Naruto-Fandom Specific Mary Sue / Gary Stu Test.

Disclamer: NO question on this test based off of one sole OC I have seen. It was not made to attack anyone.This test is based on the Mary Sue Litmus Test but modified to be Naruto fandom specific.

Question: What is a Gary Stu or a Mary Sue?

Answer: A Mary sue/ Gary stu in short terms is a character that is either too perfect, too cliche, too unoriginal, too unbelievable for the series, a self insertion or any combination of the these traits. They are not good and despised by the majortiy of readers. Anyone can make a Mary Sue since they are the easiest and most boring way of creating a fan character. With enough critique and feedback; almost ANY mary sue is redeemable if one is willing to change the character enough.

Question: Can you explain your terminology?

Answer: A Gary Stu is the male version of a character of this type of character. A Mary Sue is the female version of this type of character. OC stands for "Original Character" a character that a fan makes up for a franchise, so they are also called "Fan Characters." "Canon Characters" are characters that are official and exist in the actual manga; Naruto, Kakashi, Sasuke, Sakura, Ino, Shikamaru, Gaara, and Killer B are all examples. "Canon" means what occurs in the actual manga; so it can refer to characters personalities, the sequence of events, and what exists in the manga.

Question: Okay I understand what a Sue is now, but what is the point of making a test on them?

Since Mary Sue's are uncreative and usually not well received, writers and roleplayers don't want to have one and want to avoid making them. People take Mary-Sue test because they want to improve a character they think might be a sue but want to check or they are making sure their character doesn't come close to ever becoming a sue. If you will be upset that your character might be called a sue or refuse to change it or argue if they are called a sue they you really shouldn't be taking sue test in the first place.

Question: How do I take this Test?

Answer: Read every question on the test. If statement is true for your character or the answer is "yes", add the amount of points to your score for that question. If your answer is "well kind of" or "technically" then add those points. Add your score up continuously and at the end read what the results tell you about your character and act accordingly. If It's a question with more than one part (signified by indentations) and you answer "yes" for two or more parts then add all of those points. That's pretty much the only guide line besides being honest with yourself. If you're not you won't know for sure if your character is a sue or not.

Question: Can I leave feedback, critique, or ideas?

Answer: If you feel a particular question should or shouldn't be here, or disagree with the point system you are MORE than welcomed to leave feedback, and tell me why something should be changed. I will read and re-research all feedback.


  • This test does not apply to AU characters or Next Generation characters and is based on the Canon-Manga plot of Naruto.
  • Please note that every good character is bound to have some of these characteristics or have a couple of these things in there story/past. The problem is when too many of these things start happening to the same character.

DO NOT EDIT THIS PAGE WITHOUT PERMISSION. I don't want anyone changing the questions because the test called them a sue. Unless your just fixing grammar/spelling ask permission. Also please do not post this test or any part of it on another site without linking back to this page and giving credit.

Part 1: The Name

How realistic is the name and how does it effect characterization?

[ ] Does the Character have your name, a variation of your name, your name but more japanese sounding, a pun of your name, your nickname, any online chat handles you use, or otherwise any other name that has been applied to you in your life? [+10]

[ ] Does the name contain unnecessary hyphens, apostrophes or other punctuation? [+1]

[ ] Do they have a name that isn't Japanese. (Japanese-Sounding but not Japanese counts) [+3]

[ ] Does this non-japanese name have an " L," "X," and/ or"V". (Do some research people these letters don't exist in Japanese! For example, the name "Lina" would be written as "Rina" and the name "Vash" would be written as "Bashu.") [+1]

[ ] If it IS a Japanese name did you deliberately spell it wrong?[+1] (Ex. Adding one or more letters, removing one or more letters, changing letters, switching letters around)

[ ] If so is it spelled wrong for no reason? [+1] (Ex. A real reason is the characters parents were honestly illiterate. Spelling it wrong because you think it looks/sounds better that way is NOT a reason.)

[ ] Does the character have more than 1 first or last name without reason? [+1]

[ ] Does the character have a middle name? (That's considered to be extremely unusual in Japan. So plus 3 for failing to do research on the culture your character is in.) [+3]

[ ] More than 1 middle name? [+1]

[ ] An otherwise unusual-sounding name (unusual in the character's time/place/world/clan etc.) [+1]

[ ] Is it a pun or variation name of an existing character. (Ex. Naruko, Naruka, Sakurayu, Sisuke, Sakuke, Sasuki, Itacha, Nagata.) [+1]

[ ] This was done intentionally. [+1]

[ ] Is the name intentionally taken from a character of a different anime, manga, show, game, comic, book, or movie that you like [+1]

[ ] Intentionally taken from an existing person you admire or like. (Ex. Celebrities, Writers, Animators, Mangakas, Voice Actors) [+1]

[ ] A masculine-sounding name for a female character or vise versa without reason? [Nicknames don't count.] (An example is their mother/father wanted the opposite gender child and was emotionally disturbed by having the gender they didn't want is a reason "Just Because" is not) [+1]

[ ] Involve a noun or verb not usually used as a name, spelled normally or not? [+1]

[ ] If a noun, was it deliberately chosen because it's related to nature, a weapon, a gemstone, darkness, or something mystical? [+1]

[ ] Chosen because you thought it had a meaning appropriate for your character?(If this is a clan name that refers to their abilities then it doesn't count) [+1]

[ ] Does the character have some cool sounding title. (You know corny stuff like "the dark-hearted fallen angel", "the masked avenger", "the warrior of justice") [+1]

[ ] Did your character chose their own name or change their name so that "they wouldn't forget" something? [+1]

Part 2: Appearance

How realistic are their looks and how do they effect others?

[ ] Is the characters looks based on your own or a celebrities? [+2]

[ ] Does the character look how you wish you looked? [+1]

[ ] Are they described or illustrated as exceptionally cute, beautiful, handsome, hot, or sexy etc. [+1]

[ ] Does any characters fight or squabble over your character because of their looks? [+1]

[ ] Canon Characters? [+1]
[ ] That are otherwise stoic or very unlikely to do this? [+1] (ex. Sasuke, Neji, Gaara, Hidan, Itachi, Pain, etc.)

