"...I can only see black and white"

Rin Shinju (Shinju Rin, りん真珠)

Voice Actors: Eng.- Tara Platt

Rin Shinju (Shinju Rin, りん真珠)


Rin was born in the Sound Village into an average family. She wasn't average, though. She was blind. Her eyes looked clouded and vacant. Her parents were worried when she said that she wanted to be a ninja. She found a small, circler object in the river one day. She decided to give it to her mother, who made into a necklace for her. On her twelfth birthday, her mother gave it to her. The moment she put it on, she saw outlines of things. She cheered and cried about her new ability to see outlines. She still can't see color and doesn't need her eyes to see. The pearl gives off a sonar that brings shapes and lines to her mind, like a bat.

She later went off by herself when her parents died in an invasion. She traveled around and found other girls with the pearls, all of which overcame hardship due to the pearl. Two women by the names of Manami and Airi. They began to travel together. This group of women work with the Akatsuki as spies and medics. This group is known as the Sisters of the Pearl.


Rin is very quiet and shy. She refrains from speaking, but is a very sweet person on the inside. She tries to be helpful, and usually is. She has trouble standing up for herself, which usually lands her in trouble.


Rin has very dark red hair that is up in two buns with large pieces of hair that come out at the bottom. She wears her Sound headband draped over her eyes. They are lavender and very cloudy when she does show them. She wears a black long sleeve shirt that goes off her shoulders. There is a gray tank top under the shirt that's straps show. Her shirt cuts off just above her belly-button. She wearsshorts like Karin's with wrapping that go down to her knees. Her shoes are like Tsunade's. She headband is black and instead of one one large piece of metal, there are two smaller ones over where her eyes are.


Rin's chakra nature is Water, in which she infuses with Manami's power with Air, and turns it to Ice. She knows other techniques that are strictly water, though.

Her sonar power gives her a small power over sound. The pearl can produce a high, piercing noise that she can target to one person, so her teammates aren't affected.


Nin: 3.5

Gen: 2

Tai: 2.5

Intell: 4.5

Strength: 4

Stamina: 3

Speed: 3

Total: 22.5

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