300px-Uchiha Matsuda


Uchiha Matsuda died on a Training Mission.(Killed by Uchiha Miyako)

Character Name: Uchiha Matsuda

Age: 30

Birthday: July 24

Gender: Male

Rank: Jounin

Primary Element: Katon - Fire

Secondary Element: Fuuton - Wind

Clan: Uchiha

Place of Birth: Konohagakure

Physical Appearance

Height: 6 feet 9 inches

Weight: 160lbs

Blood Type: AB

Hair: Long Black Hair

Eyes: Right Eye Black, Left Eye Yellow (cursed eye)

Race: Human

Handedness: Right – handed

Other Physical Traits: Scare under his left eye, cursed seal on his left upper arm.

Identifying Marks: Scare under his left eye( yellow eye), cursed seal on his left upper arm.

Ninja Skills

Fighting Style: N/A

Preferred weapons: Katana

Jutsu: N/A

Tactics: N/A


- Ninjutsu - B

- Taijutsu - C

- Genjutsu - A

- Srength - B

- Speed - A

- Stamina - S

- Chakra control - A

- Weapons handling - B

- Logical decision making - C

Personality info

General Personality Traits: Matsuda used to hang around with strangers when he was age 6 which got him kidnapped and the results of that used to be a cursed mark which died out after the Creator of the seal died. All he got left was a unusefull yellow eye, and mental problems.

Quirks: He used to be a funny troublemaker, but then fell into deep depressions.

Gifts/Talents: Mangekyou Sharingan

Flaws: Problems and7or disbeliefes about his natural strength

Likes and Loves: His wife Asuka and his 4 kids (Quadruplets)

Dislikes and Hates: Mushrooms, Public places, Losing.

Fears: Losing his strength, being weak and not useful.

Dreams: Becoming the Uchiha Leader



Uchiha Asuka - Wife

Uchiha Tetsuya - Child

Uchiha Rihatsu - Child

Uchiha Miyako - Child

Uchiha Noriko - Child


People from Konoha


Kyuusai Clan


All Hokages

All Sages

400px-Uchiha Matsuda Timeline

Personal History

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