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Naruto OC world 

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20px-Sagittarius.svg.png December 21th 

Gender Female


Part I 12-13

Part II 15-16


Part II - 173cm 


Part II - 55kg

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18px-Konohagakure Symbol.svg Konohagakure


Team Nobu


Ninja Rank

Part I Genin 

Part II Chunin 

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Chūnin Prom. Age



Hirak Mononoke (Father) 

STATUS : UNFINISHED Nobue is an Oc character from Naruto universe known for her courage and inner spirit abilities. Her character changes trough the series along with her appearance. 

Her creator is TheFireOfHonou on DA


Nobue was born and raised outside of the hidden Leaf village but in the land of Fire. Her father is a descent of  the Royal Shinobi force, known for his special abilities of manipulating chakra. Nobue has spent most of her childhood with her father and house ladies and was willing to listen and obay anything. 

She spent most of her time training with her father until she was on her own, most of the time she admired the flowers around her house so her father made her wish come true and tought her to focuse her chakra into petals and manipulate them. 

One of the first people she met was Naruto, she immidiately built close friendship with others too and always wondered since she was a kid why was Sasuke a depressive person.


Young Nobue picking flowers


Nobue is calm, determined and at times can get very sensitive. Back when she was younger she used to be more hyper especially around with her friends. From the beginning she disliked people who mocked others ,she used to stand up for Naruto whenever she heard someone badmouthing him. After her father died she became more withdrawn and sensitive, but it didn't suppress her hyper side. 

In part I she used to stand on the side and observe people. She disliked Sakura's behavior but she didn't want to get into any fights with her. At the academy she built up good relations with Naruto and loved his foolish side. Most of the time at the academy she spent on her own but was in the center of attention from time to time due to her beauty, but she never craved for attention. Before her father died he made his close cousin look after her and train her as well, she made a decision along with him to train on her own even though she had to face trouble from Hokage's side. 

Later on she was sent on many missions with different kinds of ninja's and slowly she built up the need to be in a team. When Shinju came into her life she used to feel more weak and lose confidence from time to time. Even though he didn't pay attention to her much in the beginning she felt the massive attraction towards him, however it took her awhile to confess it firstly to herself. She had a wave of mood changes when she realized he is already taken , it led her to isolation and depression. But  again, it only lasted for a short while , then she would return brand new and full of confidence , somehow wanting to be in a center of attention to win him. 

In Part II Nobue's personality was completely formed. She is shown as a strong, determined person without any lack of confidence. As her relationship with Shinju bloomed, she started feeling like she had everything not knowing how a big twist could take over her life as it did. 

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Nobue letting out emotion's after Neji's death


Nobue's Elite Shinobi outfit




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