[ ] Is anyone (including you) jealous of your character's looks, and/or see their attractiveness as a threat? [+1]

[ ] If female is it Sakura and/or Ino? [+1] (And slap your self for being Cliche)
[ ] If male is it Sasuke, Neji, Gaara, or a memer of Akatsuki? [+1] (They REALLY don't care about that stuff)

[ ] Do other characters frequently tell your character how sexy, cute, or beautiful they are? (Parents don't really count here since they often call their children cute/beautiful)[+1]

[ ] Does your character modestly deny it every time, refuse to believe that they are attractive, or otherwise still not realize they are attractive? [+1]

[ ] Does your character have a great body/physique, which you describe, show, and/or illustrate in detail? [+1]

[ ] Does your character have eating and/or excercising habits decree that they should be under or overweight but aren't? [+1]

[ ] Is their body/physique unrealistic? (Ex. Huge breast but they don't have broad shoulder, big breast but a narrow waist, Biceps bigger than they should be for body mass, or otherwise not proportioned the way they should) [+1]

[ ] If they have breast that are two big for their body to support (Small waist and shoulders that aren't broad enough, hips that aren't wide enough) do they not suffer from back problems and the other existing medical complications that this would cause? [+1]

[ ] Do other characters find your character extremely attractive and desirable, even when they should be completely gross and icky (EG, after battling, getting tortured, going for days without bathing or washing). [+1]

[ ] Does your character have "Fan Girls" or "Fan boys"? [+1]

[ ] Do they have eyes that change color. (Dojutsu is exempt from this) [+ 1]

[ ] With their mood? [+1] (And slap yourself please)

[ ] Does the character have Heterochromia iridum (each eye a different color) [+1]

[ ] And this doesn't detract from their attractiveness [+1]

[ ] If they don't have Heterochromia iridum are their eyes two different colors because of "genetics" (ex. mom having one eye color and dad having the other)[+3] (And slap yourself. Genetics don't work like that)

[ ] Do they wear something impractical for a ninja to wear that would restrict flexibility, get in the way while fighting or otherwise be difficult to fight in? (Ex. Leather, metal suit, Long or flowing skirt, Heels bigger than Sakura's, tight clothing, skirt without a slit.) [+1]

[ ] Do they wear revealing clothing. (Ex. Lots of visible cleavage, A short skirt without shorts underneath, Booty shorts, A skirt with a slit without visible shorts underneath, tops that bear the midriff, muscle shirts, chest showing etc.) [+1]

[ ] Do they wear clothing that doesn't seem to exist in the Naruto Realm? (EX. Any type of brand labeled clothing such as Nike or hollister, Jeans, lolita dresses) [+1]

[ ] Do they wear any accessories that don't seem to exist in the Naruto Realm? (EX. Ear Gauges)

[ ] Does the character have neon colored hair? [+1]

[ ] Does the character have hair that is more than one color and it isn't dyed that way.[+1]

[ ] Is it because: "LOL Her/his dad has insert hair color X here hair, and her/his mom has insert hair color Y here hair so that's why he/she has multicolored hair!" [+1] (Believe it or not I've seen this many times, Genetics don't work like that.)
[ ] More than 2 colors? [+2]
[ ] More than 3 colors? [+3]

Does your character have any of the following?

[ ] Natural eye coloration not normally found in their race/species/clan? (Example: an Inuzuka with bright blue eyes) [+1]
[ ] Eyes with any other unusual qualities? (Flashing, odd shaped pupils or iris, sclera that aren't white.) [+1]
[ ] Natural hair color not normally found in their race/species/clan? (EX. Uchiha with blonde hair) [+1]
[ ] Hair that looks "Scene" or "Emo" [+1]
[ ] Hair that hangs in front of both eyes? [+1]
[ ] Unusual feature of any other kind? (Particularly unusual/exotic birthmark, naturally occurring tattoo, natural occurring scarification, tear color, blood color, wings, etc.) [One point for each:]

[ ] Do they dress like a modern label ? [ex. Punk, Goth, Lolita, Emo, Prep, etc.] [+1]

[ ] Do they wear clothing that you deliberately picked from your own wardrobe or that you would like to wear? [+1]

[ ] Clothing chosen because you really wished you owned it or could get away with wearing it in public? [+1]

[ ] Clothing chosen because it makes your character look super sexy and/or badass? [+1]

[ ] Clothing that looks more western than eastern? (Masahi designs the outfits of his characters to be based off of Japanese, Chinese and Korean traditional clothing, and similar areas. So if your character is wearing a European looking corset you might want to rethink the wardrobe.) [+1]

[ ] Do they look eerily similar to a canon character? [+1] (If you don't think so but others have repeatedly told you they do and you have refused to change their appearance then it counts)

[ ] Do they wear a carbon copy of of a canon characters outfit /but only a few things look different? (Ex. changing colors, adding longer sleeves, different shoes) [+1]

[ ] Do they have the distinctive feature of an existing canon character? (EX. Naruto's Whisker birthmarks, Gaara's eye circle birth marks, Gaara's love tattoo, Sakura's hair bangs, Sasuke's duck butt hair, Iruka's scar etc.)[+1]

[ ] Does the character naturally look much younger than they actually are, older than they actually are, ageless, or in any way not their actual age? (A 20 year old looking 16 doesn't count, and a 12 year old looking 14 doesn't count. I mean generally large gaps like a 5 year old looking 10, a 13 year old looking 17, or a 50 year old looking 30.) [+1]

[ ] If they appear much younger is it a VERY large gap? (Ex. A 50 year old looking 15. Come on people, this is Naruto not Inuyasha) [+2]

Part 3: Species, Demons, and Hybrids

[ ] Is the character a species that doesn't exist in the Naruto realm or something extremely similar to these species or something with all or most of the traits of these species? (EX. Neko or similar, Fairy, mermaid, angel, witch or other magic user, werewolf, shapeshifter, etc) [+3]

