Natsumi Iwasaki

Nandatto copy

Iwasaki Natsumi (なつみいわさき)


Appears in

Naruto, Naruto Shippuden

Voice Actors


Eri Kitamura


Olivia Hack



15px-Astrological Sign Virgo svg August 24



Part I: 12-13
Part II:16-17


163 cm


49 kg

Blood type





18px-Konohagakure Symbol.svg Konohagakure


Team 14




Ninja Rank


Academy Grad. Age


Chūnin Prom. Age



Teruo Iwasaki- dead (Dad)
Tsukina Iwasaki- dead (Mom)

Nature Type

18px-Nature_Icon_Fire_svg.png Fire Release
18px-Nature_Icn_Water_svg.pngWater Release
18px-Nature_Icn_Lightning_svg.png Lightning Release


Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique
Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique
Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Flower Nail Crimson
Lightning Cutter
Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique
Water Release: Water Fang Bullet
Water Release: Water Encampment Wall
Water Release: Water Shark Bullet Technique

Natsumi/Iwasaki Nickname (Natsu) Made by NatsuCookies on Devianart and Sawaii-Umilia on Photobucket


New!!! copy

2nd Shippuden outfit for Natsumi Iwasaki

One of the 2 survivors of the Iwasaki clan which was murdered by the Tsuchigakure members for "accusing" the Iwasaki clan for kidnapping their leader's granddaughter. The Hokage of Konoha found her in the floorboards and had a shinobi adopt her as his "daughter" She lived along believing that was her real father until she was a teenager. She goes to the Academy at age 8 and graduates at 12. She's placed in team 14 along with 2 other girls, Chika Hikari and Seiruka Tomaru. Their sensei is a man, Takuro Yamamoto. However their sensei is an amputee, so they take joint missions with other Teams.


She is a happy go lucky girl when she was a genin. She try's to remain in an optimistic mood, but sometimes she can be really dense and retarded(not in the offensive way) When she grows older, she gets a little more serious after she hear's the story about her past and at times she can get sullen but still remains an optimistic girl.



Pre-Shippuden Outfit for Natsumi

To the left is Natsumi's pre-shippuden outfit which contains a baby blue half-vest, a blue sleeveless shirt, black shorts, black leggings, red arm warmers, and normal ninja shoes,

The second above is Natsumi's first shippuden outfit, which consists of a fishnet tanktop with a blue halfsleeve, a black cropped shirt, skirt, tight blue shorts, and female ninja boots along with gloves. This outfit gets later destroyed in Pein's invasion.

Natsu 32 copy

Natsumi's Jounin Outfit

On the right this time is Natsumi's 2 shippuden outfit which was designed by *Kohane-chan on DeviantArt. I just modified it a little. She wear's this after Pein's invasion.


She has a few abilities, nothing really special but she has a crucial weakness which is low chakra and stamina making her not very useful in a battle. But at times she can be useful. She is very weak at genjutsu and average at taijutsu.

Kekkei Genkai

She has a kekkai genkai which allows her to control all the elements she is able to control all at once. She never used this ability hence the serious side effects which is partial blindness and being paralyzed for a minimum of 2 days, a max is not known.


Some people people in the Iwasaki clan are a little special making them control 3 elements, but not learned all at once. In her genin years, Natsumi is able to control fire, in her late chuunin years she's able to control water but not as useful as fire. Combing both elements, in her early adult years she is able to control lightning, however she uses fire mainly.

Part 1

Part 2

Natsu 34 copy

1st shippuden outfit of Natsumi


Chika Hikari

Natsumi's best friend and teammate, they both met when they were five and went along greatly with each other. They had excellent teamwork and sometimes Natsumi thinks of her as a sister.


Chika and Natsu

Seiruka Tomaru

Natsumi doesn't get along with her at first because of her Tsundere personality but later, when they begin to understand each other they become close friends.

Sasuke Uchiha

She had a small friendship with Sasuke BEFORE the clan Massacre but when she discovers he left the village and plans to destroy Konoha, she hates him with all of her will and power.

Adult natsumi copy

Adult Outfit Of Natsumi

Katsuki Isao

Natsu's love interest in the *Naruto Shippuden, them meeting in their Chuunin years and found a lot of things compatible. They get married later on and have 2 girls.


  • Becomes a Jounin at the age of 17
  • Her summonings are Hawks.
  • Favorite food is Onigiri and Takoyaki
  • Despises Tomatoes.
  • Her name means Summer Beauty.
  • She fear's Death
  • She has taken 15 D rank, 20 C rank, 9 B rank, 5 A rank, and 1 S rank.



I Only own my Character and story.

Naruto belongs to Kishimoto!

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