Natsumi Iwasaki


Iwasaki Natsumi (夏美 岩崎)


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Naruto, Naruto Shippuden

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Part I: 15-16
Part II: 18-20


163 cm


53 kg

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Sunagakure | Konohagakure


Team 14




Ninja Rank


Academy Grad. Age


Chūnin Prom. Age



Teruo Iwasaki (Dad)

Tsukina Iwasaki (Mom)

Saika Iwasaki (Cousin)

Himamori Iwasaki (Daughter)

Katsuko Isao (Husband)

Nature Type

Magnet Release
Earth Release
Wind Release


Wind Cutter Technique

Earth Tool Technique


Iron Sand Drizzle

Magnet Release: Conserving Bee Twin Blades

Iron Sand Gathering Assault

Natsumi Iwasaki (夏美 岩崎, Iwasaki Natsumi) is a chunin-level kunoichi originally from Sunagakure. She currently lives in Konoha, however. She is best known for her clan's Kekkai Genkai Magnet Release.


 Natsumi was born in Sunagakure on the afternoon of August 24. Born into the Iwasaki clan, Natsumi would be one of the few ninjas that has distant blood ties with the third Kazekage. Teruo and Tsukina Iwasaki (Natsumi’s Parents) were thrilled with giving birth to a new member of the clan and wanted to raise her to become a person with good morals and strong will.

 As Natsumi was growing up, she spent a lot of time around her parents, learning about her family history and their highly esteemed kekkai genkai, magnet release. Natsumi was curious and sought to seek out more about her ancestry. This led her to become deeply rooted into her family’s bloodline, rarely communicating with anyone else.     

 Natsumi entered the Academy (Sunagakure’s) at age 7. She’s very studious and doesn’t get distracted by her other classmates. However, Chika Hikari noticed how closed off Natsumi was from the rest of their peers and wanted to break through her stoic exterior. Chika would always offer to partner up whenever they had group activities, causing Natsumi to become used to her presence and proximity. After several months, they had become friends. Chika was a bright, cheerful girl and Natsumi ended up softening up to her. Sometimes, they would meet outside of the academy to study or just hang out. Natsumi became a genin at the age of 8. Chika ends up passing the academy a year later, making them both unable to be on the same team.

 Instead, she ends up being on a team with Seiruka(聖流歌 holy occasion/sacrament)  Tomaru and Chika’s twin brother, Chihiro(千博 thousand gains) Hikari. Natsumi is already well acquainted with Chihiro, due to hanging around Chika, but she doesn’t know Seiruka well. Seiruka knew Natsumi was one of the higher prestigious students due to her bloodline. She disliked how much Natsumi was engrossed in her clan, showing little to no individuality herself. Seiruka declares the both of them rivals as she wanted to show that even she can be a top level ninja without the label of a prestigious bloodline. Natsumi is indifferent to all of this.   

 The team was dubbed Team 14. The Sensei assigned to them was Takura Yamamoto, he had a prosthetic left hand which he received from an injury many years back. It didn’t hinder their missions and they still managed to succeed. Natsumi, however, was still a distant character. She wasn’t good at cooperation. Seiruka further continues to despise her for this. Chihiro tries to bring Natsumi closer to the rest of the group but his efforts can only go so far.


Natsumi is a self-reserved, serious character as she has a reputation to withhold in the Sunagakure (being a magnet release user is rare) She has a strong will and is deeply rooted to her village and her family. Sometimes her strong will causes her to become stubborn and overly-independent. Her one close friend outside of her squad is Chika Hikari, however. She’s the polar opposite of Natsumi but their differences balance each other out. Natsumi only feels she can loosen around Chika.

Around her teammates, she’s strict but not demanding. If someone doesn’t listen to her she simply ignores them. This causes Natsumi to not cooperate well and become distant from her teammates. Natsumi and Seiruka are rivals, Seiruka dislikes her for always being so “lawful” Natsumi is indifferent. Chihiro and Natsumi respect each other as teammates as the one mutual thing they have towards each other is Chika.

Natsumi feels indebted to Chiyo because she was the one that cured her from severe heat stroke, a disease that causes Natsumi to become bed-ridden.

With Sasori, Natsumi is neutral but grows to not trust him, especially after she discovers how immoral he is, but under Chiyo’s request, she has to watch and comply with him. Eventually, she begins to help him around in his workspace and become brainwashed. (She’s influenced by Stockholm Syndrome)

Stockholm Syndrome: She loses that strong will she held towards her family, being brainwashed by Sasori’s manipulation. She also ends up not showing up for team missions or meetings. She’s very compliant [towards Sasori] at this point.

Post Sasori: Little does Natsumi knows, her consciousness becomes rooted towards Sasori, even after moving to Konoha. She’s not as independent as she once was before, rather her mental state is cracked. It takes her several years to recover from Sasori’s manipulation, but Natsumi will never be the same person as she was before meeting Sasori. This causes internal strain towards her relationship with her future husband, Katsuko Isao.


Natsumi has pale peach skin and pale turquoise eyes. Her hair is light brown with red undertones.

She wears two outfits in Sunagakure - her Academy/Genin outfit and her Chunin outfit.