[ ] Without reason? (Being genetically experimented on for years is a reason."They were born that way", "it's a clan trait", "they were bit/infected" are not reasons) [+1]
[ ] This species just so happens to be a vampire? [+2]
[ ] And they don't have the normal drawbacks of vampires or do they have/own something that prevents the drawbacks? (EX. Burning flesh and eyes in the sun, being blood thirsty heathens and going insane with the lack of it, ONLY being able to digest skin and blood, being warded off by garlic/crosses/holy water/rosary, being staked in the heart causes instantaneous death, Not being able to walk on holy ground, Not being able to cross running water, not having a reflection in any mirror or reflective surface) [ Add +1 for EACH listed weakness they do not have/are exempt from]
[ ] If they can go out into the sun, are they still abnormally pale? (Explanation: The only reason vampires are pale is because they must avoid the sun. Not because of "genetics." Also keep in mind in original European folklore Vampire's skin was described as "ruddy" or "dark." Being pale was mostly a North American idea of vampires.) [+1]
[ ] If they are neko or otherwise have animal-like ears or tails, can they "hide" them by making them invisible or retracting them into their body? [+1]

[ ] Are they a crossbreed or hybrid of any kind? [+1]

[ ] And ostracized/hated by both sides because of this? [+1]

[ ] Are they a demon, Do they have a demon sealed in them, or something eerily similar? [+5] (there are only 9 demons in the canon Naruto-verse, the jinchūriki. NINE Demons NINE. Not ten, not eleven, not twelve, not thirteen, NINE and all nine of those spots are taken! Adding more conflicts with the canon plot.)

[ ] Is something not in the Naruto realm is sealed in them? (Ex. Angel) [+1]

[ ] Is the character immortal or somewhat immortal? [+1]

[ ] Do they angst about this? [+1]

Part 4: Tragic Background

Is the background too tragic, more tragic than necessary, unrealistic, cliche or unoriginal?

[ ] Are their parents dead? [+1 For one parent], [+2 For both parents]

[ ] And they for whatever reason have no other relatives to take them in? [+1]
[ ] Were their parent(s) killed by a canon character? (Demons don't count here) [+1]

[ ] Did your character ever abandon or run away from there home/village/clan? [+1]

[ ] Were they ever neglected or abandoned by their caregivers? [+1]

[ ] Were they banished from anywhere? [+1]

[ ] For something that's not their fault? [+1]

[ ] Were adopted by a bad person/family? [+1]

[ ] Was it Orochimaru? [+1]

[ ] Were they not raised by their parents for some other reason? [+1]

[ ] Were they ever abused physically or sexually? [+2]

[ ] By a canon character? [+1]
[ ] By a canon character that wouldn't do this? [+1] (Ex. It's somewhat understandable for Orochimaru to do this. It's not understandable for Kakashi, Asuma, Fugaku or Jiriaya to do this.)
[ ] If they were sexually abused was it incest? [+1]

[ ] Were they ever abused verbally or emotionally? [+1]

[ ] By a canon character? [+1]
[ ] By a canon character that wouldn't do this? [+1] (Ex. It's understandable for Orochimaru to do this. It's not understandable for Kakashi, Gaara, Asuma or Jiriaya to do this.)

[ ] Has the character been raped or tortured or experimented on? [+1]

[ ] By a canon character? [+1]
[ ] By a canon character that wouldn't do this? [+1] (Ex. It's understandable for Orochimaru to do this. It's not understandable for Kakashi, Asuma, Fugaku Jiriaya, or Hiashi to do this.)

[ ] Was your character ever a slave, in forced servitude, forced prostitution or something similar? [+1]

[ ] Were they raised in extreme poverty?[+1]

[ ] Were the people from your characters country/village/clan etc unfairly mean or shunning to the charcter? [+1]

[ ] For something that wasn't the character's fault at all? [+1]
[ ] And your character still feels guilty for it later in life? [+1]

[ ] Does the character suffer from a guilt for something else in their past?[+1]

[ ] It's actually not the characters fault? [+1]
[ ] Everyone sensible can see it wasn't his/her fault; other characters spend a lot of time trying to convince him/her of this? [+1]

[ ] Is your character a member of a highly despised race, clan, village, species or something similar? [+1]

[ ] Was the character unfairly bullied as a child. [+1]

[ ] By characters that weren't the bullying type. (Ex. Ino, Sakura, Sasuke, Naruto) [+1]

[ ] Is the character persecuted by an authority figure (parent, Kage, general, etc)out of spite, jealousy, revenge, or general meanness?) [+1]

[ ] For turning down that authority figure's sexual advances?[+1]
[ ] For being right when the authority figure was wrong? [+1]

[ ] Do the character's parents' hate them? [+1]

[ ] For no reason, no explained reason, or no legitimate reason? [+1]

[ ] Is the character an illegitimate child in a society/clan where this is stigmatized? [+1]

[ ] Or are they a parent of an illegitimate child in a society/clan where this is stigmatized? [+1]

[ ] Was the character ever kidnapped as an infant/child? (Whether it was just attempted or successful doesn't matter) [+1]

[ ] For their power? [+1]

[ ] Did anyone ever attempt to murder your character as an infant/child? [+1]

[ ] Because of their power? [+1]

[ ] If your character has siblings, is the character shunned, neglected, or abused by one or both of their caregivers while the other child/children are adored?[+1]

[ ] Is the character a survivor of a massacre, calamity or genocide? AND/OR was all/most/or a significant amount of their clan/village/country wiped out? [+1]

[ ] They are the only survivor or believed at anytime to be the only survivor? [+1]

[ ] If your character is an Uchiha are they alive after the Uchiha Incident? [+3]

