Ryuun Shukiro

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Demon (悪魔, Akuma; Literally meaning "Demon)

Shadow of the Shukiro Clan (Shukiro一族の影, Shukiro ichizoku no kage; Literally Meaning "Shadow of the Shukiro Clan")

Saviour of the Hidden Leaf (隠された葉の救い主, Kakusareta ha no sukuinushi; Literally Meaning "Saviour of the Hidden Leaf")

Naruto's Legacy (ナルトの遺産, Naruto no isan; English TV "Naruto's Legacy")

The Hidden Leaf’s Dragon (隠された葉のドラゴン, Kakusareta ha no doragon; English TV "The Hidden Leaf’s Dragon")


Appears in

New Generations

Voice Actors




Chris Patton



Astrological Sign Cancer July 7th


Gender MaleMale


Part l: 12-13

Part ll: 15-18

Part III: 19-20


Part l: 4'9"ft-5'3"ft

Part ll: 5'5"ft-5'8"ft

Part III: 5’8”ft


Part l: 93lb-104lb

Part ll: 114lb-135lb

Part III: 138lb - 144lb

Blood type


Kekkei Genkai

18px-Nature Icon Plasma.svg Plasma Release

Nature Icon Storm Storm Release



Sensor Type

Tailed Beast

Kurama (Forms)


Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure
Ryūchi Cave Symbol Ryūchi Cave


Team Ayane


Uzumaki Symbol Uzumaki Clan (Heritage)

Shukiro Clan Shukiro Clan


Ninja Rank

Part l: Genin-Chūnin

Part ll: Chūnin-Jōnin

Academy Grad. Age


Chūnin Prom. Age



Akina Shukiro (Mother)

Ayane Kasagawa (Lover)

Hizashi Sarutobi (Adoptive Guardian)

Masaaki Shukiro (Father)

Taiyō Shukiro (Uncle)

Tsuki Shukiro (Uncle)

"I won't allow any of my friends to die as long as I'm still breathing!"

~Ryuun Shukiro~

Ryuun Shukiro is the next jinchūriki of the Nine-Tails at age six by Naruto’s final request. He was ostracized for being a child from the Shukiro Clan, even though the clan was destroyed. After he becomes a member of Team Ayane, Ryuun begins working in order to gain the village's respect and acknowledgment with the dream of being seen as a hero someday by becoming Hokage. He later put his dream on hold during his career as a ninja and just wants to save his best friend, Koharu Hyūga, and protect all of his other friends and the ninja world. Ryuun disappeared at the end of the Fifth Shinobi World War after an accident. He has been searched for by all of his friends since; most notably Iroshi, and Ayane. He was later found in Ryūchi Cave trying to reabilitate Kuroichi Kuraretto.


Ryuun is the son of Masaaki Shukiro and Akina Shukiro , and also the nephew of Tsuki Shukiro and Taiyō Shukiro. Ryuun was only four years old on the day of the Shukiro Massacre. His parents, however, decided to betray the Shukiro Clan and joined the side of Konoha. During the massacre he was watched by the head of the Hyuga Clan. After a year of living in Konoha in disguise, Naruto, who was 101 years old at the time, had a heart attack. He survived but feared that he didn't have much time left. He summoned Masaaki, Akina, and Ryuun to his hospital bed and explained how to help make sure the Ryuun will be safe. Being the man he was, Naruto wanted Ryuun to become the next jinchuriki for his safety. His parents agreed to the plan. After learning the Eight Trigrams Seal, Ryuun's parents, Naruto, Ryuun, and a few anbu were brought to a spot and were ready for the sealing far away from Konoha. Naruto died there and Ryuun became the next jinchuriki, and his parents died protecting Ryuun from Tsuki who had attacked that day.

Ryuun was taken in by Hizashi Sarutobi, the next Hokage. Even though he adopted him, they didn't live together since Hizashi wanted Ryuun to learn how to be independant, and was looking out for his safety. After a few months he met Koharu Hyūga, and became close friends with him. A year later Koharu introduced Ryuun to Iroshi. Iroshi wanted to become a strong shinobi when he grew up and convinced them to join the academy, which Hizashi allowed. 

However when his name was revealed as "Ryuun Shukiro" during role call, all the kids, besides Iroshi and Koharu, saw him for his clan's bad reputation. They usually ignored him, never speaking to him. Sometimes kids would bully Ryuun, calling him names like "Kidnapper" or "Demon". However one day he was pushed over the edge and found his inner strength to yell back at them. They charged at him, only to be easily beaten by him.

After this event Ryuun had a stronger desire to gain strength more than ever before. He became motivated to become recognized as an ally to Konoha instead of some demon. He studied more and his grades increased - although his grades were only ever an average grade. After he graduated he was put on a team with Koharu Hyuga, and Kiyoyumi with Ayane Kasagawa as their sensei. With the guidance of Ayane and Kenmei, Ryuun's skills developed significantly.


When Ryuun was a child he would always smile. When his parents died that changed; he would scream at the people who neglected him - telling them that one day he'd be respected - when he was alone he was crying the majority of the time. But due to years of neglect by the people in Konoha, he became emotionally unstable and craved recognition. When Ryuun met Koharu he started to open up a little. Although he was happy around Koharu and the Hyuga Clan, he didn't know how to how to express it. He opened up even further after being friends with Iroshi - his perverted almost nature forcing him to. He started to smile more and started to understand other people's emotions because of this. After meeting Ayane he felt a strange vibe from her. After asking her how she felt about him, she told him she didn't hate him at all since she didn't know him. He started to understand his feelings as love. During his mission to the Land of Fruit, he was forced to fight a Jonin level ninja from Kumogakure. During the fight he listened to her story and learned more about his own emotions.

After the timeskip in Part ll he acted like a semi-normal person with his own personality; almost like someone who never had emotional problems before. This was due to Kenmei teaching him about emotions, and why they appear at specific times. After the lecture, he secretly put Ryuun into different situations to have him learn, understand, and bring out his personality. This surprised his friends when he returned to Konoha, but they quickly grew to love the Ryuun he had never been able to show anyone.

