"Every soul has a weak spot"

Tsukino Hoshizora


Tsukino was a member of a respected family in a small village in Getsugakure. She possesed an eye Kekkei Genkai, allowing her to the soul of a person. A powerful disease began to wipeout her village, only her and several of her friends were saved. They ran away to Konhagakure at age twelve. She became a chuunin at thirteen with four of her friends. Her friend, Benjirou, died in the Forest of Death. She became more quiet after his death, realizing just how dangerous the real world is. She began having dreams of becoming an ANBU and serving Konoha as much as possible. She befriended Naruto after learning about the Nine Tails. They became pretty good friends, both sharing dreams of serving Konoha. She surprised to hear that Sasuke left and still wonders why he'd follow Madara. She was training to become a ANBU before the Invasion of Pain, but had to stop because of the destruction. She's currently a chuunin and is sixteen.


Tsukino is quite calm with moments of enthusiasm. She is attracted to people by their soul. She stated the Narutos soul is very kind and Sasukes is filled with darkness. She tends to be affected by small things. She is attracted to Sai.


Hair Color: Silver

Eyes: Purple

Part 1 Hair: Cut like Hinata's, but hangs looser and is very choppy at the ends

Part 1 Clothes:

Kimono, Knee Length, Blue Dress with long sleeves and white trip

Shoes like Part 2 Hinata

Fishnets on legs

Part 2 Hair: Mid Back Hime Cut

Part 2 Clothes: Kimono Style, Dark Red Shirt with elbow length droopy sleeves

A burgandy skirt similar to Part 2 Inos

Wrappings under the skirt

Weapon holster on the right leg

Black, normal sandals

Black Hitae Ite around neck


Tsukino's overall abilities are average. She uses her eye power to see the weakest spot in the soul of a person, and hits that part of the body as hard as she can. Her defence level is fairly low, making her an easy win against anyone that only uses Taijutsu.

Kekkei Genkai

Tsukino has an unknown eye jutsu she enheirited from her mother. It allows her to see the soul of her opponent. During this, her eyes with lose all color and glow slightly. She's stated that every soul has a weak spot, and if she hits it hard enough, it can severely weaken the opponent.


Nin: 4

Gen: 2

Tai: 1

Strength: 3

Stamina: 3

Speed: 3.5

Intell: 4

Part I

Part II


Tsukino means "Of the Moon"

Hoshizora means "Starry Night

Her favorite food is Mochi Cakes

Her Least favorite food is tomatoes


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