[ ] Because Itachi/Tobi spared them? [+2]
[ ] Because he was in love with/loved the character? [+1] (Guys, Itachi killed his own lover and his parents. Love had nothing to do<with the massacre. There was no one Itachi loved as much as Sasuke and even if he did Tobi would have killed your OC.)
[ ] Because they "Ran away from it"? (Itachi/Tobi would have caught them. Do you seriously think all the Uchiha just stood there and no one tried to run away?) [+1]
[ ] Because they "were able to hide"? (Itachi/Tobi would have found them Do you seriously think none of the Uchiha tried to hide?) [+1]
[ ] Because Itachi/Tobi felt pity for them them? [+2]
[ ] Because they were coincidentally not there at the time? [+1]
[ ] Because they were stronger or evenly matched with Itachi/Tobi? [+3 and punch yourself in the face]

[ ] Do you ever play out the character's past to seem worse than any other canon character's? (This counts even if it's unintentional) [+1]

[ ] Does your character have a past they cannot remember? [+1]

[ ] If/when your character discovers their past, will they not like it? [+1]
[ ] And/or discover that they are actually someone of great importance? [+1]

[ ] Do you ever play out the canon characters to have undeniable pity for the character? [+1]

[ ] Characters with their own tragic backgrounds?(Ex. Gaara, Sasuke, Kabuto) [+1]
[ ] Characters that are rather cynical and/or hold little pity for others? (Ex. Sasuke, Pre-shippuden Gaara, Pein, Hidan, Deidara, Sasori, etc.) [+1]

[ ] If your character has a torment-ridden, pain-filled past, do you believe it excuses xir actions, rude behavior, outburst, or angsting? [+1]

[ ] If the character does ever angst does it not ever bother people? [+1] (EX: A canon character thinking or saying "OMG Ms. Sue is always complaining about her past! It's annoying! She needs to get over it!")

[ ] Or if the angst does bother a character, other characters quickly jump to your characters defense and tell off the person complaining.[+1]

Part 5: Miscellaneous Background

Parts of the characters background that are not necessarily tragic but when combined together can become cliche, unbelievable and unoriginal.

[ ] Was the character taken in or raised by/with a canon character? [+1]

[ ] Sasuke's family? [+1]

[ ] Is there a prophecy about your character? [+1]

[ ] More than one prophecy? [+1]
[ ] And the character dislikes the prophecy? [+1]
[ ] Is it that the character has to save the world/village/clan/etc.? [+1]

[ ] Does the character never have anything bad or upsetting happen to them in their past or story? [+1]

[ ] Is the character of a royal bloodline? (Monarchies, Princes, Princess etc.) [+1]

[ ] And the character doesn't know this? [+1]
[ ] And is in line to inherit a throne or ruling position?[+1]

[ ] Or if NOT royal, is the character in line to inherit leadership of a clan?[+1]

[ ] If your character is a female of relative wealth and/or high social status, does she have "generic rebellious princess syndrome?" [+1]

[ ] Is the character considered a prodigy by their clan/village/etc. for their intelligence or abilities? (This doesn't count if it's only the characters parents who think this) [+1]

[ ] And it's all natural? (Ex. The character is a prodigy for their intelligence but they never really have to read or study. Or the character is considered a prodigy for their abilities but they never really train that often)[+1]

[ ] If your character has siblings, are they honestly "the favorite" of one or both of their caregivers, without a good reason? (Ex. a good reason being that the other child is reckless, always breaking the rules, rude, condescending, lazy, violent, mean, apathetic, disrespectful, cynical etc. ) [+1]

[ ] Was/is the character loved by EVERYONE in their clan/village/etc.? [+1]

[ ] Is your characters back story unusually similar to another canon characters? (Yes this count's even if they are related) [+1] (EX.1 Mariko Susana lived with a powerful clan and had at least a relatively good life. UNTIL HER EVIL SISTER KILLED THE WHOLE CLAN ACCEPT FOR HER!!! BOOHOO!!!!!! Now she wants to seek revenge! D:) (EX.2 Gari Stuso is an orphan. He was shunned by his village for having the 100 tailed tiger sealed in his body. He wants to gain acceptance from his village & become a kage!)

Part 6: Abilities, Powers and Clan

Is the character over-powered; do they have too many abilities or unbelievable abilities?

[ ] Does the character have a powerful Kekkei Genkai or Dojutsu[+1]

[ ] Is the the Sharingan or Byakugan but they aren't from the Uchiha/Hyuga clans?[+1]
[ ] Do they otherwise have a Kekkei Genkai abilty from a clan they are not apart of? [+1]
[ ] If your character is a part of the Uchiha AND Hyuga clans do they posess both the Sharingan AND Byakugan? [+1]
[ ] Is it the Rinnegan? [+1]
[ ] Is it a carbon copy of an existing Kekkei Genkai?[+1]
[ ] Or does it give character the ability to use other clans Kekkei Genkai?[+2]

[ ] Do they have more than one Kekkei Genkai ability?[+1]

[ ] 3 or more? [+1]

[ ] Can your character copy jutsu/kekkei genkai for any reason and they don't have the sharingan? (If your character can copy the sharingan but they aren't a Uchiha add these points) [+3]

[ ] Does your character almost always win physical fights? [+1]

[ ] Does your character have a carbon copy of a unique ability of a canon character? [+1]

[ ]But you try to pretend it's different because you changed it very little. (EX. LOL NO I'M NOT COPYING, GAARA IS PROTECTED BY SAND, MY CHARACTER IS PROTECTED BY ROCK / FIRE / LIGHT / DARKNESS, IT'S SOOOO DIFFERENT!!!) [+1]

[ ] Can the character control an element? (Nature transformations don't give ninjas the abilty to control an element. This isn't ATLA people, so don't have your character going up to a pond and manipulating all the water in there without it being a jutsu of some sort) [+1]

[ ] Does the character's body/physique hugely contradict their abilities? (Ex. Having a very scrawny or skinny physique but being very strong) [+1]

[ ] Was the character trained by a Sannin?[+1]

[ ] If it was Tsunade are they OMG SOOO MUCH BETTER THAN SAKURA?! [+1]

[ ] Did the character graduate the Academy at an unusually young age?[+1]