He also has shown to be protective over friends he sees as weak. This is shown numerous times during missions and during the forest of death stage of the chunin exams; telling Kiyoyumi to stay out of the fights. He also showed this when Koharu was kidnapped; Ryuun immediately decided to go after Koharu to rescue him. This was also seen many times after Ryuun rescued Rei Uzumaki by how he let her live with him for some time, took her everywhere he went for a few weeks, and bought her new clothes. Later on this feeling altered until he wanted to protect all of his friends. This feeling had grown to such an extant that he started crying when he sensed all of his friends battling in the Fifth Shinobi World War and springing into action to cease their suffering. However, this is considered his worst trait since he had been willing to die in someone else's place too many times to count.

Ryuun also has shown to be shy about sexuality. He stayed quiet when people asked if he has someone special, and tries to make Iroshi stop talking like a pervert on extreme cases. It also took him years to confess to Miranda and, when she rejected him, he was shocked and didn't talk for three days. Ryuun also becomes shy from other people's advances on him, which was shown several times with Amai when they were training together with Heiwa. Ryuun's face also went completely red when a Kiyoyumi saw Ayane naked in his apartment after he answered the door; shutting it immediately.

Ryuun also has a determined and perseverance-like personality. He will never quit in any battles, or training, until he succeeds; like during his fight against Kaito and Iroshi, which were extremely difficult for him. Ryuun never gave up when fighting Kurama and when battling Tanakuya; he stayed strong and encouraged everyone in the shinobi force. He is also a very stubborn person and will always try to get his way when it comes to others. This was shown in his many different attempts to finding Koharu, and when he rescued Ayane which took over a week of searching. This was also shown when he heard the news that Iroshi had joined the Akatsuki (Yin); he rejected the news that he would join them willingly and ordered the Hokage to let him search for him; even running off by himself when she refused. Another example was when Taiyo attacked the village; Ryuun wouldn't let anyone interfere since Taiyo killed Kenmei until Ryuun was pinned down and couldn't move. Ryuun will always try to get what he wants, even if he has to die to get it. 


Ryuun's nindō had developed immensely during his career as a ninja. At first, Ryuun became a ninja only to become acknowledged by the people of Konoha because of his thirst for acknowledgement. This went so far that Ryuun even told others he would become Hokage. After some time, the villagers decided to accept him after the Chunin exams and he had made a large amount of friends - even some from other villages. During the Chunin exams, his boldly told the first proctor that he would become Hokage. He then promised everyone that he would become Hokage and told them he would become acknowledged by everyone. Because of this, Ryuun developed his nindō of never going back on his word, even putting himself through any lengths required to keeping his promise, which was shown with his obsession for rescuing Koharu from the newly found darkness in his heart. Ryuun has also shown to take promises "too far" as he once mentioned he would rather die than to break a promise. This was shown in many ways; one when he promised Ayane he would never let any of his friends die. During his fight against Hidan, Ryuun realized that Hidan was about to land a hit on her and got in between them, letting Hidan slice his own stomach to protect her; knowing that Hidan wasn't allowed to kill him. He even shown this by how forced Rei, Kiyoyumi, Iroshi, Myuuki, and Miranda away from the battlefield so that he could fight Taiyō by himself. Ryuun had also added the Will of Fire to his nindō. During the Fifth Shinobi World War, Ryuun had become hugely adamant as he boldly stated that he would protect the entire Shinobi World from Tsuki Shukiro and Tanakuya Shukiro. After this, many shinobi consider his Will of Fire to involve the entire shinobi world.

Ryuun's Obsession

Because Koharu was the "first" person to recognize Ryuun as another human being, after being moved into Konoha, when he was young. After Koharu tried to convince Ryuun to defect with him, Ryuun tried to change Koharu's feelings and kept a close eye on him; following him after leaving the village and even trying to stop Koharu by force in an attempt to keep his friend. After failing, he promised Koharu that he would bring him back to Konoha with any means necessary. Because of his promise, Ryuun gains an obsession for bringing Koharu back to the point where he'd get extremely serious just from hearing his name. Because of Ryuun's Nindō, Ryuun feels personally responsible for "letting" Koharu defect to join Hidoi, who is known for experimenting on people, brainwashing, hacking, being a sociopath as well as being a psychopath. Ryuun feels as if he had put Koharu in danger - especially after discovering Hidoi's plans on stealing Koharu's body, Byakugan, and his Sharingan.

Because of his obsession over Koharu, he has memorized Koharu's fighting style, chakra signature, and even studied the Byakugan and Sharingan immensely in order to fight him on par with the thought of ultimately bringing Koharu back to Konoha safely. 

After feeling Koharu's chakra, or seeing Koharu in general, Ryuun's personally changes completely. He becomes extremely serious, powerful, determined, and what Iroshi even commented: Dangerous. Ryuun acts almost sociopathically while in attempts to find Koharu; even horrifically beating one of Hidoi's followers to try and get him to tell Ryuun where Koharu was, but accidentally killed him. 


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Ryuun's First Genin Outfit

Ryuun has fair skin with strange purple eyes like
Ryuun (Ninja War Outfit) by sarilina-d7btzk7

Ryuun's War Outfit

that of his father and grandfather. His signature trait being his short black hair with red streaks on the front. 

In Part l, Ryuun let his red bangs grow longer to hide part of his face, being his left side. However before the last round of chunin exams he shortened them in order to be noticed with his new outfit. After graduating from the academy; Ryuun wore a grey short sleeved shirt that had a zipper and two red straps on the middle, with two protectors on each sleeve, the konoha symbol on both of them. He also had on white shorts with kunai holsters on both sides, two blue tool bags, and blue shinobi shoes.

Before the start of the final round of the chunin exams, he decided it was time for him to change and wore a black, high collared sleeveless shirt with a red stripe down the middle, a purple inside, and his clan symbol on the back - which was crossed out like an "x" to show Ryuun had no affiliation with the clan. He kept the shirt unzipped which exposed a medium sleeve grey shirt - from the front and the sleeves - which had his head protector on his left sleeve; Ryuun also wore bandages on both arms 

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Ryuun's Part ll Outfit

starting below his elbow and stopping at his fingers. He also wore grey shorts - with one kunai holster on his right leg and two normal colored tool pouches - that stopped right below his knee and was followed by bandages after then ended with navy blue shinobi shoes. 