Her first outfit consists of a striped tan long-sleeved sweater top and short black shorts. She wears bandages on her calves along with the signature Sunagakure ninja sandals. Her hair is shoulder-length and is kept down.

Her second outfit, she wears a striped tan turtleneck crop-top along with a black off-shoulder dress.On top of the dress she wears a yellow obi around her waist. She also wears thigh high socks and custom-made pale turquoise sandals. Her hair is longer by then and she ties it into a high ponytail.


Kekkei Genkai

Her clan's known Kekkai Genkai is Magnet Release. The Iwasaki clan are distant relatives of the Third Kazekage, making them highly regarded within Sunagakure. Natsumi masters Magnet Release as a chunin. Her signature move is Gosunkuji or 5 sun nails, in which she strikes her opponent with 5 long spear-like objects made out of iron sand.


Natsumi is able to use Earth and Wind Release, the precursors to Magnet Release. With basic knowledge of both releases, she synthesizes her weapons with said elements.

Academic Intellect

She was always one of the top students in her class. She is able to analyze situations quickly and decide which is the best course of action to take.

Part 1

Natsumi was still 15 when she started Chiyo’s request, and Sasori was 16. He had already been a chunin since the age of 8 and is now fulfilling his responsibilities of being a member of the Puppet Brigade. At first, Natsumi didn’t mind him as much. He wouldn’t attempt to speak with her as he just focused on his work. She didn’t understand why he needed monitoring. Sometimes, Sasori asked her to organize the papers in his workshop but that’s as far as the two would communicate. Natsumi found Sasori to be similar to her, they’re both closed off from the outside world. They each also had one close friend, Sasori’s friend, Komushi would visit the workshop sometimes, bragging about his promotions. While Sasori wasn’t as enthusiastic as Komushi, he acknowledged his presence. 

Natsumi continued to report to Chiyo that there was nothing abnormal about her grandson, but Chiyo didn’t buy it.

“No, you need to go inside the workshop when he leasts expects it, or when he thinks you’re not around,” Chiyo said.

So, in the upcoming week, with a simple chakra concealment jutsu (chakra suppression technique), Natsumi hid in one of his puppets while keeping an eye Sasori. Having fooled him for several hours, Natsumi saw the truth.    

Human experimentation. 

Or rather, the creation of human puppets.

Natsumi was so shocked that her focus on concealing her chakra broke and Sasori noticed her hiding. He was not happy at all. With his menacing aura, he threatened Natsumi that if she told anyone, especially Chiyo, she’d be victim to him next. Natsumi only took orders from Chiyo, but at this rate, she didn’t need to become part of Sasori’s collection. So, she wouldn’t tell Chiyo directly, but rather create an opening where Chiyo would find out herself, though she already had a hint of what was going on. This was the first time Natsumi felt threatened by another human being, and that marked the beginning of Sasori’s manipulation.


When Natsumi discovers the truth.


    Sasori hadn’t known Natsumi was a magnet release ninja until he saw Natsumi utilizing it on one his puppets.

    “She’s part of that clan?” he asked Chiyo in which she replied, “You’ve worked with her this whole time without knowing that?” Sasori had always been envious of the third Kazekage and his magnet release, so to know that a magnet release user was within reach now, he could take advantage of the situation — If Sasori could get close enough to the Iwasaki Clan, then he could reach the Third Kazekage. 

    This led to Sasori keeping her around for longer, and Natsumi couldn’t deny him because he was blackmailing her. He was starting to speak to her more, asking her more about her clan. Because Natsumi was so proud of her clan, she kept spilling the details because she loved talking about her ancestry, but she didn’t know Sasori would eventually use this information against her.

    Natsumi’s parents didn’t like the direction Natsumi was going in. She was starting to participate less in her ninja missions and most of her time was being spent at Sasori’s workshop. They constantly asked Natsumi to stop the job as she should have repaid Chiyo by now, but Natsumi couldn’t. For some reason, she was starting to get attached to the place. It was from this point on, Natsumi was showing signs of Stockholm Syndrome.

    Some nights, Natsumi wouldn’t come home at all, but rather spend the night at Sasori’s workshop. She became obsessed with working, and probably, obsessed with being noticed by Sasori. She was falling under Sasori’s brainwashing and Chiyo was starting to pick this up, too. However, Natsumi wouldn’t admit anything, she couldn’t, otherwise she’d lose the job.

Part 2

Three years have passed by since the start of this incident. Natsumi couldn’t even be considered human anymore. Her will was diminished, she was completely brainwashed. She stopped showing up to missions and held no contact with her teammates. Chika had tried to come in contact with her but it was useless, regardless. Natsumi’s parents was under the guise that Natsumi had permanently joined the Puppet Brigade at that point and were a bit disappointed. Sasori was very pleased. He had an Iwasaki member under his control, his grandmother couldn’t do anything to stop him because he was able to conceal everything well. However, with more time passing by, Natsumi was becoming useless to him. She had already completed her purpose and Sasori could simply dispose of her now.

