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February 7 (aquarius)

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Team 2


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Granny Dan (guardian)

Shinuko Obake (  オバケシヌコ, Obake Shinuko)' is a genin currently residing in Konohagakure. She's a member of Team 2 which consists of Yuudai, her sensei, Daiki and Shin.


Born blind, Shinuko's parents were unable to care for her and placed her up for adoption when she was five with Ren, Shinuko's tiny, little dog, who helped her with her disability. Although that is the story told, it is assumed that there may be more to the disposal of their daughter as Shinuko's story isn't always the same each time round  Here, she lived the next two years of her life in a poorly-maintained establishment located just outside the Star Village in the Land of Bears. It was run by a small group of predominately women, who had good intentions but not the resources to keep the place running for long.

Although her basic needs of food, water and shelter were met, there was never enough money to cover everyone's medicine if they should fall ill, resulting in many children dying long and painful deaths.

During her time in the home, she met a young boy named Daisuke, who was three years older. Seeing the horrific state that Shinuko was in, Daisuke showed her to his room, where he'd stored the food he'd been able to collect, so that he could eat whenever he was really hungry, or if someone else needed it more than him. The two children grew instantly close to each other, and Daisuke was always first at hand to help his new friend.

As the months went by, it was becoming more obvious that Daisuke was growing ill and weak. Despite Shinuko's best efforts, there was no delaying the inevitable: Daisuke was going to die. The mere thought of losing her friend terrified Shinuko. Daisuke merely smiled faintly, telling her not to worry over his health, they were going to be fine, and they were going to get out soon enough with nothing else but a smile on their faces.

Unbeknown to the caregivers and the children, a fight had broken out amongst the men of the Star Village regarding the meteor. The fight soon got out of control and much more hostile. The surrounding woodland was set on fire unintentionally, and so was the building with the children inside. Daisuke, with what little energy he had left, grabbed Shinuko once Ren had climbed onto her shoulder, and made a run for it, narrowly escaping falling debris. Just as they went to leave the main door, the frame fell down on top of Shinuko, scarring the left side of her face, burning that side quite severely. Daisuke freed her and continued out quickly, not wanting to waste any more time, knowing that they were only seconds away from being trapped in the broken down establishment.

Quickly, Daisuke led Shinuko away from the fight and away from the danger. They ran to the rope bridge that went over the poison gas crevice, though weren't aware that somebody was following them. Once over, the ten-year-old turned and saw the two men approaching, before quickly handing over to Shinuko his "special" kunai that he'd kept with him in the children's home, telling her to use it to keep her safe when he left her, as well as declaring her the best thing that's ever happened to him. Confused, Shinuko went to hold onto him, but she only grabbed the air as Daisuke the men, with the sole intention of knocking them off-balance and over the bridge. He had no weapons, as he needed Shinuko to remain safe at all costs, and suspected that this was going to be it for him: the closing of the curtain.

Shinuko ran through the forest, with Ren firmly perched on her shoulder. She was soon out of breath and collapsed, leaning against one of the large trees. In frustration, she hurled the kunai, unaware that there was a tag attached to it. The moment it hit the ground, three olive-brown wolves appeared. Their names were Katsu, Isamu and Osamu, and each specialised in either nin-jutsu, tai-jutsu or gen-jutsu. After discovering what had befallen Daisuke, the wolves declared that Shinuko was now their master, knowing that Daisuke would not have shared his summoning kunai with just anybody. This is what he would have wanted. Together, the group ventured off, looking for shelter, food and safety.

However, after such a prolonged amount of time without adequate water or food whilst in the home, Shinuko blacked out, and later awoke in the presence of an elderly lady, who Shinuko came to know as Granny Dan. Granny Dan cared for her and took the role of Shinuko's guardian, letting the young girl live with her in her home that sat in the middle of the large forest in the Land of Bears. The young girl has since been very close to her, and did what she could to look after her, and return the favour, just wanting to thank her for all she'd done.

Granny Dan enrolled Shinuko into the Star Village's Academy at the age of eight, where she met two other students: Makoto and Masaru Ryuu. Shinuko became frustrated at her lack of development compared to her comrades. She regularly sparred with Makoto, and lost the match seemingly before it began everytime. Even when Shinuko practiced at home with one of the three wolves, she still couldn't defeat her classmates. It soon became too much, especially when the rest of the class advanced to genin level, and Shinuko was stuck as a student, which angered her to no end, even though she was a late starter and should have expected to need another year or two in the academy at least before she could be a genin.

By the end of the first year, at the age of nine, Shinuko left the academy and decided that she needed to further her skills in a more natural environment, as opposed to the controlled settings of a school. Granny Dan agreed, and soon bid farewell to the girl she came to know as her own flesh and blood after giving her a special summoning scroll with weapons, as well as a simple long sword. Shinuko set off, heading for Konohagakure, one of the great five nations.


