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Ryuuka Enmu is created by nomnompocky of Photobucket and plumpocky of


With parents
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Ryuuka was raised in a village in the Water Country by her parents Ryuuzou Enmu, a Hidden Mist shinobi, and Kaede Uchiha, younger sister to Mikoto Uchiha. Ryuuzou and Kaede lived quietly, as they do not want to meddle with the affairs of the ninja world. There they taught a young Ryuuka basic skills of a ninja in case she needed to defend herself.

When she was six, Orochimaru invaded their home in search of Kaede's Sharingan eyes and to make use of Ryuuka's half-Uchiha blood. Kaede and Ryuuzou fought hard to defend their child and sent her away before blowing up their home to protect the Uchiha's secrets.

Meeting Haku

Orphaned, Ryuuka wandered the Water Country for some time until she met a boy on the streets by the name of Haku. They became friends instantly and Ryuuka came to see Haku as an older brother. A short time after they left, Orochimaru managed to track her down and take her to his laboratory.

As an Experiment Subject

Orochimaru's plan, since he had failed in retrieving Kaede's eyes, was to bring out the Sharingan in Ryuuka so he can use it for himself. Ryuuka was kept on the operating table for a year, and eventually Orochimaru gives up and leaves the laboratory. Soon after, Ryuuka activates the Sharingan and breaks out of her bonds, killing everyone in her way. She never able to activate the Sharingan after this.

'''Tra'ining with Unmaned Mentor

Seven-year-old Ryuuka continues to wander the Water Country until she meets a travelling "master", who takes her in and trains her in the art of the ninja at his home. He discovers that Orochimaru's experiments had mutated her DNA and created a new ability. He then proceeds to specially train her to develop this ability and to teach her a wide range of skills.

Four years later, he takes Ryuuka back to the Leaf Village claiming that she should grow up in her mother's homeland (for the Hidden Mist was currently too dangerous and war-torn). Before he leaves her, he forces her to swear that she will never reveal his identity as her first mentor.

Entrance to Leaf Village

Eleven-year-old Ryuuka is sent to the Academy by the orders of the Third Hokage. She graduates with the Naruto crew despite being a year their junior (thanks to her intensive training).


Ryuuka is a quick and clever individual that is skilled in reading others, to a point that some people find it threatening. She is a quick learner, and is able to execute a move after being taught or reading about it in one or two tries.

She can be very eccentric. She does not care about society's views and morals; she will kill whoever she believes deserves to die and disobey orders when she finds it necessary. This often leads to many figures of authority becoming untrusting of her. She often agrees and says the things they want to hear in a mocking tone to show her opposition. They have punished her several times although Ryuuka never learns her lesson. She refusal to explain herself and tendency to hold grudges leads to her having more enemies that necessary.

However, despite holding grudges, Ryuuka does not desire revenge on Orochimaru for killing her parents.

"Who am I to demand revenge when there are hundreds of other people in line? I'd rather do something more... interesting." -Ryuuka to Team 15

Ryuuka respects and values honest and loyal people and tries earnestly to help them.

With friends she often makes sarcastic remarks and playful jabs, although outsider may find it insulting.

Ryuuka has no specific dream in life, she wants to do "interesting" things however-which-way she wants.


Ryuuka has dark green hair and grey eyes.


Ryuuka's hair is left loose. She wears a mid-thigh sleeveless dress with short-sleeves netting underneath, secured at the waist with a white sash. She wears white bandages around her arms. Her headband is worn on her forehead.


In Shippuuden, her hair is done in three small buns on each side of her head and braided down in the back. She wears an indigo vest and a mid-thigh white skirt. Her headband is worn around her waist. Her attire is complete with black arm guards and leg guards, and a senbon holster attached to her left arm. 


Ryuuka fights with strategy. Unlike Shikamaru as in she she relies on her wits and he in intelligence to make up for any physical shortcomings. She learns a wide range of techniques and fighting styles (although she has not necessarily mastered them) to confuse her opponents. Her moves are very reflexive and unpredictable and she confuses her opponent by constantly changing or suddenly changing her style of fighting. Trickery is her greatest weapon.She utilizes the same strategy in Shippuuden, coupled with her newly developed skills in genjutsu.  In armed combat, she uses a wooden staff.

Ryuuka is an expert at disguises and escape, therefore, she is ideal for spying and information gathering missions...and angering the elders.

Kekkei Genkai

Although Kaede is an Uchiha. Ryuuka is unable to use the Sharingan.

Orochimaru's experimenting created a new ability coded into her DNA. Ryuuka is able to generate chakra at her own will, creating 150% of the amount of chakra she inputs into the task. Therefore, as soon as her chakra level isn't absolute zero, she can fully restore her chakra in a relatively short amount of time compared to other people. However, it is not an automatic process, if she does not consciously replenishing her chakra, it will behave as a normal person's chakra.

With this, she is able to transfer her chakra to others either by touching them or from a short distance, she can also drain a person's chakra, which she does not use because she finds it unorthodox.

The excess chakra in her system allows her to weild it as a medium without any other element, for example, compressing it into projectiles.

Her natural chakra type is water, however, she does not develop her skills in this field. Her only area of expertise is in her special ability, her other skills are not fully developed.


Part Ninjutsu Taijustu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Handseals Total
I 3 3 1 5 1 4 2 2 21
II 3 3 3 5 2 5 3 3 27

scale done in reference to herself, 5 being her best, 1 being her worst. Not done in reference with other characters. 

Part I

Ryuuka is placed in Team 15 with Tadashi Sada  and Kazuya Matsushita. They take part in the Chuunin Exams but do not pass. At the end of Part 1, Ryuuka is not suprised to hear about Sasuke's betrayal.

Part II

During the timegap, Ryuuka generaly stayed in the Leaf Village. A year after Naruto departure she goes on a year-long mission. Although she completed it early, she spent the rest of that year visiting her unnamed mentor. She returns much stronger.  She took the Chuunin Exams a second time because her teammates demanded that they get promoted. However, once they passed, Ryuuka did not pursue further promotion as her teammates. She found the system frivolous and stupid. Ryuuka was not very pleased at the introduction of Sai, because he did not understand her sarcastic remarks and verbal jabs, but eventually she got used to him.

During the war, Ryuuka fought on the frontlines alongside her teammates. Her job was to partially replenish other people's chakra until Naruto took over with the Kyuubi's chakra.


  • Ryuuka's name is a combination of Ryuu, from her father's name Ryuuzou, and Ka,  her mother's name Kaede.
  • Her last name Enmu  means fog
  • The name Ryuuka was not derived from Ryuuka no jutsu, as the creator did not watch Naruto in subs before creating this character.
  • favorite food: ichigo daifuku, anything spicy
  • least favorite food: bittermelon
  • hobbies: drinking tea, meditation, swimming
  • Summoning: Dragon

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