Soul Keeper


Kanji 二魂



Soul Keeper

Two-Spirits ( Nitamashi )

Known Soul Keepers

Ame Sumizome ( deceased )

Hinode Sumizome ( actual soul keeper of Jubi )

Known Beasts


A Soul Keeper ( 二魂, Nitamashi, Two Spirits ) is a person who has sealed inside him the soul of a beast.


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A Soul Keeper is rather diferent from a jinchuuriki. First, a soul keeper has sealed inside him just the spirit of the beast, not the chakra. As a result, the soul keeper can't transform into a form of the beast or even the beast itself, though the beast can possess his soul and the person can "comunicate" with it. The seal is also different from the one made for the jinchuuriki. Even if the soul has the form of the beast, it isn't caged because it has no power. But, like this jinchuuriki's, the soul keeper's seal is in a weak phase at the birth of a child. Also, in time the person must be changed because the seal is getting weaker with the aging. A child shouldn't become a soul keeper before the age of 16 because the beast can easily manipulate him. This is even avalaible for the old people who are about 45 years old.



The seal is always put on the soul keeper's back and it's always the same. Like jinchuuriki's, the soul keeper's seal is in a weak phase at the birth of a child.

Possessed person

Only when the person is possessed by the beast the colour of the pupil of the eye turns into red. The possessed one is more likely a zombie, a a cruel emotionless person which doesn't care about anyone or anything. He/She doesn't even recognize the relatives or the closed friends. Their expression remindes of an empty person with an empty soul. Their eyes turn into a bloody red. Also, their eyes are half-closed and with no pupil, showing an impenetrable look. Their face is showing no emotion while killing. 


Soul keepers don't get any powerful abilities, but just the increasing of the body's physical resistance.


  • Jubi is the only beast which his chakra was separated with his spirit and was always sealed inside someone.
  • Jubi's soul keepers were, till now, only from the Sumizome Clan.
  • A person can be a soul keeper most likely between 10 and 20 years.
  • To be a soul keeper you have to have a special type of chakra and a strong body which cand handle 2 souls.

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