One day, when Natsumi was 18, Sasori wanted to execute that plan, Natsumi becoming part of his collection. But before it could occur, Chiyo walked in on him preparing the puppet parts for Natsumi. She was shocked and angered to the extreme that he took advantage of someone Chiyo had brought in attempt to stop him from going down this path. Natsumi was now banned from coming to Sasori’s workshop, yet alone Chiyo’s house. However, Natsumi couldn’t stay away, she was too brainwashed. Sasori, on the other hand, didn’t care. He wanted to dispose of her anyways and his grandmother did just that. It was a shame though she couldn’t have been part of his collection.

    Natsumi’s parents were forcing her to go back to doing team missions with her Team, but Natsumi ended up skipping them, always finding herself to be around the premises of Chiyo’s house, hoping to see Sasori at least once. Eventually, Natsumi was caught skipping and her parents had HAD it at that point. They declared that Natsumi couldn’t stay in Sunagakure anymore and that they were going to move to Konohagakure. Chika was beyond upset because she couldn’t stop Natsumi from being brainwashed and that she was moving away. She felt as if she was a failure of a friend; she and Natsumi had a bittersweet farewell. While Seiruka had treated Natsumi as her rival, she also felt sad that she couldn’t stop Natsumi either. She wanted Natsumi to become more individualistic but not like this. Both Chihiro and Yamamoto Sensei felt as if it was their fault, that they were oblivious to Natsumi’s conditions and they weren’t assertive enough when Natsumi began skipping out on missions. No matter how much sentiment surrounded Natsumi, she couldn’t bring herself to care.


    Natsumi had finally moved to Konoha when she was 19. Her family had moved after Konoha was almost done with reconstruction from Pein’s invasion. Natsumi needed a new environment, away from political conflict and overbearing figures — anything that reminded her of Sunagakure. Natsumi’s mental recovery took one year and she was now 20. She went to therapy sessions led by some subordinates of Tsunade. Sometimes she would be allowed to go on easy independent missions in order for Natsumi to become self reliant again.

    After a year long of therapy, Natsumi finally felt ready to begin communicating with people outside of her parents and therapists. She didn’t really know anyone in Konoha, except for her one cousin that hadn’t grown up in Sunagakure, Saika Iwasaki. [note: Saika will have Natsumi’s older story(?) if she really did have one, or rather persona]

    Saika was a cheerful girl and to finally meet one of her cousins made her thrilled. They both immediately became well acquainted with each other. One day, Saika introduced her to her teammates  — Kaede Kurosawa and Katsuko Isao. Natsumi became taken aback with Katsuko as he resembled a certain redhead from her home village, greatly. It brought pained memories to her head and she didn’t feel well after meeting Saika’s teammates.

    Katsuko noticed her weird behavior and wondered if he did anything wrong. He asked Saika if there were any way to reach out to Natsumi and Saika’s curiosity was peaked. She had never seen Katsuko take interest in a girl before and absolutely supported his requests. With the help of a little matchmaking from Saika, Natsumi and Katsuko met up often and cleared their misunderstandings (she didn’t bring up Sasori of course) They began to date eventually and ended up marrying several years later. Katsuko ended up falling more for Natsumi more than he expected, but Natsumi on the other hand, felt that being with Katsuko would be the closest she would ever be to Sasori ever again.

    Natsumi wasn’t in love with Katsuko but lusted for the man that caused her to become mentally broken, and that mentality of Natsumi’s never changed. On the exterior, Natsumi and Katsuko look like a loving couple, but only Natsumi knew that wasn’t the case, and she would never let anyone find out.


Despite not loving Katsuko, Natsumi agreed to having a child in order for her to live the rest of her life as normal as possible (suggested by her therapists) Thus resulted in the birth of their child, Himamori Iwasaki


Chika Hikari

Natsumi's first and only close friend from the Academy. Chika is the one that tries to break Natsumi's exterior, but in the long run, she did little to no change for Natsumi and that deeply upsets Chika.

Seiruka Tomaru

Natsumi's female teammate from team 14. Seiruka treats Natsumi as her rival because she hates how she lacks individuality. Natsumi is indifferent to her, not treating her more than a simple teammate.

Chihiro Hikari


Natsumi's "savior" as she is the one that cured her from her severe heatstroke. Chiyo then employs Natsumi to watch her grandson in exchange for Natsumi's debt.


Natsumi and Sasori were simply two people working in the same workshop at first, but Sasori then manipulates and brainwashes her once he knew that she was a magnet release ninja. Natsumi's mental state is broken and she becomes completely infatuated for Sasori and his work. He has a severe impact on Natsumi's well being for the rest of her life, affecting her mentally even after she moves to Konohagakure.

Saika Iwasaki

Natsumi's cousin who she meets when she moves to Konohagakure at the age of 20. Saika is similar to Chika in which they were both cheerful and tried to get Natsumi out from her shell. Saika becomes the matchmaker for Natsumi and Katsuko.

Katsuko Isao

Saika's teammate who eventually dates Natsumi during her time in Konoha and her future husband. He bears a strong resemblance to Sasori (short red hair) and that's possibly the reason why Natsumi accepted his proposal. Natsumi doesn't feel love for Katsuko but she's the only one aware of that.


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