In Part ll, he kept his bangs short so people would be able to see his face. He had on a black sleeveless shirt with a zipper, a medium sized collar, and was purple in the inside. He also had navy blue pants with a brown belt with two black containers on the left side. He also picked up long black shinobi shoes with four straps, three on the top and two on the top of the foot. After some time he realized that his arms were exposed, so he picked up some black arm warmers with metal connected to them in the shape of a rectangle and some gloves with metal in the shape of square that left his fingers exposed. After training his lightning release, he later had metal bracers connected to cloth that he put above his elbow that helps conduct electricity. 

During the ninja war, Ryuun ditched his original clothing for the outfit he created for the jinchuriki. The outfit consisted of a white long sleeve shirt that had three black squares on shoulders and three black stripes on the arm, with big shin length white pants that had three black squares to where it stopped at. He also wore a blue vest with a red swirl design over a large strap that traveled over his shoulders and around his waste to look like an 'X'. He also wore blue gloves, and blue shinobi shoes that had black on the front of the shin and foot with a black bottom. His strap also had nine red feathers connected to Ryuun's left side below the waste with blue beads in the middle of them to keep them up, and bandages on where the bandages connect under the vest to keep them together.


Life Force and Chakra Control

Because of his Uzumaki lineage - 75%, Ryuun’s chakra reserves are naturally large and powerful, granting him tremendous stamina and vitality. Because of this,  Ryuun was able to live several hours after having Kurama extracted, and was able to from Akagane's Dark Smoke technique long enough to be saved by Ayane's Wind Release. Ayane estimated that Ryuun’s chakra reserves are at least four times greater than her’s, and even three times more than Kenmei's. Ryuun also has an exceptionally long potential life-span and an accelerated healing rate (Added with the Nine-Tail’s regenerative abilities), allowing Ryuun to recover from fatigue in a fraction of the time or injuries to fix themselves. Though as a genin he knew how to save his reserves slightly, he lacked the proper control of his reserves, leading him to use his chakra insufficiently - which was shown when he slightly used lightning release to shock Iroshi into temporary paralysis. When he became aware of the Nine-Tails sealed inside him, he was able to improve his chakra output enough to perform techniques successfully, but he in fact used up more chakra than necessary. Because of how large his reserves were, this does not cause him immediate problems, but Kenmei taught Ryuun how to use his chakra more efficiently. Later, after discovering his Storm Release kekkei genkai, he decided to create various techniques with which he'd be able to use after mastering chakra control. Ryuun is now able to create the Rasengan with one hand, and in sage mode can create massive versions with one hand. However because of his immense knowledge in chakra control over time, he is able to create his signature technique with only needing one clone after a while. With his immense amounts of chakra reserves and chakra control, Ryuun has shown to be an extremely powerful ninja during the ninja war even without using Sage Mode, or Nine-Tails Chakra Mode. Even strong enough to affectively take on Tsuki Shukiro with only a two allies by his side. After meeting Naruto in his subconcious, Ryuun gained even more confidence because of this. Because of this, his chakra reserves noticeably became stronger after even Naruto Uzumaki commented on how much potential he has to even surpass him. This newly found confidence allowed his chakra to increase by 50%, which was commented on by Rei herself, who had become known for accurately seeing anyone's chakra reserves, saying that Ryuun now "125%" Uzumaki chakra.

Jinchūriki Transformations


Body Modifications

During Ryuun's pursuit of Sage Mode, he was bitten by the White Snake Sage of Ryūchi Cave and being injected with the sage's natural energy to determine whether or not Ryuun was worthy of learning Sage Mode if he lived - which he did. The White Snake Sage's natural energy bestowed Ryuun the regenerative gift known as the Power of the White Snake. With this, Ryuun is able to regurgitate a new body to escape all taken damage, but at the cost of immense amounts of chakra; only being able to use this technique twice in a fully restored/new Sage Mode. Ryuun can also turn into a giant white snake in order to escape easily. However, unlike Orochimaru, Ryuun was uninterested in following his footsteps into obtaining immortality.


Although not Ryuun's best skill, he has shown to be quite skilled in Taijutsu, which is at it's best with the aid of his shadow clones. With the aid of five shadow clones he was able break a water clone of Ayane's guard, a famous kunoichi, all the while maintaining enough strength to hold her still for Koharu to strike the finishing blow. He has also shown great ability with Taijutsu during his fight with Jirou, a rogue Kumo ninja, where he was able to break his defense with deception. After improving his chakra control and gaining more speed, Ryuun began focusing on dodging and maneuvering. Ryuun has proven to be very nimble which allows him to create a series of his own maneuvers. 

Ryuun has also shown to be relatively powerful in many ways. Capable of taking on ten shinobi at once without the aid of clones and was also able to hold up a slightly heavier man by the neck. Ryuun was also able to pick up heavy weapons, such as Kubikiribōchō, from a fallen shinobi, and was able to use it skillfully wthout any prior use or knowledge about it. While in Sage Mode, or in Nine Tails Chakra Mode, Ryuun was capable of easily picking up, and temporarily wielding, Iroshi's Bōnkurasshā and even capable of tossing the blade meters away for an attack.

Since being a recent academy graduate, Ryuun has shown high levels of speed and reaction time, being the first to notice Jirou. After improving his chakra control, his speed outpaced even Kurai. He later increased his speed more to outrun Iroshi's water release jutsu and move faster than unaided eyes in Part l. In Part ll, his speed was even more impressive that Ayane believed he was even faster than her, and much faster than Shiro was. He shown great speed in which he was able to defeat many other shinobi without giving them much time to react. Ryuun also shown great proficiency in using the Body Flicker Technique to dodge Kaimetsu's explosive bombs at point-blank range. Also, while in sage mode, Ryuun gains a large amount of physical strength, stamina, increased reflexes, and a hardened body with scales; making him considerably more dangerous on the battlefield.


