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Name: Uma Yamanaka

Age: (Part 1) 12 (Part 2) 15 (Part) 17

Clan: Yamanaka and Uchiha

Sasuke, Uma's father
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Known relatives:
Sasuke Uchiha(father)

Ino Yamanaka(mother)

Kazuki Yamanaka(half-brother)

Nina Haruno(half-sister)

Sanada Hyuga(half-brother)

Fugaku Uchiha(paternal grandfather)

Mikoto Uchiha(paternal grandmother)

Itachi Uchiha(uncle)

Inari Uchiha(cousin)

Inoichi Yamanaka(maternal grandfather)

Ino, Uma's mother
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Ninja rank:
(Part 1) Genin (Parts 2 and 3) Chunin

Favorite foods: Omusubi, Okaka, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and pudding

Least favorite foods: Natto and sashimi

Academy graduation age: 12

Chunin promotion age: 14

Name meaning: Uma: Mother

Yamanaka: Among the moutains

Blood type: AB

Missions completed: 40

Hair color: Black with yellow like lightning bolts

Eye color: Right blue, left black

Inari, Umaa's cousin
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# 3 of the top 10 akatsuki children and # 7 of the top 20 Naruto children.
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