Tori Saito

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(サイト鳥 Saito Tori)


Appears in


Voice Actors







18px-Astrological Sign Cancer.svg
June 30th

Gender Female


Part I- 14

Part II- 17


Part I- 5'1

Part II- 5'3


Part I- 120lbs

Part II- 130.4lbs

(I'm not too sure about the weights. If anyone can help, please do comment with the help :3 )

Blood type

O negative


Mid-Long range


18px-Kirigakure Symbol.svg-1-


Team nineteen


Ninja Rank


Academy Grad. Age


Chūnin Prom. Age



Kiriko Saito (Mother)
Shou Saito (Father)
Haruka Saito (Older sister)
Kazuko Saito (Older sister)
Tomomi Saito (younger sister)

Tori Saito (Saito Tori サイト 鳥 ) is a chuunin level kunoichi of Kirigakure, created by Mrs-rima-nara on Deviantart.


Tori was originally born in a small village in the land of water, although moved into Kirigakure with her parents and older sisters once Tomomi was born. Tori fought very frequently with both older sisters despite her young age (being only four), a difference in opinion often creating the barrier between her and the twins. WIP


Tori's personality is rather fun, and she can be a little irresponsible while on missions. Despite her carelessness, Tori is very observant, and is often able to perseve situations better than her two teammates. She finds it very easy to stay calm, being able to analyse what was going on, and knowing that panicking would only endanger the team. Tori also enjoys the outdoors and being one with nature, Tori has a very naive and distracted personality and is often taken in by the smallest things, sometimes adding to how observant she is, athough can sometimes hinder her too. She is also very stubborn, often thinking her thoughts/ideas are superior to those of her teammates, and sticking to those ideas, although a quick distraction can nullify this stubbornness.


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  • 'Tori' is japanese for Bird.
  • 'Saito' is japanese for Site.
  • Tori's chakra natures are wind and water.
  • Tori is very close to Tomomi, her younger sister, and not as close to Haruka and Kazuko, her older (twin) sister's.
  • Tori always carries a small vial of water around with her, usually hidden within her sash, as a precaution, just in case she is in a situation where there is no water around for water-type jutsu to be performed from.


First picture (headshot) by Peachtrades on deviantart: here.

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