Classification Kekkai Tota
Debut OC Character Scene


  • Yumi Maunten
  • Maunten Clan Elder
  • Oil Release: Oil Clone
  • Oil Release: Breathe Stopper Smothering
  • Oil Release: Suicidal Oil Explosion
  • Oil Release: Oil Bullets
  • Oil Dome
  • Fiery Oil Dome (must be done with Fire Release)

The Oil Release is the kekkai genkai of the Maunten Clan, recieving it naturally, while a someone who has mastered the Earth and Lightning Release can unlock it as a Kekkai Tota, but it is much weaker as a result.


  • It is weak against fire and lightning, as it can ignite the oil, while strong against water because it can spread through it.
  • Combo attacks with fire can trap the enemy in a oil dome, that is on fire.

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