300px-Sakuhen Sousui


Character Name: Sousui Sakuhen

Age: 25

Birthday: July 3rd

Gender: Male

Rank: Special Jounin

Primary Element: Doton

Clan: Sakuhen

Place of Birth: Konoha

Physical Appearance

Height: 210.8 cm

Weight: 95.5 kg

Blood Type: O

Hair: Upper Back Length Ash Black

Eyes: Deep Amber - Feral

Race: Anthropomorphic Ookami / Human - Hybrid

Handedness: Right

Other Physical Traits: Full Length Bushy Tail

Identifying Marks: War Paint Tattoos - Two Lines under each eye and Two Lines running down the middle of his face both in Blood Red.

Ninja Skills

Fighting Style: Savage and Straight Up

Preferred weapons: Ninja Plam Claws and Dual Three Bladed Punch Dagger



Current Statistics:

- Ninjutsu – N/A

- Taijutsu - A

- Genjutsu – N/A

- Strength - S

- Speed - A

- Stamina - B

- Chakra control – N/A

- Weapons handling - B

- Logical decision making - C

Personality info

General Personality Traits:

Sousui is very angry and is quick to fly into a rage. He can be very rude and confrontational, but he cares deeply for his friends and will put his life on the line for them. He seems very cold and emotionally distant, but he has put aside his aloofness to mentor some of the younger Shinobi. He is not quick to trust new people, but eventually he will warm up to people.

Quirks: In his off time, Sousui enjoyed gardening.

Gifts/Talents: Sousui was a gifted tracker being capable of picking up scents weeks old and tracking them straight back to the source.

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