"Ne? Ne! Ne... Ne, Nan? Nan, Nan, Nan, Nan, Nani?"
Uchiha Hanako (Image nonexistent)

Hanako Uchiha (うちは花子, Uchiha Hanako


Uchiha Hanako was our beloved canon Uchiha's cousin. Being slightly younger than Itachi, she was an active member of the Uchiha clan, even as a chuunin. However, she held strong opinions about how the clan should function, many times breaking Uchiha conduct codes to express her own views. As a result, she was shunned by most of the clan, and hardly anyone trained her in the ways of an Uchiha, and she was not allowed to participate in most of the clan's activities. She eventually got tired of all this, and ran away from Konoha to seek a better life.

She eventually started an organisation, made up of mostly ex-chuunins (Jounins are less likely to run away in a manner not for betrayal) with Keiko & Chisako (Whose characters I shall do later, but In the current story they do not appear.) whose mission is to protect Konoha in the most subtle way possible.


Hanako prefers to stay unknown to many, often becoming so obsessed in that that she compromises her abilities for this. For example, for sake of not being recognisable she often wears full face basks, which unfortunately obscure her vision slightly.

However, once she officialy reveals herself she can be a rather open person, even revealing some of her inner secrets and abilities (She says she has ONLY 3, but that's because she's afraid she can't be unpredictable later if needed.)

She is an absolutely obsessed with reading, and has become a horrible kleptomaniac for this purpose. As a result she can be found carrying books (and only books, unless there is food) in her harversack. Sometimes she carries this too far by reaching the end of a story to find herself too near Konoha.


Hanako has black hair, reaching down to around her waist. A lot of her hair is rather haphazardly placed, often covering her face and front body. It is later revealed that she has learnt to control it, and is leaving it so haphazardly just to cover herself. She has a small flower placed lopsidedly in the corner of her hair.


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