Character Name English

(Sokka Takahashi, そっかたかはし)


Appears in


Voice Actors


Yuki Kaji





March 11


[1] Male


Part I - 19Part II - 21


Part I 162.2cmPart II 173.4 cm


Part I 38.2kg-38.5kgPart II 46kg

Blood type





18px-Konohagakure Symbol.svg Konohagakure

[2] Takigakure (Formanly)




Ninja Rank

Academy Grad. Age


Chūnin Prom. Age



Osamu Takahashi (Father, Deceased)Yukari Takahashi (Mother, Deceased)Seji Takahashi (Younger Brother, Unknown) JutsuMystical Palm Technique

Sokka Takahashi (Sokka Takahashi そっかたかはし) is an OC/RPC created for the Naruto RPC Universe by Chriss Cox (xWolfbainx on Photobucket) He is a chunin-level medical-nin of Konohagakure


Sokka was born and raised in Takigakure, he came from a abusive family. His family was a well known bounty hunter but was forced into early retirement after he lost his mind and went on a killing rampage he was later deemed mentally unstable. When Sokka was 2-3 years old he was diagnosed with Heart failure, a years later he was then diagnosed with Lung failure -Around the time Seji was 1-2 years old- and he was deemed unfit to ever join the Academy, thou he would live his father was more the disappointed in his son, he thought it was Sokka's falut for getting sick and he didn't want to people to know his son was 'A Failure' so he tempted to kill him out of pride. But his mother refused and tried to save her son but only got her life taken from her. Osamu killed his wife and tempted to kill Sokka again but he got too caught up in his own guilt and committed suicide. So Sokka ran away with Seji but he had lost him along the way. After along time of looking for Seji, Sokka found himself in Konoha. He was taken to the Hokage at the time, then to a Orphanage. When it came to the time for Sokka to leave the Orphanage, he had attendant the Academy and past very late at the age of 15. Thou he wasn't smart nor dumb he had found a interest in the Medical feild, but mostly in the Medicine in Food, also the Herds compartment. He became a Chunin when he turned 19.



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