightning


Kuroyoru Umidori was a expirment subject for Orochimaru, She's made to be a Uchiha, but was a child-error. Kuroyoru ran away from Orochimaru, and became a member of the Akatsuki. Later she became a missing-nin. No one could find her, until she kept popping up in random village's. She finally stopped and settled in Konoha for a few years.

It should be noted that her odd personality and thinking is a side effect of the project, even to the point where her speech pattern is influenced by the data of an Uchiha. 


Kuroyoru's personality is Childish, and weird such as hugging a tree, saying that she loves it and crawls up it like a centipede. She's a sadist and loves frogs, she's always seen with a frog she named "Gekota".


Kuroyoru has fair-skin, and a hime-style black hair and yellow stripe on her left part. She wears a tank-top with her belly showing. Armbands, Black pants with lines on the inside parts, Black angle cuffs with spikes, and black boots.She also wears a large lab coat. She's a loli-gothic girl. She looks like a girl who needs someone to protect her.



She can change the vector values of anything by touch; for example, she kills a ninja by reversing the flow of blood inside his body after putting her finger inside his wound. Furthermore, this ability is automatic, so projectiles like Kunai or explosives have no effect on her, as they will be redirected, even if she is unaware of their presence. She must consciously allow things like gravity and light to affect her. It is because of her ability that she has an innocent like body , as her "reflection" blocks all unnecessary ultraviolet radiation, thereby preventing the skin from manufacturing melanin. However, if one can find their way "around" his redirection ability (as demonstrated by Naruto and Gaara), it is shown to be rather useless, marking Kuroyoru as a Glass Cannon due to having a strong ability but a somewhat weak body. Thus far, she has shown the following ways to use her powers.

Kekkei Genkai

Even though she was a child-error, she was able to get the Sharingan, but she only has two tomoes. She doesn't use it that much, only when she needs it which is not everyday.


She really is bad at Taijutsu, as it was state in the 'Redirection part she has a very weak body. But later in Part I Tsunade trains her with Sakura.

Lightning style

Her nature type is Lightning, so she's able to use a Railgun; (A railgun is when someone with a lightning nature type use's a coin and sends their chakra in it and it can kill a Chuunin in a instant) And summon Lightning from the sky, and she knows how to use the Chidori.

Part II


  • Her favorite animal is a frog.
  • She's a ramen lover, and is Naruto ramen buddy.
  • She looks innocent but really she's a monster
  • She's has a demon in her body, named Akuna


(To Itachi) "You know, there’s something I’d wanted to say directly to the man himself if I ever had the chance of meeting him. Well, to be honest, it completely slipped my mind until literally just now, but I remembered when I saw your face. So I’ll just say it now without reservation.”

(To Sakura, talking about Sasuke) "Hm? Sasuke doesn't seem like that at all. He more like a Naracisstic, Avenger who doesn't give a damn shit about anyone, but killing Itachi"

(To Naruto) "I have one question for you.Do you really fucking think everyone in the world can just get along? THEN YOUR FUCKING WRONG!!!!"

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