Nakadan Yuukimaru




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Ellie's loosely based Naruto fic, Measure of

Success - book one and two.



August 31st (Virgo)


Male Male


Book 1: 16

Book 2: 19





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(Former) Jounin

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Nakadan Yuukimaru (結城丸那珂ダンNakadan Yuukimaru​) is a supporting character in Ellie Austin's loosely based Naruto fic, Measure of Success. He's a rogue Kirigakure shinobi, and a member of the covert organization known as the Koukon - the ninja of dusk.

(There are no canon characters from Naruto in Measure of Success. The story is completely original, but set in a Naruto-type world.)


Yuukimaru was born in Kirigakure on August 31st, son of Akira and Moyomi Nakadan. He spent most of his childhood drawing or training - occasionally, if he drew something he didn't like, he would use it for target practice. He was a very complex kid, with a perspective on life that no one seemed to understand. He didn't like speaking to people or making friends, and was perfectly content with being alone.

When he entered the Ninja Academy, people immediately discovered that his personality wasn't the only special thing about him. He was an exceptional shinobi, earning the highest marks in his class for years, having inherited the Nakadan clan's Kekkei Genkai - explosive style.

Yuukimaru graduated from the academy at the age of twelve, a year before the typical student advanced to genin. His teammates were Hiroyuki Nagato and Funaki Ayame. His sensei was Yosano Misuto, a brilliant tactician and valuable shinobi of Kirigakure.

As the time passed, Yuukimaru developed exception skills at creating force fields and had fair knowledge of legendary seals. Not only was he exceptional, but his entire team was full of prodigies; Nagato concocted poisons and used ink-based ninjutsu, and Ayame had a strange kekkei genkai involving glass. Together, Team Misuto was among the greatest trios in Kirigakure history.

The entire team advanced to chuunin rank the same year they graduated the academy, and in no time they were in line for jounin positions. The people around him could see him changing - as his power grew, so did his lust for more power. Everything turned wrong for Yuukimaru very quickly.

The Hidden Cloud, the village at war with Kirigakure, invaded - and the Raikage killed both of Yuukimaru's parents when he was 13. Without them, Yuukimaru would have nothing in Kirigakure to miss, and thus would be more easily persuaded to join the Raikage, who at the time had schemes to gain control of the other Hidden Villages. Yuukimaru left and became one of the most well-known enemies in the Bingo Book.


Yuukimaru is very sadistic. His teammates sometimes believe him to be entirely mad - especially when he's involved in a serious battle - but he typically shows off a calm, level-headed demeanor.


Throughout any appearance he has in any installment of Measure of Success, Yuukimaru wears a white cloak with a light blue interior - sometimes another cloak (black) over that if it's cold - as well as black pants and standard shinobi sandals. He has blond hair, bright blue eyes, and modestly tan skin.


Yuukimaru inherited the Nakadan Kekkei Genkai when he was very young - explosive release. The jutsu gave its
Yuukimaru grid

Yuukimaru's ability grid

user the ability to create explosives of various effectiveness and sizes, released from the mouth similar to a Fire Style jutsu. As he grew older, he developed a lovely ability to create force fields, and not long after joining the Koukon (the Raikage's organization) he trained with various types of swords. They became his main weapon in battle.


  • Yuukimaru is translated to "snowy circle."
  • By his teammates, he is sometimes called "Yuki" which he does not particularly like. -_-'
  • Yuukimaru's favorite food is miso soup and nori (w/ soy sauce).
  • Yuukimaru's teammates are Yamakaji Teisen, Asahara Karibi, and Konoe Hazara.
  • Yuukimaru is a member of the covert organization led by the Raikage, known as The Koukon - the ninja of dusk; those who move in the shadows.


Masashi Kishimoto is the rightful owner of the original picture used to create the picture of Yuukimaru above. The application Paint Tool Sai was used to edit Sasori into Nakadan Yuukimaru.

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