(His real name is currently unknown)


Shadow was not always named Shadow though he has never told anyone his acutally name, it is though that Hatsuharu and Ashe know.

Shadow was orhaned at the age of ten when his family were attacked and killed by the enemy ninja, revealed by Ashe was also when he changed his name and "become a different person". Shown to be always truthful with her


Shadow is a charming, dashing man with a sharp and cunning wit, and is also rather cynical. Shadow comes across as cocky and self-centered at times, but his trust in his closest allys and Ashe Uchiha is complete, and at times assures Shiro of his abilities as a ninja. While the story is told from Shiro's perspective, Shadow certainly thinks that it is his story, going as far as to repeatedly refer to himself as "the leading man." Despite this, he is far from selfish, proving himself to be completely selfless in the events of Shiro's battle with his older brother Hatsuharu.

He appears to have changed the the time skip, becoming a whole different person, though at the start of the series he does welcome Shiro back with welcome arms, telling him what happened while he was gone. It was only till Shiro brought up the Nine swords of summoning that his acutally personality changed. He becomes a cruel, selfish, cruel figure that shapes him to be Shiro's greatst enemy. Shadow also becomes a man that feels that he has to take everything he wants, looking for something to make his the most powerful being in the world, he becomes everything Shiro feared would happen to his brother.

Becoming twisted and lusting for power he could never reach was something he said won't happen



to him, he still has great respect for Ashe keeping her out of harms way. He is seen to be able to get people to listen and believe ever thing he says, he refers to his old self as a "very handsome weaklink", which may actually be true, others think that he is beening controled by a higher power.


Shadow is a tall man, standing six feet, with short brown hair with blonde highlights and sharply styled sideburns.

He wears an embroidered golded and olive green vest over a high-collared shirt and tight black lether trousers with leather shin pads, and steel, open-backed sandals on his feet. Around his waist sits two golden-buckled belts on which he has two pouches attached to either side. He wears a collection of brightly coloured rings and bracelets on his left hand, and has a set of earrings in both ears, not what a normal ninja would choice to wear.


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