"my dream is to have a family to

cherish and apreciate...just to be loved "

Girl base by bluberry bases-d41d3zq

Nemuri Takumi age:18

Nemuri Takumi 眠り匠

Nemuri Takumi 眠り匠


She is very open and doesn't mind talking others.She really hates her emotions and sometimes doesn't even know how react to an event.Growing up a orphan she never was shown any real love,until she met the sand siblings.Nemuri started hanging out with the sand siblings when she was around nine years old and started showing more emotions


She wears a red shirt.Dark green shorts that are suppose to resemble Rock Lee's jumpsuit.Wears black see threw mesh under her shirt.She uses a brown clip on bag during a mission and a wears standard kunai holstir.Because she hates having any footwear on she wears simple sandals so they are easy to take of.She wears a long red sleeve to cover the scar on her right arm.Her orange hair comes from her father side.She also has purple eyes that also comes from her father's side as well.She has a triangular navy blue clan symbol on her neck.

Part II

Part II Nemuri wasn't introduced until a while after the Kazekage returned.Nemuri was working in the Kazekage's office with Temari and Kankuro.Then Naruto,Sakura,Sai,Kakashi,and Yamato entered the office.Naruto came to meet Gaara.Gaara introduced Nemuri to team seven.She was extremely shy around them and then turned her eyes to Sai and got tongue twisted and began stuttering."Hi-i-i I a-am Ne-nemuri whats yours ?"Then went to Kakashi since they've met before and bowed down in respect and did the same with Yamato.


  • orphaned at birth only knows who she is by the birth mark on her body
  • although conflicted if she should wear a headband but she does out of love for her village
  • looks at Rock lee as an older brother
  • has a scar under her right arm (kunai accident)
  • her favorite colours are black,red,orange,and blue
  • she begins stuttering out of no where


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