Shadow Clone Technique

Ryuun has proven to be quite proficient at using the shadow clone technique. In Part 1, He was able to create more more than fifty clones in one day, and used them to study his enemy. Even though it tired him out, he was able to create twenty more with paper bombs under their clothing as a trap and later even learning to detonate his clones. After learning more jutsu he started using less and less shadow clones to the point where he only used them to maneuver in the air, deception, or for specific jutsu.

In Part ll, Ryuun learned that whatever his clones learn, he would learn after the clone is dispersed. He also used his shadow clones to complete years of training in a couple of days. Ryuun can also use numerous clones to scout an area to learn how much clones he'll need on the battlefield. His most common use for his clones as he got older is to use them to have three full sets of Sage Mode stored for later since he has them absorb Natural Energy even while he is in a battle; however, this will also limit him to only being able to use three shadow clones during a battle or the ones controlling natural energy will lose focus and disperse. He can also uses clones to transfer into other objects in order to trick his enemies in various ways and vice versa. 

Summoning Technique

During a lesson with Kenmei, Ryuun learned the summoning technique and later signed a contract with the snakes of Ryuchi Cave. He is able to summon snakes of various sizes anywhere on his body, mostly from his back, hands, and legs. He also has shown the ability to summon the giant snake, Ryota. He is also capable of creating other white snakes of various sizes from his body, which can either separate from him or remain attached to serve as additional appendages. Ryuun has also shown the ability to change the size of these snakes at will through the use of hand seals and can also hide within the snakes to hide from the enemy undetectable by ordinary sensory techniques. Since the snakes share the same chakra as himself, Ryuun is capable of using this method to hide even from a user of the Sharingan; even strong users such as Koharu.

Ryuun also gained several snake like techniques, most notedly the Hiding in a Snake technique where Ryuun hid in a snake's body while it crawled through tight spots undetected. He also can bring enemies into the snake with him so they could fight without worrying about them running away or having other people interfere. Ryuun can even eject snakes from his hands, as well as a more powerful version, to bite and/or grab on to the enemy to either bring them closer or to slam them into walls or the ground. 

Nature Transformation

Storm Release- Plasma Chakram

Ryuun's Proficiency in Storm Release

As Masaaki's son, Ryuun had shown to have a natural affinity for Lightning Release, Ryuun learned how to manipulate it relatively quick under Kenmei's guidance. Ryuun was able to use this to create a powerful bolt of lightning, a large amount of lightning, and even lightning release shadow clone.  He also had enough knowledge of manipulating lightning release to use lightning on water to attack enemies, as seen during the last round of the chunin exams against Iroshi. However, after learning how to create Storm Release techniques, Ryuun decided to focus on it rather than normal lightning jutsu because of its rarity; believing it would throw his enemies off guard.

Also having the ability to use water release techniques, Ryuun has mastered several water techniques. After accidentally dampening a sheet of paper after being sneaked up on, Ryuun turned to Iroshi, the Water Release Prodigy of the Leaf, to learn about water jutsu. Ryuun is fairly skilled with using water release, although he states he's no good at using it. He is capable of using the Water Release: Water Wall to protect himself from Kunai, Shuriken, Paper Bombs, and intense flames. Also his use of the Water Release: Great Waterfall allowed him to only need four hand signs and even being able expelled it from his mouth - just like Iroshi. His skill with water clones allowed him to create them with the water he creates for backup as a diversive tactic and can even use water to propel himself. Although, his best use of water release is using this nature's chakra to create Storm Release techniques and even created further materialized storm release techniques in order to crush and/or stop physical objects/attacks.

Like previously stated, Ryuun is able to combine these two chakra natures to create the storm release kekkei genkai. His use of the kekkei genkai is much different than a regular Storm Release user though. Unlike most Storm Release users, Ryuun's Storm Release techniques doesn't simply electrocute the target. Instead, his techniques focus on incineratng/disinigrating his target molecularily; looking as if his techniques simply cut and/or burned through his target. He can use this kekkei genkai to shoot beams of light that can be freely guided missiles to pierce his targets, and is able to use shape transformation to create several other techniques. One of his strongest being his ability to create storm release chakra that is then compressed into high-density shapes, much like the Third Kazekage's Iron Sand Gathering technique. Ryuun is also to create stronger weapons, like chakrams, which he is able to throw, and is able use his storm release chakra to make strings, much like wire strings, which he can hold to manipulate thrown storm release jutsu. However, after immense training and time, Ryuun is able to have complete control over size and direction of all his techniques allowing him to make his Storm Release techniques bigger, or smaller, at the cost of more chakra and is able to control the direction, speed; negating the need for his wire strings unless he wants to make a sharp turn with his techniques.  Ryuun can even create a wall of storm release chakra in order to protect himself and disinigrate almost anything thrown at him. Also, although his techniques focus on burning through targets, Ryuun has still shown the ability to electrocute targets with his storm release techniques if needed - shown through his Storm Release Shadow Clone.


He was also shown to mix this kekkei genkai with natural energy (to strengthen the techniques immensly) and yang release - which he stated he used to strengthen even further and give Plasma Release techniques a form of life - in order to create a whole new kekkei genkai called Plasma Release. With this, Ryuun can create Senjutsu-enhanced storm release techniques that aren't only controlled by Ryuun himself, but is capable of acting on its own free will. With this, Ryuun can enhanced laser circus technique, create a massive plasma wall that can block highly dense and powerful techniques, and even create an immensely powered energy staff, which was shown to even cut through the Truth-Seeking Ball. Ryuun is also able to create a massive plasma dragon of which he can ride and/or control at will. Because of the similar properties of Storm Release, Ryuun has shown to expertly use Plasma Release techniques with skill that matches Tanakuya's. Also, unlike Tanakuya's red Plasma Release, Ryuun's appears purple.


