The Tskino Clan is a fairly small clan from Konohagakure. The clan is highly reprimanded because of their bias against dark-haired children in the clan. The clan has a very unique Kekkei Genkei which only appears in a few clan members. Umeki Tskino, Ruka Tskino, and Hoshi Tskino are the last known members of this clan.


The Tskino clan was founded by Arata Tskino, who fell in love with Anka Mori. Anka's father was a feudal lord, and tried to have Arata killed. After failing several times, Arata and Anka finally got married. T

he two had three children, one son and two daughters. Anka and Arata possesed abilities that joined together to form the clan's Kekkei Genkai.


The grand-daughter of Arata and Anka, Yuzuki Tskino, found that the clan members who were "worse' ninja, had dark hair (brown, red, black, etc.), and the "better" ninjas had light hair (Blond, pink, white, light blue, etc.). Yuzuki , being the clan leader at the time, had all dark haired clan members separated from those with light hair. If a blond haired woman had a black haired son, the child would be raised by the "other side" of the clan. Because no one wanted to disagree with her, the tradition stayed.

Another tradition of the Tskino clan is to name the girls after an object in nature.

EX. Hoshi-star, Umeki-plum tree, Ruka-bright blue flower

Kekkei Genkai

The clan's Kekkei Genkai, Tsukinome, is part eye jutsu, part ninjutsu. Tsukinome allows the user to manipulate anything that contains water.

Plants, rivers, and occasionally, human beings and animals. It also gives the user more

power during a full moon. Tskinome gives the user's eve a white crescent moon, with a black background.

Common Appearance

The common appearance of a Tskino is a mix. Half of the members have dark hair, and half have light hair. The light haired clan members have light eyes, and the dark haired members have dark eyes. Most of the girls are taller than the boys at a young age, but the males usually grow taller than them.

Tskino Crest

The Tskino Clan Crest


Tskinome - moon eye

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