[ ] And/or do they become a genin, chunin, jounin, in a very short time? (Less than a year between genin and chunin, less than 2 years in between chunin and jounin) [+1]

[ ] Do they have more than one nature transformation? [+1]

[ ] More than 2 [+1]
[ ] All of them?[+5]

[ ] Does the character use a nature transformation that doesn't exist in the canon? (Filler anime episodes don't count) [+1]

[ ] Has the character mastered more than 4 ninjutsu as a chunin or genin or lower rank, or at a young age? (Lets go with under 17) [+2]

[ ] Has the character mastered more than 4 genjutsu as a chunin or genin or lower rank, or at a young age? (Lets go with under 17) [+2]

[ ] Is the character very strong in ninjutsu, taijutsu, and genjutsu. (They should be significantly weaker in one of them. Ignore this if your character is over 30 and is great in all three from years of expeirence) [+1]

[ ] Can do a jutsu only certain canon characters should be able to do (Ex. Chidori)? [+1]

[ ] More than one? [+1]
[ ] More than 5 [+5]

[ ] Can they do a jutsu from a clan the character doesn't belong to and the jutsu can only be performed by those clan members no matter what?(Ex. Eight Trigrams Thirty-Two Palms)[+1]

[ ] More than one? [+1]
[ ] More than 5 [+5]

[ ] Are they equal in abilty or stronger than any of the Sannin, Akatsuki members, Orochimaru, Kage, jinchuriki or other very strong Naruto characters? [+3]

[ ] Is the character ever at the top of their class? ("Top 1", "Top 2", "Top Male" and "Top Female" count) [+1]

[ ] And they were in the Konoha 11's class? [+3] (Ino Yamanaka was at the top of her class. Not your OC. Sasuke Uchiha was second to her.Not your OC. Don't change the canon!)

[ ] Is the character as smart as/smarter than Shikamaru?[+2]

[ ] Is the character as good/better at Taijutsu than Rock Lee or Gai?[+2]

[ ] Is the character better than/as good with weapons as TenTen? [+2]

[ ] Is the character physically stronger than/equal in strength with Tsunade [+2]

[ ] Is the character better/as good with swords Kisame or Suigetsu [+2]

[ ] Is the character stronger than/evenly matched with Neji? This also means does the character have stats equal to or higher than 25 as a genin? (This is Neji's stat number. He had the highest stats of the Konoha 11 as a genin so making it this or more is is really pushing it, since he's supposed to be the strongest genin.) [+2]

[ ] Can the character open any of the 8 gates? [+1]

[ ] More than 3 of them? [+1]
[ ] More than 5 of them? [+1]
[ ] Do they ever open all 8 of them? [+1]
[ ] And not die (and remain dead)? [+5]
[ ] Do they ever open the eighth gate(of death)? [+1]
[ ] And not die (and remain dead)? [+5]

[ ] Is the character's clan/unique village/unique country very powerful? [+1]

[ ] Is the character's clan/unique village/unique country extremely attractive? [+1]

[ ] Can the character defeat large armies or groups of people on their own? [+1]

[ ] If the character is powerful do they still manage to get kidnapped or taken hostage? [+1]

[ ] And their love interest saves them? [+1]

[ ] Is the character completely blind and still a ninja? [+1]

[ ] Can the character read minds, have telekinesis, or other psychic abilities? [+1]

[ ] And it isn't a clan trait? [+1]

[ ] Does the character pick up complex skills or jutsus in a very short amount of time? [+1]

[ ] Do the character's stats ever reach 40? ( Masashi Kishimoto does his stats out of 40 which would mean the character is perfect.) [+10]

[ ] Does the character use healing powers without medical ninjutsu? [+1]

[ ] Can they use any jutsu they were never taught; just observed? (If it's because they are an Uchiha who has the sharingan omit this) [+1]

[ ] Has your character at anytime been called/considered "one of the best" shinobi/kunoichi in their village? [+1]

[ ] Does your character ever single handedly "save the day"? [+1]

[ ] More than once? [+1]

Part 7: Relationships with Canon characters

How do they relate and interact to the other characters?

[ ] Does the character ever have a relationship with any canon character? (Ex. Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Sexual Partner) [+1]

[ ] More than one canon character? [+1 for each additional]
[ ] At the same time? [+5]
[ ] With a character that is evil, extremely stoic, or unloving, you know basically a douchebag jerk? (Ex. Sasuke, Hidan, Pre-Shippuden Gaara, Madara, Pein etc.) [+1]
[ ] This character is Sasuke? [+1] (Sasuke has no time for a girlfriend, revenge is the most important thing to him and he will not waste his focus on some girl. Even if he did like the girl)
[ ] With a character that should be dead but is alive in your story for any reason? (Ex. Minato, Deidara, Itachi, Jiriaya, Sasori, Nagato)[+1] (Ignore this question if the relationship ends when the canon character dies and if the canon character REMAINS dead)
[ ] With a character with a canon love interest (Ex. Asuma and Kurenai, Minato and Kushina) [+1]

[ ] Is the canon character they're paired with in love with them at any time? [+1]

[ ] Is it a character that is full evil, extremely stoic, or unloving, you know basically a douchebag jerk? (Ex. Sasuke, Hidan, Pre-Shippuden Gaara, Madara, Pein etc.) [+1]
[ ] If this character is Sasuke does he also love them in Shippuden?[+1] (Sasuke has said all non-Uchiha are Scum and that he hates anyone who is not a Uchiha. If your character IS an Uchiha they shouldn't really be alive in the first place. Even if he could love your character [which he can't] he would not care about the love or be able to focus on thinking about her because revenge against his brother/Konoha is the most important thing even if she was a Uchiha. )

[ ] Does the character make Naruto get over his infatuation with Sakura or make Sakura get over her infatuation with Sasuke.? [+1]

[ ] Is there more than 1 canon character that is in love with them? [+2 for each additional]

[ ] Does the character ever have willing sex with a canon character? [+1]

