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Touka Kousaku

Touka headshot

',Kousaku Touka


Appears in


Voice Actors







Taurus May 10th

Gender Female


Part I- 19-20

Part II- 23-24


1.57m / 5'2 / 157cm



Blood type



18px-Konohagakure Symbol.svg Konohagakure


Mid-Long range

Chakra Nature

18px-Nature Icon Lightning.svg Lightning

18px-Nature Icon Earth svg Earth


Ninja Rank


Academy Grad. Age


Chūnin Prom. Age



Parents (unnamed)
Suimitsu Kousaku (elder brother)
Pichi Kousaku (elder sister)
Momoko Kousaku (elder sister)
Grandparents (unnamed)
Various others (unnamed)

Touka Kousaku (Kousaku Touka, '花) is a chūnin ranked kunoichi of Konohagakure, and later of Kumogakure, created by Mrs-Rima-Nara on Deviantart.


more on EVERYTHING later :D


Touka is a very straight forward person, prefering to simply get on with something rather than putting it off, resulting in her also being very organised. However, she can be very stubborn, a trait shown alot while around her older sister, Momoko, with whom she argues constantly. Touka is also a very observant person, shown from how she is one of those who notice Momoko's feelings towards Shinju, yet she never mentions them to anyone. She can be a little naive, sometimes believing Momoko when she's lying, but she soon realises and turns back to argue with her again.



Touka's look

Touka inherited the same blue eyes and light blonde hair as many in the Kousaku clan. She has tanned skin, also like many in the clan, and a good figure. She often has scars and bruises from her mission, though, unless they're on her face or left leg, they're generally unseen. Her outfit consists of a light blue turtleneck-type top, covered by a light brown jacket, closed only by a black clasp. Underneath she wears a light grey fishnet top and on her hands are black, fingerless gloves. She also wears a light grey skirt that stops half way over her left leg in both the front and back, and over that she wears a turquoise sash, tied at her right hip. Underneath she wears black shorts and bandages all up her right leg, and on her feet are normal, black shinobi sandals.

During the shinobi war, Touka wears the Konoha flak jacket and a long sleeved, black top, as well as long, black trousers with her bandage still underneath, and standard black shinobi sandals.


Touka tends to stick to lightning and earth based mid-range jutsu rather than trying to go into close-range combat. Her biggest flaw during combat is her inability to free herself from even the most basic barrier jutsu.

Clan techniques

Unfortunately, for a reason unknown to many, Touka is unable to use the clan's techniques, or any other kind of barrier technique. This also makes it extremely difficult for her to escape from barriers.


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  • Touka's name means 'rare peach blossom' while her second name, Kousaku, means 'cultivation/farming'.
  • The Kousaku clan specialise in barrier jutsu, although Touka is unable to create any kind of barrier.
  • Touka and Momoko are very close, despite their arguing, as is shown when Momoko comforts Touka in the moments before their death.


  • The first picture of Touka you see, as in the one above the long table, was made by Mytties on deviantart.

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