"Your problems are my problems"




Ryu was born on October 31st and is currently 21 years old. Soon after she gave birth to Ryu, her mother died, and because her father had left the moment he found out that Ryu's mother was pregnant, this left Ryu parentless. The nurses took turns taking care of her for the longest time but eventually, when she was old enough to take care of herself, the nurses left her to live on the streets. She later enrolled herself into the ninja academy where she met none other then Itachi Uchiha. She became very close friends with Itachi and lucky for her he talked his parents into letting her live with them so she wouldnt have to live on the streets. She spent much time with Itachi and his little brother Sasuke and soon came to fall in love with Itachi as well as come to think of Sasuke as her own little brother. The day of her and Itachi's graduation she noticed that Itachi was acting a little weird and confronted him after the ceremony, demanding to know what was wrong. Itachi told her that it wasnt her problem it was his but Ryu wouldnt accept this and told him "Your problems are my problems." Itachi then confessed and told her of the horrible thing he would have to do in the future that he had just been told of. Ryu was sure to be extra nice to him and comfort him through the following years. The night that Itachi murdered the Uchiha clan Ryu was sure to stay far away from the Uchiha compound. She waited by the front gates of Konoha for Itachi to be done with the horrible deed. Ryu surprised him with this and surprised him even more when she told him that she was going with him. Itachi insisted she stay in the village but Ryu being as stubborn as she was wouldnt take no for an answer. Itachi kept saying no over and over but Ryu getting tired of that answer threatened to tell Sasuke the truth behind the killing of his clan if Itachi didnt take her with him. Given the choice of Sasuke knowing the truth or bringing Ryu with him Itachi had to take Ryu with him. After this they finally left the village and went off to goin the akatsuki.


Ryu is very emotional and protective about the people she loves and will do anything to assure they dont get hurt. This is good for Ryu's friends but there is also a downside. Ryu is very mischevious and stubborn and enjoys messing with everyone. In a sense i guess you could say she has a love/hate relationship with everyone. But all in all Ryu is just very loving and enjoys to have fun.


Ryu is tall, pale and skinny. She covers her left eye with her bangs and keeps the rest of her black hair up in a slightly longer than shoulder length ponytail. She wears a fishnet sleevless t-shirt and white shorts along with her own customized akatsuki 'cloak' over it. She wears her old red leaf headband around her waist; the symbol has a scratch through it like the rest of the akatsuki's


Ryu is able to use only water jutsus, no others, but she tries not to let this slow her down. Her special jutsu is the explosive water shockwave jutsu. Ryu is an amzingly good strategist which makes her good in battles where they have enough time to think ov a strategy but when it comes to surprise attacks on them Ryu doesnt do so well because she relies too heavily on strategy. She is pretty good at close combat fighting but she prefers to not get into a situation where she actually has to use close combat fighting because while she is pretty good at close combat, she's no expert at it.

Part I


Part II

Ryu is on a team with Itachi in the akatsuki and does basically what everyone in the akatsuki does. Tries to capture the tailed beasts. According to her 'Pain's plan' for the tailed beasts is stupid but she wont leave Itachi so she goes along with it anyway. Itachi still doesnt know how Ryu feels about him but will most likely find out sometime in the future. Ryu doesnt tell Itachi but plans on telling Sasuke the truth when he shows up to fight Itachi. She's hoping that when Sasuke finds out the truth that he can join the akatsuki along with them and they can be together just like old times. Afterall Itachi cant get that mad at her, can he? Because Sasuke is strong enough to take care of himself and not die like he wanted.


  • favorite food: dango
  • least favorite food: eel
  • zodiac sign: scorpio
  • hobby: messing with Itachi
  • love: Itachi
  • best friend: konan
  • good at: singing
  • not good at: dancing, and art


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