Okamiki Mizutaro


Okamiki (Shippuden)

(ミズタロオカミキ , Mizutaro Okamiki


Appears in

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Voice Actors


Hiroyuki Yoshino


Joel McDonald




February 20th


Male Male


Part I - 13/14

Part II - 15/16


167.75 cm


68.2 kg

Blood type



Medium Range


18px-Konohagakure Symbol.svg Konohagakure


Team "OAKS"

Shiro Miharu (Sensei)

Kenshin Matsume

Ayumi Miharu


Ninja Rank

Genin (as of Shippuden)

Academy Grad. Age


Chūnin Prom. Age



Mr. Mizutaro (Father) (Deceased)
Nori Mizutaro (Mother)

Nature Type:

18px-Nature Icn Water svg Water Release

Okamiki/Mizutaro ( ミズタロオカミキ , Mizutaro Okamiki) is a chunin-ranked ninja of Konohagakure.


Okamiki was actually not born in a ninja village, for his parents had build a home not located in any town (although they were in close proximity to Konoha), and lived mostly reclusely on their farm, and got along pretty well. Okamiki had a pretty normal childhood, until the age of 5, where his farm was attacked by bandits (were assumed to actually be enemies of his father, since neither his mom, nor him, knew of his past because he never talked about it.).  Okamiki nearly died escaping, for a rafter had hit him (and left bad burns on him), but is father had helped him escaped, but his father still managed to perish inside (Okamiki has always suspected that bandits were inside, and attacked his father). His mother and him escaped to Konoha, much to her mother's dismay to wanting to be involved with a village. Because of the fire, he decided to become a ninja to become stronger and be able to protect his loved ones, especially his mother. He is also very terrified of fire, and would not even go towards the smallest of flames for awhile. Of course, being a ninja, that's unavoidable, so he tries to keep his fear under control as much as possible.


Okamiki is a very soft-spoken boy, and hates conflict with other people, and desires that everyone get along. Of course, being the ninja world, this is not completely possible, so he at least tries the mediator to any conflict he comes across (most of the time, it's Ayumi and Kenshin that he has to do this to). He is a very generous and considerate individual, and has a hard time saying no. This personality of his eventually leads him to become a medic ninja, since he is able to help, rather than hurt.



Part 1:

Okamiki is very reserved in Part I. After he received the burns he did, he always decided to hide them, by either with a scarf, or collar in his outfits. In Part I, he has a scarf as shown. He was often teased for it because it was "girly", but he felt comfortable with it on, so he wore it anyway. He wears a black t-shirt with a blue tanktop over it, with black pants. He wears general blue tabi and the general blue headband.


Part II

In part II, he dons a less "girly" outfit, and has a blue collared shirt on instead, bandages covering up his scars. He still wears black pants, and blue shoes. He usually carries around the bag shown with medicinal supplies, because he likes to be ready. He has grown a bit, and looks way more masculine than his Part I self.


Medical Ninjustu

He is very gifted with chakra, unlike his teammate Ayumi, but does not use it offensively. He doesn't believe in hurting others. Instead, he uses it to heal. He is very talented in this area, as he aims to be one of the best around. He uses water, which is chakra affinity, to aid his healing justu.

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Part I

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Part II

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  • He has a crush on Hinata Hyuuga, but is ironically too shy to confront her about his crush.
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