"being great does not mean you have to be born with it"
Oda Saia (織田サイア,Saia Oda)

Oda Saia (織田サイア,Saia Oda)

born-march 20th

part I-13 part II-14

blood type-O



'Academy Grad. Age-7'

'Chunin prom.age-8'


'Chosen by ANBU.age-11'

'Ninja Rank-Mizukage'

'nature-water,wind,earth,fire,and lightning'

'Kekkei Genkai-lava,waves'


Oda was born into a poor clan that lived in a small village on an island west of the hidden mist,the clan had so many debts to be payed of the noble familys on the island to the point that the were put into slaverymost sold as servents to the nobles except 6 year old Oda who was sold to the hidden mist village he was a very smart student at the ninja academy graduating in only a year later he became a chunin at age 8 the village elders and 5th mizukage found him extermly talented he left the village to train with one of the 7 swordsmen of the mist at age 9 when he came back home he had just turned 10 and the jonin exams were on that day he blew through the exams and a year latter became an anbu for the 5th mizukage of the mist who passed when he was 13 2 weeks after her death he was voted 6th mizukage


Oda is a very laid back calm person but is kind and caring at the same time he also loves to have a laugh with friends 


Oda has light blue almost neon hair with green eyes he wears a white sleveless shirt with the hidden mist symbol on the back and long white pants with black ninja shoes 


Oda can use all 5 chakara natures he is strong at fire water earth and wind but ok a lightning his weakness is genjutsu he has at least over 5,000 kinds of ninjutsu

Kekkei Genkai

Oda's family in rare cases can have the natures of lave and waves he has both he has high tide jutsu which is 1 of his 5 wave jutsu and lava balls which are 1 of his 10 lava jutsu

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