The Three Great Mythical Beasts are the most powerful animals on the Naruto Universe. While normally a shinobi with enough practice can summon animals, weapons or even people, the Great Beasts can't be summonned. They are gods of the animal kingdom, being the Dragon Emperor the most powerful of them; followed by the Black Fire Phoenix and then the Sacred White Tiger. It's said that the Ten-Tailed Beast was one of they until it become evil, but this is false. The location where they live is unknown; it's said they actually reside in another world called the "Heaven's Garden". The animals like the ninken said that they are actually real, but the Great Beasts prefer to be far away of the "man's corruption" and will only come back to this world until it gets "clean". But unlike another godlike figures they always keep an eye on the human world, and when a great danger approches, something that neither the most powerful warriors (shinobis, samurais, etc.)will be able to handle, the Great Beasts choose Heralds and by giving them a little part of their power for the Herald's mission, the Beasts protect mankind and more important the rest of the animal kingdom. The full extention of their powers is still unknown too, but the legend of the Heralds says that with the little portion they receive the Heralds are virtually invincible. And even in the case of the Dragon Emperor, he must choose two Heralds and divide his energy in two (Yin and Yang) because the entire power will too much for a human body to resist, in the words of Shion: "first the person will go insane, then his/her body will melt and finally will explode destroying everything within 1000 Kms around and life will never be restored in that area." Little is known about how the Great Beast look like, only this is know: Dragon Emperor: A golden glowing giant dragon, he posses five fingers in each paw, this making allusion to the Chinesse Emperor symbol. He requires two Heralds due to the highly powerful nature of his power. Despite his imposing looking the Dragon Emperor is very caring about all lifes forms, and even having decide not to return to the human world until the "corruption ended", he decided to choose some people during the ages to protect the life from dangers that anyone in the human world won't able to. Black Fire Phoenix: She as her name says is a phoenix which body is covered by black flames. She is more stoic and pragmatic, but in deep caring too. The Phoenix's Heralds always receive the ability to see into the future. Sacred White Tiger: He is really calm and dislikes fights but inspired by the Dragon Emperor also chooses his own Heralds, to protect the life. Dispite his calm personality, when a danger is imminent he is very agressive and overprotector over his Heralds.

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