Nami Hikura

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(Nami Hikura, (ひくら, ナミ))


Appears in


Chapter #34


Naruto Episode #52

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Virgo_symbol.png September 16

Gender Female


Part I: 17-18 Part II: 20-21


162 cm


51 kg

Blood type



Middle Range Fighter


18px-Konohagakure Symbol.svg Konohagakure


Ninja Rank


Academy Grad. Age


Chūnin Prom. Age



Yasashi Hikura (mother)
Kitsune Hikura (sister)
Father gone...


Water Style: One Thousand Needles of Blood

Water Style: Inundation of Water

Nami Hikura (ひくら, ナミ)


Nami is the younger sister of Kitsune Hikura, and she is daughter of both Yasashii Hikura and Ushiro Yamada. Although Kitsune and Nami both came from the same parents, Nami is less affected by her parents’ separation due to the fact that she simply can’t remember that much about them being together. The reason as to why she can’t remember is simply because of the fact that she was a young child at the time.

Growing up, her only real role model was her older sister Kitsune who always appeared to Nami as the greatest older sister in the world. Nami grew to be very antisocial due to the fact that her sister was enrolled in the ninja academy for the first five years of Nami’s life, her mom was always on anbu missions, and her father had to leave after the separation.

As a result, Nami ended up going to the day care a lot, but she usually hung out by her lonesome because she feared getting hurt by others. Nami is usually seen staring up at the sky due to the fact that she used to always ponder what it would be like if her entire family was still together. The only way she actually remembers that great father that her sister always talks about is through pictures. Nami was quite a quiet child until she met a young boy named Kaito who would soon become her first friend other than her sister. Kaito would spend time with Nami, and he would help her make more friends; however due to the fact that she had a hard time figuring out what to say, she usually ended up failing miserably. Either way, she didn’t really care as long as she had a couple of good friends.

Nami enrolled into the Ninja Academy at the same time that Kaito did, and her aspiration was to beat her older sister at whatever she did.

In the ninja Academy she tried her best to beat the accomplishments that her sister did because it made her feel accomplished. She also always wanted her mother to recognize her, but her greater desire was to make her sister proud or at least jealous since Kitsune always appeared to Nami as more of a mother/ sister figure than her real mother.

At age seven, Nami made another friend named Taru after Kaito introduced her to him. At first the two didn’t really like each other, but, they warmed up to each other and became good friends.

At age ten, both Nami and Kaito graduated from the Ninja Academy, and they threw Taru a mini fake celebration –because Taru was unable to graduate from the Ninja Academy due to certain circumstances- where they made him “graduate.”

At this point, Nami worked together with her new team members until they were able to participate in the Chūnin Exams. Luckily, they were able to pass but only barely.

She continued her ninja career until she became a jounin and her sister Kitsune gave her the troublesome team of three young girls; Kirei Kumori, Harumi Hajime and Britt Nara. Although it appears that they didn’t like Nami too much, they managed to all get through her teaching years until they no longer needed to be in her team.

After that, Nami quit teaching and instead went to help out in the daycare centers when she wasn’t on missions. This was mostly due to the fact that her friends; Taru and Kaito were both doing it, and the day care had done so much for her when she was there. Nami helped out a lot in the day care, and that is where she met a little hyperactive child named Kimi who was quite troublesome but loveable. Because of Kimi, Nami continued working a lot in the day care and she was able become more herself.

Nami later met Tobikuma Amamura (aka Tobi) and oddly enough became instant friends with him. Because of Tobi, she ended up wanting to pursue the path of an Anbu despite the fact that she didn’t want to because that was the reason her mother was never around for her.

Nami also met Kano Akiyama and Daichi Hisakawa, but they seem to not like her very much.


Nami is usually easygoing, but when she gets annoyed, she gets REAL annoyed. Although Nami is a really nice person, her first impressions aren’t always the best. She appears to be cold and pretty mean if you just glance at her because it looks like she is usually frowning; however, this isn’t the case, she just lacks social abilities. Although she later sees that her sister Kitsune is quite the lazy sister, she still admires her for being able to be so outgoing, and have so many friends.

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Nami’s personality can flip dramatically when the time is right. Due to hanging around Taru for quite some time, Nami came in touch with her pervier side, so as a result when stimulated; she can become quite the pervert.

Although at first she is a quiet child, as you get to know her more, she becomes more comfortable around you and becomes more open and outgoing.


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