[ ] More than one canon character? [+1 for each adittional]

[ ] Is the character ever engaged to but does not get married to a canon character ? [+1]

[ ] If so, was the character ever betrothed to Sasuke/Itachi before the Uchiha incident? (I can't tell you how often I see this crap in fanfiction. The Uchiha clan would not agree to something like this! They were planning to take over Konoha and thought themselves to be the best clan. They would not engage their sons off to some random girls.) [+1]

[ ] Does the character ever marry a canon character? [+1]

[ ] Does the character ever have a child/children with a canon character? [+1]

[ ] Are there other canon characters that have a crush on your character at any time (not necessarily in love with them) and/or other canon characters that would like to have sex with them? [+1 for each additional]

[ ] Is it Sasuke or another stoic/douchebag character? [+1]

[ ] Is the character ever adopted or raised by a canon character? [+1]

[ ] Is your character related by blood to any canon character? [+1]

[ ] Are they a canon character's child, parent or sibling?(half siblings count) [+1]
[ ] Are they Naruto Uzumaki's sibling? [+3] (NO NO NO PEOPLE. There is NO wiggle room in the canon for Naruto to have a sibling or half sibling)
[ ] Sasuke/Itachi's sibling? [+3]
[ ] If they are a canon canon character's sibling are they also their twin? [+1]
[ ] If they are a canon character's child would the canon character canonly have to be very young (under 18) when conceiving them for the ages to work out? [+1] (EX. Being the 13 year old son of Kakashi in shippuden)
[ ] Are they related to multiple canon characters that aren't related? ( Ex. Sasuke's second cousin and Hiruzen Sarutobi's great neice) [+1 for each adittional]

[ ] Is your character liked by all the canon characters you like? [+1]

[ ] Do they care for your character more than they care for their canon friends? [+1]

[ ] Do characters who criticize or don't like your character from the start like them by the end, or at least have a grudging respect? [+1]

[ ] Or does anyone who criticizes or doesn't like your character end up getting beaten up, humiliated, miserable, and/or dead? [+1]

[ ] Do they solve the personal problems of any canon character? [+1]

[ ] Does your character tell off, beat up, humiliate, outdo, or kill a character to whom you would personally like to do the same? [+1] (Be honest. *I'm looking at you Sakura haters* I understand disliking a character but don't make your OC live out your fantasy)

[ ] At any point, does your character take over the job/position of a canon character? [+1]

[ ] Is your character placed on one of the Konoha 11's teams for any reason? (It's supposed to be 3 genin and 1 Jounin. Get over it people.) [+2]

[ ] Is it Team 7 / Team Kakashi?[+1]

[ ] Do any of the main characters look up to your character?[+1]

[ ] As a leader? [+1]
[ ] Do canon leaders see your character as a threat because of this? [+1]

Part 8: Canon Conflicts and Organizations

Does your character otherwise conflict with the canon plot, canon universe and canon personalities?

[ ] Was your character Naruto's "Best Friend" at the academy? [+1]

[ ] Was your character ever friends with Sasuke in his childhood? If it's BEFORE the Massacre:[+1] If it's after the massacre: [+3] (He pushed EVERYONE out of his life. No one is a special exception). (If it's both before and after add both sets of points)

[ ] Did this friendship make his fan girls all jealous of your character? [+1]
[ ] And they became mean or resentful to the character? [+1]
[ ] Did this friendship make another canon character jealous of Sasuke?[+1]
[ ] Was it Naruto? [+1]

[ ] Is Sasuke closer to your OC than he is to Naruto.? (This conflicts with the canon because he considered killing Naruto because in order to improve his Sharingan he would have to kill the person he is closest to. This can't happen if he is closer to your OC.) [+1]

[ ] In Pre-Shippuden is Naruto closer to your character than he is to Sasuke. (See reason above and Naruto considers Sasuke his best friend.) [+1]

[ ] Was your character with Sasuke the night of the massacre? [+1]

[ ] Does the presence of the character make the canon characters not like who they originally liked? (EX. Making Naruto not like Sakura, making Hinata not like Naruto, making Sakura not like Sasuke) [+1]

[ ] Does your character see or speak to Sasuke the same night he leaves Konoha. (Sakura is supposed to be the only one he saw that night) [+1]

[ ] Does your character go with Sasuke to Orochimaru? (He's not supposed to let anyone go with him, he loves no one and his revenge is the most important thing. It doesn't matter if your character offers to help him with his revenge) [+1]

[ ] Or does Sasuke give up revenge on his brother or revenge on Konoha for your character? [+5]

[ ] If your character becomes a missing-nin do they not have a real reason for becoming one? (Feeling that their village betrayed them is a reason, a lust for greater power is a reason. "They were bored", "They live in the moment", "They were curious", "They just didn't like the village anymore" are NOT reasons) [+1]

[ ] If your character does become a missing nin/abandon there village, do they ever decide to return or attempt to return to the village? [+1]
[ ] And they're not killed on the spot? [+1]
[ ] They are not killed are they not imprisoned for at least a year, or another extremely harsh punishment? [+1]
[ ] If they do finally become a citizen of the village again; do there old friends, or neighbors, or acquaintances welcome them back with open arms, or not have distrust for them? (Guys, they would be seen as a traitor! If they actually can become a citizen again make NO ONE trust them for at least a year or so. [besides like parents and siblings] )

[ ] Does your character ever join the Akatsuki? [+1]

