Character Name:Sayuri Senju-Sakuhen




Rank:Special Jounin

Primary Element:Fuuton

Secondary Element: Suiton


Place of Birth:Konohagakure

Physical Appearance

Height:176 cm

Weight:65.7 kg

Blood Type:

Hair: Bright Red

Eyes:Blue Green


Handedness:Right Handed

Other Physical Traits:

Identifying Marks:

Ninja Skills

Fighting Style: Distance, Genjutsu, Sealing

Preferred weapons: Custom Built Shuriken

Jutsu: Genjutsu

Tactics: N/A

Current Statistics

- Ninjutsu - C

- Taijutsu - D

- Genjutsu - A

- Strength - D

- Speed - C

- Stamina - B

- Chakra control - A

- Weapons handling - C

- Logical decision making - B

Personality info

General Personality Traits: Sayuri is a caring and brave woman. She shows great care and concern towards her friends and thier families. Her personality is unyielding, honest, and simple.

Quirks: When she sits idle for to long she'll start tap her fingers rhythmically like if she was fingering a piano.

Gifts/Talents: Sayuri is a talented swimmer and is able to hold her breath for a long duration.

Flaws:She is often clumsy when in a high stress situations which is one of the many reason why she took to distance combat and sealing or genjutsu attacks.

Likes and Loves: Like- Sukiyaki/ Loves- Friends and Family.

Dislikes and Hates: Dislikes- Peppers/ Hates- People with the intent to hurt her.



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