Shinuko has always been very independent, not liking to ask others for help, especially for small tasks that she deems easy. However, due to her disability, she reluctantly relies a lot on Ren, who helps her get from A to B, and rarely, if ever, expresses gratitude, as she refuses to acknowledge her vulnerability. Although she never means any harm, it's often noted that she treats Ren with little respect, to which she changes the subject after stating the way she treats Ren is "none of anyone's concern". Despite her visual impairment, Shinuko does partake in numerous daily activities such as cooking and cleaning, and doesn't let her impairment stop her from doing what she wants to do. Although she is unable to see it, Shinuko is very self-conscious when it comes to the large scar that runs down from the top of her head, down across her left eye and tapers off to an end at the bottom of her neck, and she often wraps a bandage around her eyes to hide the deformation of her eye that came as a result of the attack. The bandage also secures her bangs so that they stay over the left of her face and mask the disfiguration caused by the falling debris..

At the children't home, Shinuko refused to make friends in fear that they'd just abandon her like her parents did. However that changed when she met Daisuke, who helped her when nobody else did. According to Shinuko, Daisuke was her first true friend. She opened up about everything to him, and the two became inseparable. On one occasion, Shinuko even playfully told her friend that they'd one day be married.

On the night of his death, Shinuko vowed to never let herself become vulnerable again, and closed herself off from any possibility of friendships or more. She became cold, distant and untrusting, even to Granny Dan for the first few months as she tried to deal with her loss.

Eventually, she began to be more accepting of Granny Dan and acknowledged the fact that she was a kind lady. She often assisted her with housework and cooking as often as she could. However, despite this, Shinuko was rarely open, and mainly kept to herself, refusing to engage in any deep conversation, or share her problems even when it was obvious the young girl needed help.

According to Makoto, Shinuko's former classmate, Shinuko is very determined to seek acknowledgement and won't back down in a fight. She frequently fights until the point of exhaustion, and even then sometimes will continue until she blacks out or is incapacitated. Because Shinuko was never made a genin, it's made her more determined to prove herself and her strength to others so that people will recognise her and see her as an asset to a team, instead of a hindrance because of her disability.


Because of her cold, distant personality, Shinuko has very few positive relationships. Her strongest bonds are with Ren, her Chihuahua-like companion, Isamu, Osamu and Katsu, Daisuke's summoning wolves that he gave her to protect her, and Granny Dan, her guardian.

Shinuko's bond with Ren is like that of two younger siblings: they have many disagreements, but it's evident that they both care for each other and wish to look out for one another. It's often commented that Shinuko takes Ren for granted, and Shinuko avoids the subject, implying that she is aware, however she also doesn't like accepting the fact that she needs Ren's help, as she's always defined herself as an independent person. Despite what others say about Shinuko's behaviour towards her companion, Ren easily forgives and forgets, as she understands Shinuko, and knows she really is grateful.

Before he died, Daisuke was the closest person to Shinuko, and the pair were never seen apart. Despite being young, Shinuko remarks that her feelings for Daisuke were strong, occasionally hinting at love for the orphan, though she never mentions if the feelings were reciprocated back. It's undeniable that even at the present day, Shinuko misses him, and regrets never being able to say goodbye or having any closure, as it was all so sudden. When Naruto offers to take her to the bridge, Shinuko tells him of how they met, and expresses great fondness. She and Naruto create a memorial for her deceased friend, and Shinuko finally gets to say her goodbye, and apologise to him. Soon afterwards, it starts to rain, and Naruto comments that when it rains it means that the people in heaven are crying, and that he believes that it was Daisuke's way of saying that he misses her. Shinuko quietly leans against Naruto and says that she misses him too.

Once assigned to Team 2, it seemed like the worst match ever made as both Shinuko and Yuudai had completely conflicting personalities, and the man frequently undermined his female student, telling her she was best suited for life as a medic-nin. That opinion soon changed after their battle, and Yuudai began to respect Shinuko greatly, even considering her one of his favourite team members (not out-loud of course). After training sessions, the two often ate at the Ramen bar, or sometimes just a snack at the dango shop, even though neither of them have a particularly sweet tooth, they enjoy the time to simply talk about their training and future plans.

Other strong relationships included her friendship and ongoing rivalry with Naruto Uzumaki, Kiba Inuzuka and most importantly, Sasuke Uchiha, who she constantly tried to surpass whenever they engaged in battle.

Shinuko has many enemies, most noticably with Masaru and Makota, who she met in the academy in Hoshigakure. The siblings and Shinuko share mutual feelings of hatred, although it's only really the siblings who have acted on this in the past, as they have tried to hinder her progress in whatever she is doing. On some occasions, they have even gone as far as to hospitilise her after battle, with the sole intention of physically killing her. The reason behind their mutual hatred is unknown so far.