[ ] Even though they are quite young? (under 16) [+1]
[ ] VERY young? (12 and under) [+1]
[ ] Even though they weren't previously declared missing ninja/S-ranked Criminal? [+1]
[ ] Was your character forced into the Akatsuki? [+1]
[ ] Was your character allowed into/forced into the Akatsuki even though have never done anything extremely evil that ALSO demonstrated a lot of power? [+3] (EX. Hidan's Jashinistic Activities, Itachi's slaughter of the Uchiha's, Deidara was a terrorist bomber, Sasori kidnapped the Kazekage to butcher him into a human puppet, Be creative people random killing of random people doesn't really count) (Seriously your OC can't just join the Akatsuki because they feel like it; it's not that simple to join and they're not going to want your character because she's sooo "kawaii-desu")
[ ] Do they not wear the proper Akatsuki uniform or do they wear an altered/modified Uniform? [+1]
[ ] Is it modified or altered to make your character look more attractive or modified to be more revealing? [+1] (EX. This includes but is not limited to: The cloak is worn open, the cloak is a little or a lot shorter, the cloak isn't a cloak but a dress, the uniform shows cleavage/chest/shoulders.)
[ ] When your character joins the Akatsuki are there already ten members present? [+1] (Akatsuki at any given time is composed of no more than ten primary members)
[ ] Does your character have a demon/is a demon/ a host or jinchūriki and is still part of the Akatsuki? [+5] (Change your character right now. You seem not to realise what the Akatsuki actually is)
[ ] Is your character a female Akatsuki member?[+1] (I'm not picking on them simply because they're female. That's why this is only a one point question. It's because if you do research it clearly states Kishimoto wanted Konan to be the only Akatsuki member who was female.)

[ ] Does the character ever become a Kage or is ever offered the position of a Kage? [+2]

[ ] At an age younger than 30? [+1]
[ ] Younger than 20? [+2]
[ ] Younger than 15? [+3]

[ ] Is the character an unusual age for their rank? (EX. Graduated the academy at 4, Became a jounin at 9, Anbu captain at 11) [+1]

[ ] Does the character make your character otherwise make any of the canon characters go honestly out of character? [+3] (EX. Hinata being open with fiery confidence, Sasuke or Neji all lovey-dovey, Sasuke being jealous, Naruto being a asshole, Sakura being less violent and/or less emotional, Ino being a total bitch, Shikamaru doing unnecessary tasks, Orochimaru being loving, the Akatsuki running around in their pink underwear drunk out of their minds singing the Party Rock Anthem while juggling dildos, etc)

[ ] Is your character a member of the Kagauya clan? [+1]

[ ] If your character is apart of the branch house Hyuga clan, do they not have a curse mark on the forehead for any reason? [+1]

Part 9: Personality

[ ] Is your character motivated by revenge? [+1]

[ ] A "completely justified" revenge? [+1]

[ ] Is the character always nice or always respectful or at least the majority of the time? [+1]

[ ] Does your character almost always win all verbal battles? [+1]

[ ] Is the character hot headed or rebellious but doesn't ever get in trouble because of it? [+1]

[ ] Does the character frequently lash out at authority, talk back to authority, or break the rules simply because they don't like being told what to do? [+1]

[ ] And does not get in trouble? [+1]

[ ] Is the character is notably witty, always ready with a sharp comeback or clever remark?[+1]

[ ] If the character likes playing pranks like Naruto, does the character not get in trouble? [+1]

[ ] Does the character frequently bash characters you don't like? [+1]

[ ] And no one gets annoyed or upset besides the character being bashed? [+1] (Ex. Kiba and Naruto not getting mad about someone saying mean things to Hinata, Sakura not getting mad about someone bashing Sasuke, Naruto not getting mad about someone bashing Sakura.)

[ ] If your character is openly defiant or disrespectful toward authority figures, is your character always justified and in the right? [+1]

[ ] Are any other actions that get your character into trouble with authority always justified from your point of view? [+1]

[ ] Do authority figures punish your character more harshly than they would have punished his or her peers under the same circumstances? [+1] (Ex. Imprisonment for playing an innocent prank)

[ ] Do authority figures not punish your character when they probably would have punished his or her peers under the same circumstances? [+1] (Ex. Not being killed or marked for death for becoming a missing nin or selling village secrets)

[ ] Is your character easily provoked to violence - but only gets into fights with characters who truly deserve the beating they get? [+1]

[ ] Does your character have "split personality" or "alter ego"? [+1]

[ ] That only comes out when they are fighting? [+1] (Ex. Anyone in reality who has a split personality disorder or some form of a bipolar-like disorder, will have it happen at random or inconvenient times not just in battle situations)

[ ] Has your character had a tragic past or was unfairly hated but they are still very happy/exuberant or "hyper"? [+1]

[ ] Does your character not have any fears? [+1] (Every character has fears even if they are not made extremely apparent. Naruto clearly fears losing friends. Orochimaru clearly fears death even though it's not said.)

[ ] Does your character not have any insecurities at all? [+1] (Ex. Kushina was insecure about her hair color. Tsunade is insecure about physical aging. Sakura was insecure about her face for awhile. Naruto is insecure about not being "noticed" and getting recognition. Kabuto has identity insecurities. Sasuke clearly had "self worth" insecurities; despite being loved and cared for he still saw his life as "incomplete" until he killed Itachi.)

Part 10: Self Insertion

Does the character have any self insertion problems that were not mentioned someway in the above categories.

[ ] Does the character share your hair color, hair style, eye color, skin tone or body build? [+1]

[ ] Three or more of these? [+1]

[ ] Does they share a hobby with you? [+1] (Ex. You and your character both LOVE to read or both LOVE to go running)

[ ] Does the character share quirk with you? [+1] (Ex. You both stutter, both of your eye's twitch when you're angry, you both like to go swinging from trees in the dead of night in your underwear)

[ ] Does the character wear a particular accessory you frequently wear? (Ex. the same glasses, a particular hair clip, a particular necklace) [+1]

[ ] Does your character have political, social, and/or religious opinions or beliefs which you share? [+1]

[ ] And the character frequently tells other of these beliefs and makes them known, acknowledged and justified? [+1]

[ ] Do you and your character basically have the same personality? [+1]

Part 11: Plot and Miscellaneous

[ ] Does your character ever use technology not proven to be in the canon manga naruto realm? (Ex. Cellphones, ipods, MP3s, 16bit computers, firearms, cars, motorcycles.) [+1]

[ ] Is your character's whole story pretty much a love story with a canon character? [+1]

[ ] Does your character take one a canon character's important role deliberately? (Ex. Sakura cutting her hair, Neji taking the spike for Naruto & Hinata, etc.) [+1]

[ ] Is your character an experiment of Orochimaru that he let go? [+1]

[ ] Does your character succeed at virtually everything they try? [+1]

[ ] Can the character play an instrument very well? [+1]

[ ] More than three instruments? [+1] (Shouldn't your character worry about being a ninja instead of learning the guitar, drums and electric triangle?)