After Kenmei was defeated, Ryuun went back to Ryūchi Cave to ask if there are any stronger snake-like techniques he could master. There, he was taught senjutsu by the White Snake Sage and gained access to Sage Mode. Physically, Ryuun undergoes little alteration in this form, with the only visible changes being that Ryuun grows purple markings around his eyes while his eyes become yellow with slit-like pupils.

Sage Mode greatly enhances Ryuun’s speed, perception and reflexes to such an extent that he can easily dodge the bullets fired by Takeshi’s magnum claw, which are noted for their tremendous speed. His physical abilities are enhanced to the point that he could both evade and repel multiple attacks from Taiyō despite having his vision impaired, and his physical strength is increased enough that he is able to throw entities much larger than himself with little to no effort, including the Taiyō's Giant Rhino and even Kurama. He was also noted for his tremendous strength for his ability to break bones with ease.

Also while in sage mode Ryuun’s sensory abilities increases dramatically, allowing him to detect and identify other people's chakra even from vast distances. This enabled him to be able to learn of what was going on during the Fifth Shinobi World War, on battlefields a considerable distance away. His sensing abilities have also enabled him to predict the movements of his enemies for easy counter movements, as shown when Ryuun was able to dodge a direct attack from the reincarnated A, whom was noted to be immensely quick. Ryuun can also combine his Sage Mode with Tailed Beast Mode to further enhance his abilities.

Sensory Perception

After mastering Sage Mode, Ryuun can detect and identify other people's chakra from vast distances. This was shown by how he could sense all of his friends battling during the Fifth Shinobi World War the minute he entered Sage Mode. Because of this skill, he can react against high-speed opponents like Seto Sarutobi, able to dodge his attack and effectively counter, as well as sense any amount of enemies within a large area and tell exactly where they are. He also gained the ability to sense negative emotions after taking control of Kurama's chakra. Although his sensory abilities are extremely high and proficient, Ryuun is unable to see a person's chakra reserves or their precise location as well as Rei is able to.

Deception and Strategy

Ryuun has show to be a decent strategist, and even better at deceiving opponents. In Part l, Ryuun's ace to winning all his battles had to do with his brain. He would trick enemies by creating oven thirty shadow clones with all of them having paper bombs in their clothes. After some time he would detonate only a few of them and make them act differently, making the enemy believe that only a few clones had paper bombs. After time passes he would then detonate every clone at once, if that wasn't enough he would think of another plan. Shown during his fight with Iroshi, he tricked Iroshi into trapping a clone in his water prison jutsu, then detonating it. After that, he paralyzed Iroshi with lightning release, then punching him directly in the stomach. He later replaced the paper bombs once he learned to detonate the clones at will, which proved to be more effective.

In Part ll, Ryuun's strategy changed dramatically after learning to control Storm Release, Lightning Release, and several Water Release techniques. He later uses these skills in order to overpower his opponents, but also uses a few tricks. Such as hiding in snakes, using shadow clones as diversions, and even being able to divide his storm release techniques to make multiple versions. Ryuun is also able to create shadow clones to perform multiple techniques and able to completely hide himself while his clones are in the battlefield, allowing him to attack while the opponent is shocked to realize the last Ryuun was a clone.

Ryuun also knows he has a relatively high intellect and uses this in order to trick the enemy physically, with jutsu, and mentally, with words. He has shown to be able to lie and trick many people by literally showing no sign that he is lying. He is able to read the situation easily and lie with expressions that fit the situation completely, sometimes acting surprises, sad, or indifferent. This was shown best when he was able to trick Homura Shukiro into believing that he didn't have any kekkei genkai, even though he was from the Shukiro Clan, by explaining that he was a child when his clan and parents were taken away from him. Even though Homura was a lieutenant when the clan was thriving, Ryuun was able to take his attention away from the fact that his parents were known for their affinity in Storm Release, which he found out from Kenmei. Ryuun also has been shown to trick his enemies into believing he was almost out of chakra by moving slowly, breathing hard, letting himself get cut or hit, and even by only using basic techniques badly. When successful, Ryuun is able to get his opponents to expend most of their chakra while dodging them with basic jutsu, and sometimes mid leveled, so that he can use high leveled techniques after the opponent is too tired to react. However this is only shown in extremely tough and long lasting battles.

Ryuun can formulate multi-step plans and even backup plans in the thick of battle. Most of his strategies involve shadow clones: he may direct his opponent's attentions towards one of his clones to disguise his own movements; he may transform them or himself into objects or other individuals for surprise attacks; he may make himself seem predictable by creating a pattern, just to throw them off by breaking it. Ryuun is very observant, able to notice details others may overlook and take advantage of it. With his observant skills, Ryuun is able to accurately guess the opponent's chakra reserves, physical weaknesses, jutsu weaknesses, and relationship weaknesses between teammates. Even when given new information, he can act quickly, and create back up plans in case something goes wrong, as well as plan counter measures against the opponent's jutsu which usually works effectively. This is shown best of all during his fight against Taiyō. After learning he could manipulate attractive forces, he realized he could only do this once every five seconds and formulated a plan to overpower him by faking an attack just to set Taiyō's jutsu's cooldown on the table before going forward with his real attack.

Other Skills

After the time-skip, Ryuun had improved his knowledge of other ninja skills while under Kenmei's training, such as shurikenjutsu and being able to seal and store weapons in scrolls. Though he has no skill in genjutsu, he has learned how to dispel it and avoid falling prey to it. Ryuun also learned how to perform the Body Flicker Technique, with which he could easily match Ayane's, and even Koharu's speed. Though he could dodge accidental strikes from Myuuki after getting her Steam-Based ninjutsu, he could not rival her speed. Ryuun also knew how to use the seal's key after receiving Hebikagi, and later resealed Kurama after he separated a majority of chakra from the tailed beast, and was also able to release the seal, for the second time, while defending himself, and two other people, against six controlled tailed beasts; showing his skill, and knowledge, of the sealing jutsu.