Shinuko Obake is a fair-skinned young girl. She's neither scrawny nor well-built and is somewhat quite average in build, with no real curve in her body. As a child, her eyes were a soft blue-grey, however, after the attack in the Star Village, her injured eye (left) became somewhat cloudy in colour. Her hair reaches the middle of her back and is a very light - almost white - grey colour. According to Daisuke, Shinuko has the "most wild and unruly hair he's ever seen" and thought it would be a good idea to braid it down her back to keep it under some control. Consequently, she frequently braids her hair and has her fringe (bangs) down, covering her injured and scarred eye - or at least she tries to cover it.

Shinuko wraps a bandage around both her eyes, in an attempt to hide her damaged eye and secure her fringe in the same place over the left side of her face in order to keep her scar secret. To keep the scar on her neck unseen, she usually wraps a bandage around her neck and wears high-collared coats or jumpers as added protection.

Her attire is very simple. She often adorns her body in black three-quarter length trousers and has attached a weapons pouch on her right thigh, where she stores Daisuke's kunai as well as her other weapons.She wraps her calves and feet with white bandages to protect them and wears the usual shinobi shoes that she keeps unzipped and "open". Underneath her steel-grey sleeveless top, she wears a long-sleeved fishnet top and has black elbow sleeves over the fishnet material. She wields Aku, her large cleaving sword on her back and carries her katana in a sheath attached to her waist.


Shinuko relies heavily on her intenlligence and stamina during battle, as she has no knowledge of nin-jutsu, tai-jutsu or gen-jutsu. Despite her best efforts, she seems to be unable to access her chakra reserves, leaving her at a huge disadvantage in a fight with other shinobi. However, on the rarest of accaisions, she is able to perform a shadow-style jutsu when her energy and stamina is low, and she's left desperate.

However, Shinuko has learned to utilise many different weapons, with her favourite being her thick-bladed cleaving sword, which she names Aku (meaning evil) due to all the bad things she's done with it. She also wields a


Databook Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
First 0 0 0 3.5 2 3 4 0 12.5


? ? ? ? ? ? ? -
Third ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? -

Kage Kemona

Kage Kemona is the name given to the shadow-spirit who resides within Shinuko. Not much is known about it as of now.

Part I

Introduction Arc

Shinuko arrived a couple of weeks after Naruto and the rest of Team 7 graduated from the academy and were assigned ranks. Her first appearance involves her stealing from a fruit stand in the village where Team 7 were on a mission, deweeding an elderly woman's garden. Although not the most interesting mission, the team were relieved to have something more exciting in the form of a chase.

Eventually Kakashi managed to follow her to a cliff-edge, where he caught her before she fell. She point-blank refused to answer him, or go back with him to the village. The wolves caught up and Isamu used an earth style jutsu to separate his master from the jounin. Kakashi quickly recovered and went to catch Shinuko, but Katsu pushed the girl out of the way, allowing her to escape.

Later that day, Kakashi sent his team to split up and search for Shinuko. Meanwhile,rogue ninjas had infiltrated the Leaf VIllage, and were heading through one of the forests. Naruto unfortunately managed to bump into the group and soon found himself seriously outnumbered. Not too far away, Shinuko could hear the ninja's screams and after some persuasion from Ren, she decided to help by getting Aku and intervening. Together, the pair managed to defeat the rogue ninja with ease. Naruto recognises Isamu, and eventually realises that the person who'd just helped him was Shinuko. Kakashi soon catches up and after hearing of what the girl had done, offers to give her a second chance, and tells her that he'd speak with the Hokage regarding her stay in Konoha.

After a week passes, Sandaime Hokage meets with Shinuko and offers her a place on Team 2, as well as genin status after hearing of how she dealt with the rogues, with Yuudai Katsuo, as her sensei, and Shin Nobuyuki and Daiki Ryuunosuke. Shinuko accepts and joins the team, mere weeks before the chuunin exams.

Part II



  • Her name means "Child of Death". Obake is a class supernatural creatures in Japanese folklore.
  • Shinuko's favourite food is buko (grapes) and ichigo (strawberries). She just likes fruit in general.
  • Shinuko's hobbies include tending to the garden and doing nothing but laying in a field in the sun.
  • Shinuko wishes to fight Naruto Uzumaki.
  • Very often, when lost in thought, Shinuko unbraids her hair, only to braid it again, presumably thinking of Daisuke as she does so, as he was the one to suggest braiding it in the beginning.
  • When talking to Masaru, she uses the honorific "-sama" sarcastically as her classmate thinks very highly of himself and his abilities - much to Shinuko's annoyance.


(To Daisuke) "I... I think I like you too, Daisuke. No, I know I like you."

(To Daisuke) "I've decided... we're definitely getting married when we're old!"

(To Naruto, when asked about Daisuke) "He was a lot like you, Naruto Uzumaki. He was kind and saw only the best in people. He wanted to help people. But it killed him. And it will kill you too, Naruto Uzumaki."

(To Masaru) "I'm not losing today, Masaru-sama. I refuse."


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