Nori Yukimura


Nori as he appears in Part II.

(Yukimura Nori, 海苔 幸村)


Appears in

Part II



June 15


[1] Male


Part I - 13

Part II - 16


Part I - 149.86 cm

Part II - 172.72 cm


Part I - 39 kg

Part II - 63 kg

Blood type



Land of Iron


Isamu Yukimura (Father)
Akari Yukimura (Mother)
Moriko Yukimura (Sister)
Michi Yukimura (Brother)

Nori Yukimura (Yukimura Nori, 海苔 幸村) is an OC/RPC created for the Naruto RPC Universe by Jadzi.


Nori is the eldest son of Isamu and Akari Yukimura. He has two younger siblings, Moriko (age twelve) and Michi (age six). The Yukimura family resides in the Land of Iron. There are no ninja in the Land of Iron, so naturally Isamu and Akari have taken up more civilian occupations; Isamu is an ice fisherman and Akari is a doctor. Nori and his younger sister attend a school in the village that teaches core subjects such as reading, writing, and arithmatic. The family is well-respected within the village, mostly due to Akari's reknown as a brilliant doctor.


Nori is extremely dedicated to his family above all else, and does everything in his power to uphold their name. He is very protective of his siblings and would do absolutely anything for them.

He takes offense very easily and often misinterprets the meaning behind people's actions and words. He usually suspects the worst and is quick to jump to conclusions.

At any given moment, Nori is likely to be found cracking jokes no matter what is going on and who the audience is. He has no concept of discretion, and in fact becomes even more obnoxious when the situation calls neither for humor nor laughter. His crude sense of humor gets him in trouble more often than not, but he doesn't let that deter him at all. Not everyone is able to appreciate his antics, but it would seem that he is more concerned with amusing himself rather than others.

Despite his hot-blooded (and frequently annoying) temperament, people find him to be likeable and easy to get along with. He has many friends within the village who know they can rely on him to have their backs.


Nori has blonde hair that goes past his chin and fair skin. He has dark blue-gray eyes. He has a scar on his right cheek that he got when he fell out of a window when he was ten. He appears to be younger than he actually is, mainly due to his slim, almost feminine stature.

Part II

Nori is featured briefly in the Five Kage Summit Arc, as the summit is being held in his homeland. He and his family are wary of having such powerful ninjas in their country, although they know only fools would attack their own samurai. (To be continued; details are sketchy.)


  • Nori means "belief."
  • Nori enjoys ice fishing with his father and little brother.
  • Nori once broke another boy's nose after witnessing him teasing Moriko.
  • Nori wishes to become a samurai, but he cannot pursue this dream due to his parent's aversion to fighting.
  • Nori dislikes ninjas because they are meant to hold their villages in higher regard than their families.


  • "I think this is important. I disregard it anyway." (To himself.)
  • "All five Kages in one room...nah, I'm sure it's nothing special." (To Moriko, while discussing the Five Kage Summit.)
  • "Eh, they'll fight about it...Probably they'll just argue and complain and never actually fix the problem. That's usually how these things work." (To Moriko, when asked what the Kages would do about the Akatsuki.)
  • "Ninjas...damned fools, every last one of them." (To himself.)


Character base

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