A pile of Sludge that just came out of a user's mouth.

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Sludge Release
(泥遁,Deiton, English TV "Sludge Style") is an advanced nature kekkei genkai of the Higashiyama Clan. Two natures are used, water and earth, They are then combined into one, creating a sludge like substance. This sludge is dark purple in color, very thick, and is mud-like in texture. The sludge typically comes out of the mouth; similar to Mei Terumī's Lava Release. Only female's sludge will contain poison, while males have no poison in their sludge. The female esophagus has extra glands inside of it, unlike a normal esophagus of other people and Higashiyama males. When hand seals are made, poisons are released from the glands using hand signs, and the poison seeps out into the sludge. When the sludge comes out of the female mouth, the poison turns into a gas due to it's reaction to oxygen. If breathed in, swallowed, or touched by the poisonous gas or the sludge you are infected by it. Different poisoned symptoms occur depending on how much poison is consumed. Common symptoms include sickness to the stomach, vomiting, blurred vision, unresponsive or damaged nerve cells, or even death. Some opponents have created antidotes for the poisonous sludge, and there's an antidote Higashiyamas created for the poison. These side effects do not affect female Higashiyamas, however males are not immune to this poison unless they have an antidote.

There's two drawbacks of the Kekkei Genkai, one of them is dehydration. Using the sludge excessively will cause dehydration of the body, so it's important to drink plenty of fluids before battling. The other draw back of Sludge Release is having comrades near by. Most likely, the comrades are not immune to the poison. Which leads Sludge Release users to use different alternatives on the battle field.

Relationship With Other Natures

  • Sludge is strong against fire because the water and earth combination can extinguish the flames very easily but it's weak against lightning because it can easily break through the sludge. With sludge containing water-based chakra, lighting jutus can travel and break sludge at a much faster rate than with regular earth ninjutu.
  • Even though the sludge contains water, it's more of an earth based jutsu. Which is why conjunction with Lightning Release is not effective. Unlike with Water Release, where you can collaborate both nature types to increase the flow of electricity to do more damage.

User List

Akina Higashiyama

Hiromasa Higashiyama

Fumito Higashiyama

Known Jutsu

Sludge Release Shadow Clone

Sludge Release: Geyser Technique

Sludge Substitution Jutsu

Sludge Release: Sludge Bomb

Sludge Kiss of Death

Sludge Release: Limbs Isolation

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