Ryuun Stats
Databook Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
First 2.5 2 1.5 2 2 3 4 2.5 18.5
Second 3.5 2.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 5 2.5 23.5
Third 5 4 2.5 3.5 4 5 5 3 32

Part l

Introduction Arc

Ryuun, Koharu, and Kiyoyumi were formed into Team 10 (Of the generation). During lunch, Ryuun ate alone to think about what might happen if Kiyoyumi and his new sensei didn't like him. Then out of no where Myuuki Kaiga appeared in front of him, looking nervous and trying to talk to him. However since Ryuun is used to people he doesn't know hating him, he brushes her away making her react in a surprised manner until the bell rang. He told her to meet her team then walked to the room he was told to meet his sensei.

When Ryuun, Koharu, and Ryuun were in the same room waiting for their sensei to show up. They didn't argue, or show any sign of hatred but awkwardness. When their sensei, Ayane Kasagawa, showed up they showed her respect. She told them to follow her to the roof then skipped off, which surprised Ryuun. On the roof they introduced themselves. After Ryuun introduced himself he studied Kiyoyumi and Ayane for any sign of hate, but to his surprise didn't see any sign of it in their eyes. Ayane told them to meet her in the Third Training Grounds without eating breakfast. 

When they showed up Ayane wasn't there. So they ended up talking to each other which was positive the whole time since Kiyoyumi was a very jolly and nice person who didn't know anything about the shukiro clan. After waiting for hours Ayane finally showed up and woke up a sleeping Koharu. Ayane explained that they were going to do a bell training, and told them the rules. When it started Ryuun made a plan with Kiyoyumi to use deception to get the bells from Ayane. However by not being able to find Koharu, he was left out. The two of them tried to get the bells from Ayane, but failed. Koharu showed up after Ayane left, then the three of them made a plan, which led to Koharu taking Ayane's bells.

After the test Ayane gave Ryuun a test since he was able to get her off guard for Koharu. She told him to pick either Kiyoyumi or Koharu to pass, while the other would be removed from the ninja roster. After thinking for a while he remembered that all genin squads had three people. By realiving this he guessed that she was putting a test on him. He told them he chose all of them to pass, which made Ayane glad. She then let them pass and gave the hungry trio the lunches she had in her backpack.

Land of Fruit Arc

After a month of terrible D-Rank missions, team 10 was sent to protect merchants as a convoy. They met the merchant Kazue at the gate. However he noticed that merchants don't stand they way he did, and his eyes looked like those of a shinobi's. Kazue wanted the ninja to hurry to the caravan's location which Ryuun found odd. Once team 10 got to the caravan, they met Kenta who told them their orders. Kiyoyumi, Koharu, and Ryuun helped push the wagons, with help of Ryuun's shadow clones, while Ayane was told to just walk by the wagons and sense for any sign of danger. 

After the day was over they camped out on top of a hill. Ryuun met "Ling", but didn't talk to him. Kazue told him he had a condition. Ryuun asked him why he'd be here if he had a special condition, but Kazue hesitated. After it got dark, Ryuun sat at the edge of the hill and looked up at the stars, and down at the trees. Ayane sat down next to him and they had a cnoversation, leading to the fact that Ayane tells Ryuun she doesn't hate him for any reason. This made him feel "warm" inside which later led him to understand his emotions. Ryuun tells Ayane he'll keep watch, after everyone falls asleep he checks "Ling's" tent. He peeks inside to see that he was a girl, then checked inside all the wagons. He discovered one full of gold and jewelry. 

In the morning he tells Ayane when everyone wakes up. He also saw Kenta leave the campsite in the morning, which he told Ayane since he didn't come back for hours. Ayane toke Koharu to search for him, but told Ryuun to tell everyone that they were going to still push on forward. Later after some time of bringing the wagons down the hill and a few hundred meters forward Ayane and Koharu found them while holding Kenta's dead body. Ayane rips of "Ling's" hat to see that Ling was actually Princess Akahana from the Village of Fruit.

After an explanation they were attacked by the three rogue shinobi: Gorou (Hidden Stone), Jirou (Hidden Cloud), and Fuyu (Hidden Mist). Ryuun found it strange that three rogue ninja from different villages were teaming up against them. Ayane however told them to watch the back of the wagons to protect the caravan. However Koharu came up with a plan to seperate at least one rogue ninja from the three to make Ayane's chances of winning better. After having Kiyoyumi transform into Akahana, the trio ran into the woods with Jirou following them. Though they succeeded with Koharu's plan, they weren't ready for a battle to the death fight. Jirou tried to kidnap Kiyoyumi but failed after she pulled a trick on him. Ryuun displayed his explosive shadow clone technique which later trapped Jirou after his sword was destroyed and dust clouds formed around him, burning his eyes. Koharu then finished him off with his Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms, though it burned his hands. Ayane later found them and bandaged Koharu's hands, and a huge gash in Ryuun's back after killing Gorou, and Fuyu.

After reaching the Village of Fruit, Akahana brought team 10 to the palace where they met her father. Although he was very old, he still walked on his own and could hear reletively well. Ayane explained what happened to them, and Kenta. He then agreed with Ayane to pay an additional charge of an A-Rank mission to pay for Akahana's saftey, and to finish off the last rogue ninja. Akahana brought them to the guest rooms, where Ayane would sleep in one, and the trio would sleep in the other. After Kiyoyumi and Koharu fell asleep, Ryuun walked out of the room and in the courtyard to think about how he felt, and to watch the stars, then fell asleep outside. 

The next morning Ayane gave the three of them the tree climbing excersise, saying the winner would get an additional and special lesson. She then left to guard Akahana back at the village, while they kept practicing. After Ayane came back she told them to come back to the palace to eat dinner, then they went to bed. For everyday for the next eleven days, the trio practiced and practiced. On the next day Ryuun finally made it to the top, Koharu was next, then Kiyoyumi. While Ayane watched them all that day. They then went back to the village for a celebratory dinner at the palace.

