Nori Inoue
Nori v2 good

Nori Inoue, a Gennin form the hidden leaf village.


Appears in

First apperance is after naruto leave for trianning.

Voice Actors




Jennifer Hale



20px-Sagittarius.svg.png November 26th



Part I - 12 - 13

Part II - 15


Part I - 150 cm

Part II - 164 cm


Part I - 42

Part II - 49

Blood type



Mid-ranged to long-ranged


18px-Konohagakure Symbol.svg Konohagakure


Team Umeko "Team Five"


Ninja Rank


Academy Grad. Age


Chūnin Prom. Age



None known


Umeko, Kinjo (Sensei)

Makoto, Bizen (Squadmate)

Ayame, Kobayashi  (squadmate)

Chakra Nature

18px-Nature_Icon_Earth_svg.png Earth Release


Special Technique: Chakra Pistol

Special Technique: Piersing Chakra Shot

Special Technique: Chakra rapid shot

Special Technique: Chakra sniper

Earth Release: Rock shelter

Earth Release: Earth Flow Spears

Earth Release: Rock staff

Earth Release: Rock Clone

Missions Completed

31 - D, Rank

20 - C, Rank

8 - B, Rank

1 - A, Rank

1- S, Rank

61 - Total Missions

Nori, Inoue


Early childhood - Nori was born to unknown parents and no sibling she was orphaned shortly after birth and never knew the love of a family. She was always kept to herself and had no friends to speak of. And at the age of 9 she joined the ninja academy.

Academy years - Nori was at the top of her class she was a genius when it came to combat and strategy and never failed a written test. she graduated in three years, and had the best scores in her class.


Until nori was put into squad five she was quiet and mysterious and virtually unknown. when she was paired up with Ayame Kobayashi and Makoto Bizen, she started to come out of her shell showing her true self which was darker than either Ayame or Makoto imagined. all those years without parents or friends had made Nori bitter and angry. she would show little remorse for her enemies and fearless in the face of danger and often scared Ayame and makoto with her rage. After her ordeal with the triade she realized how much her rage had blinded her and vowed to better herself by, becoming kinder and more compassionate.


Nori wears a thick red t-shirt with a black collar.


Nori’s Strength lies in Ninjutsu, she also has an average level of Taijutsu. and has little to no skill in Genjutsu

Chakra Pistol: Nori’s self taught technique, she can shoot chakra out of her fingertips. when the chakra leaves her body it takes on a physical form and hits the opponent at blinding speed but acts more like a rubber bullet not penetrating the opponents body only hitting it with extreme force. she has also built many more similar jutsu off this technique. This technique requires massive amounts of chakra and stamina and can not be used if the user is out of chakra.

Nori Chakra pistol good

Nori, Inoue using her Chakra pistol during the Chunin exams.

Piercing chakra shot: Nori condenses her chakra to a higher concentration than her normal Chakra pistol, this allows the shot to pass through the opponent's body with no visible wound and sever's their chakra network for a short time.

Chakra rapid shot: Nori extends all her fingers and shoots her chakra out like a gatling gun.

Chakra Sniper: Nori can only use this ability when her kekkei genkai is active and all of her senses excluding sight are suppressed. She raises her entire arm and shot a large blast of chakra out of her knuckles to hit her target and uses her increased sight to insure she will hit it.

Earth style: When noir is at a disadvantage when using her chakra pistol she will resort to her earth style and taijutsu, she can perform earth jutsu such as "Earth Flow Spears" "Rock Clone" and "Rock Staff".

Kekkei Genkai

Nori possess a unique Bloodline limit. she can turn off any of her senses at will and buff up all of the remaining senses. She Is the only known user of the ability.


Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligance force speed stamina Hand Seals
Part I 2 1.5 1




4 2
Part II 3 2.5 1 4.5 3 2.5 4.5 3

Part I Total - 18

Part II Total - 24

Part I

Nori never appeared in Part one.

Part I - Part II Gap

Coming soon

Part II

Coming soon


  • Even though Nori is a Genin she is still sent on chunin ranked missions with her squad.


To squad 5 “To become the most powerful ninja in the world by any means necessary that is my ninja way.”

To Ayame “Don’t get in my way again or i’ll kill you just like them.”

To Makoto “ you're too soft Makoto, if it weren't for that i might actually respect you."


I made the photos and story.

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