Naomi Tanaka


Naomi Tanaka,たなか,なおみ


Appears in [Marionette]

Voice Actors




Stephanie Sheh



20px-Sagittarius.svg.png November 10th

Gender Female


Part II: 16-17





Blood type



Non-combatant; Runner

Sasori's Human Puppets


[1] Kusagakure

[2] Akatsuki


Team Sasori


Ninja Rank


Academy Grad. Age


Chūnin Prom. Age



Yasuke Tanaka (Older brother- DECEASED)
Momochi Tanaka (Younger Sister- DECEASED)
Mr. and Mrs. Tanaka (parents- DECEASED)

Naomi Tanaka (たなか,なおみTanaka Naomi) is a young girl from Kusagakure who is abducted and consequently killed by Sasori.


Naomi was born and raised in Kusagakure, along with her siblings Momochi and Yasuke. Their parents not being ninja, all three Tanaka children aspired to become valuable assests to the village in the most peaceful way possible.

Naomi and Momochi declared themselves fruit pickers for their parents, while Yasuke hunted game to feed others. At one point during their fruit-picking, Momochi and Naomi were attacked by a bear. After desperately trying to save her sister and watching her die, Naomi shamefully ran away, beginning a lifelong obsession.

After Momochi's death, Yasuke swore to protect his remaining sister at all costs, even at the cost of his own life. They began to spend more time together, and Naomi began running more frequently- because, unlike her brother, she could not fight well enough to protect herself.

Later on in her life, it began to snow in Kusagakure. Mesmerised by it, she and Yasuke began to dance in the snow, delighted, while their parents watched from inside. It was on this night that Sasori of the Red Sand would murder them, and take Naomi as a prisoner, for his Human Puppet Technique.


Naomi is portrayed as desperate and frightened; she does her best to run away from Sasori and Deidara as often as she can, but always fails. When in Sasori's presence, she is often crying, unhappy with her situation and how Sasori takes advantage of her.

In her earlier days, she is shown as a positive and happy child, always doing her best to help others whenever possible. She was eager to learn new things, and loved her family deeply. She did not enjoy pain or violence, and, after the attack on her younger sister, Naomi became an active pacifist, not engaging in combat of any sort and even denying herself entry to the Kusagakure academy.

However, as she spends more time with Sasori, she becomes more outspoken and defiant; even going so far as to reprimand Sasori when he was about to kill Deidara when he had been helping her against Hidan's assault on her.

As she spends more time with Sasori, she eventually develops Stockholm Sydrome and eventually begins to care for Sasori, despite his harsh treatment of her, even going so far to allow him to turn her into a Human Puppet.

She seems to enjoy being surrounded by nature, as shown when she takes delight in Kusagakure and in the forest around the Akatsuki base, when Sasori takes her for a walk. If she had been a ninja, Sasori noted that she would have possessed Earth Release. She also seems to have a fondness for animals.


Naomi is a tall, slim girl in her mid teens with long brown hair and large, empathetic green eyes, traits she inherited from her mother. When with Sasori, she is always seen wearing a dark crimson robe, reminiscent of Sasori's Human Puppets.

In her early days, she was seen wearing a simple kimono.


As she is not a kunoichi, Nami possesses no fighting skills whatsoever. She is strong enough to pick up and wield Hidan's three-bladed scythe, as well as wedge it into his shoulder, and she has proved strong enough to push the latter over.

Her real skill, however, is in her running. Since her traumatic experience with her younger sister, Naomi took up running as a way of dealing with her grief. She became fast enough that she can rival even a kunoichi in her speed, but she noted that while she was fast, she could not outrun Deidara when on his clay bird.

She is noted to have a special 'ability' that have caused several people to take an interest in her: Sasori describes it as 'a hidden secret', and Hidan portrays her as 'the thing that Lord Jashin craves most.' It is unknown whether this is her raw determination to live, or whether there is something else that is yet to be discovered.

Part II

She is abducted by Sasori after witnessing her entire family be slaughtered by Sasori in his Hiruko armour. She is then beaten a number of times, to be 'broken in' by her abductor, before he turns her into a Human Puppet, his 'marionette'.

She has brief interactions with other shinobi, including: Deidara, Hidan, Sakura Haruno, Lady Chiyo, Konan, and Zetsu.


-Naomi translates to 'beautiful.' This may be a reference as to why Sasori chose her to be one of his 'Hundred Human Puppets.'

-Her favourite phrase is "peace" (heiwa).

- Her favourite food is fried squid.

-Her hobby used to be 'acompanying Yasuke nii-chan.'

-She hates Sasori, and Akatsuki in general.

-Contradictory to the above statement, she also grows to care for and even love Sasori towards the end of the fanfiction, even going so far as to give her life for him.

-She once had the potential to become a kunoichi, but turned the offer down.

PLEASE NOTE: This article is NOT complete, because the story is not yet finished. I, TheChicChicBOOM, will keep editing it and adding things until I'm happy with how it turns out. Also, the character belongs to me (if you wish to read the story then go onto and search 'Mistress of the Macabre' and scroll down until you see a fanfiction entitled 'Marionette.'). PS: the picture does not belong to me, and I have no idea who it DOES belong to, but I am using it as a reference for Naomi. Sorry for any confusion, and I hope you like the character/fanfiction :)

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