However the next morning, Ryuun and the rest of the team woke up to screaming. They all ran into the daimyo's room to see Akahana crying over his dead body. Ayane studied his body and came up with the conclusion that he was poisoned by the apple juice he drank during dinner, and that the ice had slowed down the effects. Akahana told her that the person who brought the juice was one of their servants, his name was Kurai, Ayane immedietly freaked out. She picked up Akahana, and told Ryuun, Koharu, and Kiyoyumi to follow her. They ran into the woods, but stopped in a clear opening, since Kurai had already found them, with a kunoichi with him, Shiro. Koharu and Ryuun fought Shiro and was caught by her metalic cage jutsu, trapping them in a prison. Shiro used her hiding in steel technique to walk in the cage, creating a battlefield that they couldn't escape. After some time fighting her, they discovered how she attacks after Koharu awakens his Sharingan. They both perfom a combo attack with explosive clones while Koharu gave directions. Koharu managed to hit Shiro down with an kunai with a paper bomb attached, Koharu then tried to stab her but got stabbed instead. Leading to Ryuun changing into version one state with tail, breaking the cage and killing Shiro. Kurai showed some tears as he attacked Ryuun, but Ayane stopped him saying that she was his opponent. Ryuun then collapsed because of his previous fight. After Ayane beat Kurai, Ryuun woke up to see Ayane stab Kurai. He was surprised with the look Ayane had when she did, which kind of scared him. Kurai then died by Shiro's side after mentioning she was like a daughter to him.

After this incident, Team 10 appeared at Akahana's ceremony of becoming a daimyo. They bid everyone farewell then returned to Konoha.

Chunin Exam Arc

When Team 10 returned to Konoha they continued to complete D-Rank missions daily. Then after a few months, all the Jonin were called to a meeting by the Hokage discuss the chunin exams which would be held in Konoha that year. When she meets with her team she hands them their application forms. Then Ayane told Ryuun she was going to give him the bonus lesson he had won, but instead she gave him a test to see if he was ready for the exams. After he succeeded Ayane explained it was a test, and that she still would give him the bonus exam then. Teaching him nature transformation and a bit of shape transformation, which led to him learning how to wield a short amount of lightning after some time. 

Ryuun and his team appeared at the room to sign into the chunin exams on  that day of, but there were two genin blocking the way. The crowd prevented them from doing anything, but Iroshi and his team got through. Iroshi beat the two genin without even trying then opened the door for everyone. They talked with Ryuun's team for a bit, then walked into the room. They met Michiko Nara, Kaito Inuzuka, and Tenshi Aburame inside, but weren't able to talk much since the proctor, Hideki Yoshida, appeared with a group of chunin to start the first phase. In the the first phase, a written test, the genin were forced to take a test with sole purpose of encouraging them to cheat in order to pass, without being caught. Ryuun picked this up relatively quickly and decided to use Morse Code which Ayane had taught them a while back to talk to his team. He had Koharu use his Byakugan to find the answers, then tell them the answers through Morse Code. After the questions were answered and Hideki said it was time for the tenth question, Ryuun thought he would be ready for it. But when he was faced with the idea of failing and never being allowed to take the test again, or to give up to try it again during the next exams, Ryuun angrily stating that, he was ready to become a chunin; meaning that he would never run away. The willingness to face the unknown was the answer to the tenth question, Ryuun and the rest of Team 10 were allowed to proceed to the second phase.

For the second test, Ryuun and his team were sent into the Forest of Death with one scroll, with the task of obtaining the other scroll by defeating a team. Soon after entering they were attacked by several ninja. Then Ryuun decided to make a password, but was ambushed by Team Amai before finishing, and later forgetting to. After they lost the fight and losing their scroll - with Koharu and Ryuun unconscious - Kiyoyumi was attacked by Team Mujihi. However Team 9 found them and fought the sound ninja until Ryuun woke up and finished them off and taking their scroll. On the next day Team 10 tracked down, and fought Team Saburo's clone and Genjutsu combos; beating them and allowing them to pass the round.

Because too many genin teams had passed the second phase, a round of preliminary matches, where genin faced each other in combat, were held to thin the field. After watching a few rounds, Ryuun was matched against Kaito Inuzuka, and his dog, Kuromaru. Remembering how pathetic Ryuun was at school, Kaito believed it'd be an easy match. After dodging and being struck by Kaito's attacks and combos, Ryuun was able to remove Kuromaru from the competitiion. Ryuun was able to easily target kaito with his Ryuun Shukiro Combo, winning the match.

While watching the remaining matches, Ryuun witnessed Sōzen's skill with sand, Kiyo's large amount of strength, and Iroshi's skill with Water Release techniques. Instead of making him nervous, he became excited to start the third match; only to be dissapointed by finding out it won't start for a month. In the meantime Ryuun tried to get Ayane to train him, but instead she has someone else to train Ryuun, Kekkei. At first Ryuun wasn't happy with hearing this until he had taught Ryuun how to walk on water in a few days. After Kekkei believed that Ryuun had mastered how to control his chairs, he gives Ryuun the summoning contract for toads. But the contract was rejected. Ryuun furiously tried to use the summoning technique anyway. However since the contract was rejected, Ryuun was reverse summoned to Ryūchi Cave, where the White Snake Sage accepted his contract, realizing that Ryuun's affinity for snake techniques was extremely high since he found their cave without trying even to find it. Ryuun tries to learn how to summon bigger snakes, but has trouble with it. The White Snake Sage sees no other way to teach him, but to put him in a life and death situation to get Ryuun to use the Nine-Tail's chakra. To do this, the snake ate Ryuun and spat him out from a clif into the ocean near Konoha. While he was drowning, Ryuun met the tailed beast in his subconcious and convinced him to lend Ryuun his chakra. With this, Ryuun summons Daibā, the swimming snake, whom swallows Ryuun and brings him to the hospital in Konoha. This event was shown in a flashback during the final round.

During the final rounds, Ryuun must fight Iroshi - who proves to be a powerful opponent. Ryuun quickly realizes that Taijusu and his first plan wouldn't work because of Iroshi's special technique. Ryuun was left no time to create a new one before Iroshi almost floods the arena, forcing shinobi to lower the arena for the spectator's safety. Ryuun then has trouble standing on the waves while Iroshi rides them to attack Ryuun multiple times, which Ryuun could barely dodge; leaving cuts. However, after remembering water channels electricity, Ryuun used this to his advantage by using his experiment from the past week. With this, he was able to completely disable Iroshi's technique while simultaneously slowering his movemet speed. Ryuun then adapted his original plan to keep him safe before ending the match with a series of explosions.

