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Introductory Articles

News and notices from Naruto OC Wiki

11th of February 2014
Please refer to this article that explains a change in category usage:

--Shadowpuppy270343 (talk) 23:14, February 11, 2014 (UTC)

28th of December 2013
Unnecessary Categories
From 1.1.2014 on approved are the following Categories,
using any other causes stress when cleaning the site.
Pages with/need more need to contact an admin.
Pages that don't contact an admin,
and use more will be striped of all Categories,
and moved to page Limbo.

1.) The village its from (Enter the FULL name of the village Ex: "Konohagakure," "Otogakure.")
2.) Gender. (Enter: "Male/Female.")
3.) Kekkei-Genkai(Simply put "Kekkei-Genkai.")
4.) The clan it is in (For canon clans ONLY. Only put the clan name. )

Your Friendly Neighborhood Admin Bjorn Whitman __________________________________________________________________________________

17th of August, 2012
Dear users, I was able to figure out how to set the 'New Page' option to preload an empty oc template. Now, when making a new page, always be sure to select the "Standard Layout" option, and the empty article will be there for you! :)

--Shadowpuppy270343 (talk)

11th of August 2013
Dear users, a page has just been uploaded that may be of some help to you. Please feel free to check it out. Also, here are some other pages of similar topics that might be of great use to you!

--Shadowpuppy270343 (talk) <3 __________________________________________________________________________________

24th of December 2012
Hello <3 xStarcandy here. Please feel free to add me my deviantArt account, through which I am more available than here:

neheria @ deviantArt

--xStarcandy (talk) 17:31, May 3, 2013 (UTC) __________________________________________________________________________________

24th of December 2012
Good Evening All. I wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year.
               / ,\
            |      '.
            )   ,_   \       .--.
           (   /  \  |      /.--.\
            `) |   | |     //   ||
            (_/    \ |    //    //
             |______\_)  //    // _
       ,    (________)   ||   // `,\
       |'.___)______(___.'|   \'--'/
        \                /     '--'

Till Next Year signing out. Your Friendly Neighborhood Admin Bjorn Whitman

19th of December 2012
Unnecessary Categories! <(' .' )>

Guys, I don't know WHY a lot of you feel that its necessary to add an agglomeration of categories, but its driving me crazy. You really only need to add "original character" or some other category (ex: "Village, "clan," etc,) and its gender - depending on whether it has a gender or not - so PLEASE stop putting all these random categories for your oc's. However, there are some others that I encourage you to add.

All else I will allow are the following:

1.) The village its from (Enter the FULL name of the village, please. Ex: "Konohagakure," "Otogakure." If it is a village of your own please contact me.)
2.) If it ISN'T a ninja. (Enter: "Villager.")
3.) If they are Pre-Series or NextGen. (Enter: Pre-Series or NextGen.)
4.) Kekkei-Genkai - if it has one - (Simply put "Kekkei-Genkai." Sharingan, Byakugan or etc don't count.)
5.) The clan it is in (For canon clans ONLY. Only put the clan name. Ex: "Uzumaki," or "Uchiha.")
6.) Deceased (ONLY if your character is dead. Obviously. XD)

(っ◕‿◕)っ ♥ Please feel free to contact me if you feel that you should add more.

--Shadowpuppy270343 Happy oc'ing! <3 __________________________________________________________________________________

8th of December 2012
Dear OCers!

I am still here, do not fear! I lost my account details but I am back to torment you all <3 (♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡



3rd December 2012
Hey guys! I'm an admin now, so if you need someone to ask for help, just stop by! ^^ And I'm usually online a lot more than the other two, so you can be sure to expect something from me a lot quicker than usual.  :D

Shadowpuppy270343 (≧◡≦) __________________________________________________________________________________

27th June 2012
Guys I love your art, probably about as much as you do. But please, these floating placeholder pages that have a picture and half the infobox filled out are driving me NUTS. If that's all you got its cool but please don't forget about them.

---BjornWhitman __________________________________________________________________________________

22nd June 2012
Dear Wiki Users, I have been absent for a few weeks getting life in order. But I am back and as our Fearless Leader said I am here to help and I do watch the Wiki Activity. Furthermore, To certain Users I would like to remind you that editing Other Peoples Pages can come off as rude when you leave no summary. Another thing to note is art theft, I keep seeing stolen or misappropriated art going into profiles. Please keep in mind the artists rights too. Last a small bout of thanks to Shadowpuppy270343 for trying to keep up with categorizing all the new stuff in coming daily.

Latest Activity from Naruto OC Wiki

  • edit Washi Uzumaki
    edited by Inibi Uchiha 2 minutes ago diff
    Added photo:
  • new page Earth Release: Earth Fist Technique
    created by KusaNin 7 minutes ago
    New page: Earth Release: Earth Fist Technique (No picture yet) Name Kanji 土遁・土拳の術 Rōmaji Doton: Doken no Jutsu Literal English Earth...
    Added category: DRAFT
  • edit Anzu Sarutobi
    edited by BlossomsCherry 2 hours ago diff
    Summary: added info, skills, tools, techniques, added character's relationships with other OC/Canon characters, changed birthdate
  • edit Koharu Hyūga
    edited by Nxf11rocks 3 hours ago diff
    Edited the section: Mangekyō Sharingan
  • edit Miwa Tsukino
    edited by Babysmurf92 3 hours ago diff
    Added photo:
  • new page Ai Tajima
    created by RingoU. 3 hours ago
    New page: Ai Tajima (Jタジマ愛, Tajima Ai) Playboy (プレイボーイ, Pureibōi) Debut Appears in Anime, manga, game and movie Voice Actors ...
    Added photo:
  • discussion page Talk:Hikaru Uchiha
    new comment by !Team~Blank! 5 hours ago
    Comment: im not trying to sound annoying with my advices but there are lots of helpful guides that can help you improve your ocs,maybe you should try one.
  • discussion page Talk:Hikaru Uchiha
    new comment by Inibi Uchiha 5 hours ago
    Comment: umm i already drew her..made her story....etc..
  • discussion page Talk:Hikaru Uchiha
    new comment by !Team~Blank! 5 hours ago
    Comment: when creating an oc you have to explain stuff,you can't just add everything you want :p(im not trying to sound mean)
  • edit Kazumi Masanori
    edited by Phoenix135 5 hours ago diff

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