Suzume Kaoru


(薫雀, Kaoru Suzume)






Appears in


Voice Actors


To Be Confirmed



Sagittarius December 12th

Gender Female


Part I: 24/25

Part II: 28





Blood type



Academy Teacher / Team Leader


18px-Konohagakure Symbol.svg Konohagakure


Team Suzume


Ninja Rank


Academy Grad.


Chūnin Prom.



13 S-rank

173 A-rank

192 B-rank

132 C-rank

124 D-rank

634 missions in total


Taro Kaoru (father)
Sakuya Furamiiku (mother)
Rio Kaoru(sister)
Yuu kaoru (brother)
Might Gai (Husband)
Mana Kaoru (daughter)
Atsushi Kaoru (son)
Usagi Kaoru (daughter)

Nature Type

File:Wind release.png Wind Release


Chakra Enhanced Speed
Silent Killing
Wind Release: Flight of the Hummingbird
Ninja art: Cyclone box sealing
Wind Release: Twister Shot
Ninja Art: Hurricane
Wind Release: Wind Enhanced Tools
Powerful Wind Wave
Shadow Clone Technique
Blade of Wind
Ninja art: Hummingbird Swarm
Summoning technique (various birds)


Exploding Tag
Flash Bomb
Smoke Bomb

(Suzume Kaoru (薫雀, Kaoru Suzume) is a Jounin level ninja from Konohagakure.

Suzume and the picture on the right belong to Mrs-Rima-Nara on DeviantART.


Suzume's early life wasn't a very eventful one, consisting mainly of the general childhood fun and games. Though on July 20th two years later, her younger sister Rio Kaoru was born. Then another ten years later, their younger brother Yuu Kaoru was born. As kids, Suzume and Rio had completely differant personalities, and if it weren't for the skin tone and the eyes, you wouldn't have guessed that the two were sisters. Rio's shy, quiet personality contrasted with Suzume's loud, fun one; and Rio's auburn/red hair to Suzume's midnight blue didn't add any resemblance. Though the two girls may seem indifferent, the generally do have the same friends and are rather close to each other. As a small child, Suzume always thought of Might Guy as a strange boy, though she never thought any less of him because of it. The two would always have small childish contests, and Guy won almost all of them, making her go into many small pouts around him.

At six, Suzume had been attacked by a stray dog in one of Konoha's forests, but Guy had appeared and 'fought' it, truthfully the boy dressed in green had scared it away, and Suzume only suffered from the grazes she recieved when she fell trying to protect herself; though since then she had wondered how he had know something was going to hapen, eventually coming to the conclusion that it was pure coincedence. After this incident, Suzume's respect for Guy rose, and her thinking that he was 'a Mutant Frog from Hell' softened into the opinion that he was just a kind boy who didn't follow the crowd with his opinions. Also, whilst they were kids, Suzume and Rio lived close to Asuma Sarutobi, both girls getting along well with him. Asuma liked to tease Rio, and Suzume enjoyed tripping him in the street so he would fall, usually into mud or water, but generally just because she found it funny to see her elder fall. Usually, Asuma would find a way to get his back, and it almost always worked. Suzume never cared about getting dirty as a child, always having play mud-wrestling matches with any other kids who would join in. She was rather good at it, despite not having as much strength as some of the other kids. She also like playing ninja in the woods, often ending up in a pile of leaves, a puddle, some mud, or a river or lake. Suzume's mother, Sakuya, never usually scolded the child for getting muddy, she knew that an outfit could be replaced. She also knew that it was right to encourage a child to have adventure, and not to restrict their fun too much.

Suzume graduated from the academy at the age of nine, and entered a team with two of her male classmates, --- and ---, under the guidence of their sensei, ---.



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  • Suzume means 'sparrow' in japanese
  • Suzume's extremely good at cooking, in contrast to her sister's poor skills. She often goes around to her sister's and cooks some food for her.
  • Suzume's favourite food is either Dango, Shrimp Tempura or Riceballs.
  • She is very close with Shinju Hyuuga, often going out for dango together.
  • Suzume has close relations with the Hyuuga clan, being Shinju's best friend (and teammate) and being the sensei to a young boy, Isamu Hyuuga.
  • Suzume's main summon is a Giant Eagle known as Kūki no Masutā, meaning 'master of the air', or just Kūki for short.
  • Dog's hate her; meaning she isn't very comfortable around the Inuzuka clan and their nin-dogs.


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