Part II

Ryuun returns back from the village after Kenmei's teachings. He, not only, grew a more stable and usual personality, but also noticably taller and physically toned. Upon seeing Ryuun again Ayane was seen crying from happiness and gave Ryuun a group hug with Kiyoyumi while Iroshi gave him a handshake. On the way to the Hokage's office Ryuun ran into several other people he knew. Ryuun was also very surpried to see that Shizuka had become the new Hokage after seeing her face on Hokage Rock. After seeing Shizuka, she explained to him that he would need to fight against Ayane Kasagawa with Kiyoyumi to see how much stronger he had gotten and to see if they were redy for stronger missions. Ayane eplained the rules to them - which was the same as last time; to take the bells. Ryuun and Kiyoyumi showed to have gained skill and power; especially in chakra nature jutsu. Ryuun also showed to have gained tremendous speed and had proven to have become faster than even Ayane. They eventually stole the bells with Ryuun managaing to grab Ayane as if he was hugging her while he flowed lightning release chakra through his body to keep her immobolized while Kiyoyumi went to take the bells.

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  • Ryuun was originally supposed to be in the canon, but was decided to be in two generations later since the creator wanted to create a somewhat realistic future of Naruto Shippuden, earning him the role of protagonist to the fanficiton: New Generations.
  • Ryuun dyed the tips of his hair when he was young to try and change his appearance so he can evade the villagers who ostracized him. He later decided to keep his front tips dyed when to remind him of the bleeding heart he had when he was young, and that he would never return to it.
  • Ryuun scored a 20 on the Naruto Fandom: Mary Sue Test (3 points because Shukiro isn't even a word.) And is therefore not a Gary Stue. However he's almost a Borderline Gary Stue.
  • Ryuun's original name is Ryuunosuke meaning: (龍, ryuu) "dragon" or (隆, ryuu) "noble, prosperous" combined with (之, no) "of" and (介, suke) "herald". Because his parents wanted him to be as strong as a dragon and become a respected ninja. He was given the nickname "Ryuun" by Koharu when they first met since he was incapable of saying "Ryuunosuke" at that age. His last name however means nothing. Since Shukiro was a made up word.
  • According to the Databook(s):
    • Ryuun's hobbies is training, and watering plants.
    • Ryuun wishes to fight all the strongest opponents.
    • Ryuun's favorites foods are Onigiri, and Lasagne. His favorite drink is Limeade.
    • Ryuun's favorite word is "recognition" (承認, Shōnin)


  • (To villagers): "Shut up! Just you wait! One day you all will love me! I'll become a valuble shinobi! I'll become a jonin! I'll become Hokage!!!"
  • (To White Snake Sage) "Strength? It's something I'll need in order to keep my friends safe. That's what strength is to me."
  • (To Iroshi) "They may say you've got more talent. They may say your the strongest genin, but I'm still not going to lose! I'm going to become the strongest ninja ever! I'm going to become Hokage and surpass Naruto Uzumaki! I've said this, and now I'll make this happen because I never go back on my word and I'll make it happen with my actions! This is my nindō: my ninja way!"
  • (To Kenmei): I value Koharu's life more than my own. He was there for me, he helped me. He saved me. I would, and am prepared, to die for him."
  • (To Koharu Hyūga) "You think just because I don't remember my parents that I'm not in pain?! I'm in more pain because of that! My parents dying and me being from the Shukiro Clan. It sucks! But if you leave, I don't know what I'll do. I need you and I'll bring you back with me even if it means I have to drag your unconscious body back!"
  • (To Taiyō Shukiro) "You... You've murdered my teacher, killed my sensei, destroyed my village, and hurt my friends! How is any of this shit for peace?! I'm going to... kill you..."
  • (To Taiyō Shukiro) "I understand now... The pain you've had to endure... The pain you were forced to experience. It's enough to drive some to the dark... to evil. But... I cannot allow you to live after all you've done. I've made a promise to him... That I would save him. Right now I'm going to stop your suffering. By killing you."
  • (To Koharu Hyuga) "Do you really feel that way? I understand what your going through... A man named Taiyō had taught me pain, taught me how you feel. But... If you truly feel this is what you need to do. I will wait for you in Konoha. I will protect the village from you. I'm the only one who can protect it from you. And die with you... Because I'm your friend."
  • (To Kurama) "Fine. I can't wait for you to except me as a friend anymore. I need your chakra now in order to help my friends!"
  • (To Tsuki) "Whenever there is light, there is darkness. However if you only pay attention to the evil in this world, you'll never see the good. If you lose your hope, you'll only have misery. And if you only hate, you'll never find love. If only you could have seen the light... Before you got lost in the darkness.
  • (To Kurama) "It's true I'm nothing like Naruto. I'm not strong, smart, or talented. But I still don't want you to be an enemy to me. I want you to be what Chōmei is to Heiwa; what Gyūki is to Amai, and what he was to Killer B. I want you to be my teammate and my friend; like you were with him... Kurama."
  • (To the Tailed Beasts in their Subconcious) "I can't save you by myself. You'll need to put your trust in me... and my friends. I can trust any of them with my life. And I think you can too. Give either one of them some of your chakra and we'll bring you back from the statue.
  • (To Naruto Uzumaki) "After everything I've been through I've learned quite a bit and, because of that, I don't believe in the notions of good or evil anymore. Villains are just victims who had no one to go to. I could of easily become one. There are only actions and consequences."
  • (To Naruto Uzumaki) "I will stop Tanakuya. I will save everyone from him. Thank you for putting your trust in me... For believing in me... And thank you for giving me the chance to live in Konoha."
  • (To Tanakuya) "Tanakuya, you're nothing but a spark that threatens the world. But my will of fire burns much brighter than any spark. This is the last night you'll ever burn, because my fire will extinguish yours."