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Character Name: Kouro Tada

Age: 12

Birthday: 01/13

Gender: Male

Rank: Genin

Main Element: Water

Place of Birth: Kirigakure

Physical Appearance




Hair: Smokey White

Eyes: Bright Red

Race: Human

Handedness: Ambidextrous

Ninja Skills

Fighting Style:

Preferred weapons: Traps are Kouro's most commonly used weapon.

Practiced Taijutsu Styles

Koshijutsu (Striking nerve points, muscles, knowledge of the human body)

Taihenjutsu (Evasion, postures, rolls, and falling)

Current Statistics

Normal Ninja Measure

  • Ninjutsu - 2.5
  • Taijutsu - 1
  • Genjutsu - 0.5
  • Intelligence - 4
  • Force - 1.5
  • Speed - 3
  • Stamina - 2
  • Seals - 2.5

Secondary Skill

  • Weapons Handling - 2

Total - 17 Normal Ninja Measure

Total - 19 with Added Skill

Personal info

General Personality Traits:



How to pass free time:




Flaws: Kouro tends to fall into the Impression that because he is smarter then the rest of his class that makes him better then them.

Fears: Being Forgotten

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