Tsuki and shikomie are S-rank missing-nin twins from Konoha.

Shikomie and Tsuki Uchiha

Appears in Anime, Manga
Voice Actor
Gender Female
Blood type Tsuki O Shikomie -A
Kekkei Genkai
Ninja Rank
Ninja Registration
Academy Grad. Age
Chūnin Prom. Age 7
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Background (Tsuki)

Background (Shikomie)


Since his iamge isn't shown it will be described. Tsuki is a tall skinny man, with blue hair and black thin glasses with white pants with different colored blue camoflouge patches on his pants and sleeves. He wears a white jacket with patches on his sleeves. Under it is a fishnet tank top (similar to Shikamarus in part one). and wears leg blue ninjas shoes with his pants tucked in.


She appears to have long black hair. She's very short (5"1). The rest of the outfit is N/A yet.



  • Tsuki (突き?), is the Japanese word for "thrust", coming from the verb tsuku (突く?), meaning "to thrust". It sounds the same as the Japanese word for "moon"/"month" tsuki (月?).
  • shikomi meaning geisha are traditional, female Japanese entertainers whose skills include performing various Japanese arts such as classical music and dance. shikomies name has an E at the end.
  • Tsuki's hobbies are walking on trails and meditating.
  • Shikomie's hobbies are hanging out with friends and family.
  • Tsuki wishes to fight Zetsu.
  • Shikomie wishes to fight Sasuke, Kabuto, and Madara.
  • Tsuki's favorite food is Sashimi and rice balls while his least favorite is Udon.
  • Shikomies favorite food is tamago kake gohan and dumblings while her least favorite is anything with meat.
  • Shikomie's favorite word is "love".
  • Tsuki's favorite phrase is "There are two doors to sucuess".
  • Even though Tsuki and Shikomie look nothing alike, some people think there a couple.
  • Since shikomie's the oldest, some people think Tsuki's the oldest.
  • It is unknown why Tsuki left Konoha.


(Tsuki talking to Madara wanting to join the Akatsuki: Since my sister is in the Akatsuki, maybe i would want to join with her. Is that a deal?

(Shikomie talking to Tsunade: It's been a difficult time for me since i left konoha. But, it's not anymore, now that i did, my life has been easier without this pathetic village.

(To Tsuki: Even though me and you are twins, I'm the better looking one.

(Tsuki talking to Zetsu: I can't trust you, you're a threat to me.


I'm not too smart with words. I'm really slow in school. It didn't take me long to make Tsuki, but it took me years to make Shikomie. I need to draw a picture of her, but i'm not ready for that level of her yet. You guys can find me shikomie-senpai on deviantart. I still need to work on her.

I'm back. And better than ever. I'm no longer into that Mary-sue crap. Right now, i'm changing EVERYTHING about my characters. Ages, history you name it. It's been a while since i've watched Naruto. So i forget maybe

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