[ ] Does the character have an amazing singing voice? [+1] (And ask yourself what this seriously has to do with the plot)

[ ] Do the first plans, strategies, ideas, etc. your character comes up with always (or nearly always) work? [+1]

[ ] Or does your character bungle almost everything, but is quickly & easily forgiven for it? [+1]

[ ] Does your character consider their talents, special abilities, or good looks to be a curse? (A few moments or an chapter/episode of wishful/speculative thinking don't count; it must be a constant or near-constant thing.) [+1]

[ ] Does your character manage to become friends with a villain, and through this friendship cause the villain to become reformed? [+1]

[ ] Does the villain revert back to their old ways, but retains some bit of goodness in their heart, caused by your character committing a selfless act of some kind or their love was so pure, deep or amazing?[+1]

[ ] The character enters a battlefield or similarly dangerous situation from which they have been specifically forbidden by older and wiser heads?[+1]

[ ] And doesn't get pulverized?[+1]
[ ] And saves the day? [+1]
[ ] And doesn't face any consequences?'(ex. Imprisonment, community service) fortheir disobedience. [+1]

[ ] If your character is in the Akatsuki are they not chasing after any of the tailed beast? [+1]

[ ] Is your character ever spared by an otherwise evil or ruthless character? (Ex. Any Akatsuki member, Madara, Shippuden Sasuke.) [+1]

[ ] Is the character from some new village or country you made up? [+1]

[ ] Is it a mysterious or "dark" sounding village? [+1] (EX. The village hidden in the shadows, hidden in the darkness, hidden in the demons, etc.)

[ ] Does the character know things only certain canon characters should know or things that no one should know? [+1] (EX. That Itachi was forced to kill his clan by Danzo, the truth about Naruto's parents, where waldo is hiding, etc.)

[ ] Does the character go on an unrealistic or unbalanced amount of missions or missions inappropriate for their rank? [+2]

Part 12: Death

[ ] Does the character die tragically? [+1] (On a mission doesn't count since it happens all the time. This is like if the character jumps in front of a poor defenseless Sasuke, and they confesses their love for each other)

[ ] Did they ever appear to die but not really die? [+1]

[ ] Did they make a heart wrenching speech before they died? [+1]

[ ] Did they die but had their life restored? [+1] (Clearly, if they died during the invasion of Pain this does not count)

[ ] Does anyone kill or physically harm themselves because your OC doesn't have feelings for them? [+1]

[ ] Does your character ever kill any of the canon characters? [+1 for each]

Part 13: Desuifiers

[ ] Is the character unattractive? ( Not average looking) [-1]

[ ] Is the character overweight for the full duration of your story or at least a significant amount? ("Buxom" or "Curvacious" or "a little bit of belly" does not count) [-1]

[ ] If female, is the character flat chested in their late teen years or older? [-1] (A character being flat chested at an age younger than 16 isn't that uncommon)

[ ] If male does the character have depleted muscle mass, or is scrawny? [-1]

[ ] And they're older than 21 and younger than 50? [-1]

[ ] Is the character hated for a crime they did commit, and have no remorse for? [-1]

[ ] Can the character not do one or more type of jutsu ( including Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Ninjutsu) at all?[-1]

[ ] Is your character human, 40+, and looks their age? [-1]

[ ] Older than 60? [-1]

[ ] Does your character have a major physical flaw that does detract from their beauty that they can't hide easily? (ex. muscles too large, giant nose, scar on face etc. If you try to pretend that big boobs or a hot body is a flaw because no one notices their face or personality then add a point.) [-1]

[ ] Do they have a very bad habit that gets them into some type of major trouble at any point? (ex. Drinking, smoking, killing, dangerous sexual fetish etc.) [-1]

[ ] Is the character all around evil with no good at all? [-1]

[ ] If male, does your OC have an honestly small penis? [-1] (Ran, Fail, Jewels if you see this, that was for you! LOL ILY) *anyone else who's reading doesn't have to take this question seriously*


≥0 Points

Why are you taking this? You either intentionally made an anti sue or you haven't created a character yet.

1 -10 points:

The Anti-Sue. Your character is the very antithesis of a Mary-Sue. In this category your character can mean two things.1.) You need to add more positives to the character. OR. 2.) Your character already does have enough positives and you made her/him interesting and balanced in your own unique way.

It really depends on the writer but if you scored under five you may want to wiggle some more positives in there.

11-20 points:

The Non-Sue. Your character is a well-developed, balanced person, and is almost certainly not a Mary Sue. Congratulations!

21-34 points:

Borderline-Sue. Your character is cutting it uncomfortably close, and you may want to work on the details a bit, and tweak some things but you're well on your way to having a lovely original character. At this point level your level can very well BE a Mary sue, depending on the writer. If you are on the lower side of this you might not be a borderline sue; it really depends on the writer. Tweak a little something here or there anyway.

35-55 points:

Mary-Sue / Gary-Stu. Your character needs some work in order to be believable. But despair not; you should still be able to salvage him/her with a little effort. Don't give up, just change up the most sueish details (for some characters it might the relationships, for others it might be the powers), then take the test again. There's still a chance you can save this character

56-70 points:

Über-Sue. You've got one hell of a Mary-Sue on your hands here, and it's not going to be easy to set things right. But do your best. There may be hope for you yet. The character might be redeemable if you work hard enough but I think it would best to let it die with some dignity and restart.

≥ 71 points:

Irredeemable-Sue. You're going to have to start over, my friend. I know you want to keep your character, but no. Just no. Immediate workover is in order.


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