She is the alternate version of Nagi Hyuga,she appeared in Niji-chan's fanmade arc Reversed Konoha

Odd features

Shes much more spunky and tomboyish, and very agressive when in battle. Unlike her counterpart (the original Nagi) is much more calm and assertive. She also argues with the counterpart of Hinata Hyuga instead of having a sisterly bond with her,and often bullies the counterpart of Neji Hyuga


Since shes Nagi's counterpart she has the exact same figure but with minor differences. her hair is tied into a spiky sidetail,and wears a gothic-rebelous and attire, she wears a black shinobi coat and a white t-shirt that has a skull print underneath,on her bottoms,she has black baggy pants and a white skirt with an open slid on it.

Special Skills

Hyuga Clan Techniques

Just like her counterpart "Nagi" also specializes the Byakugan and the other jutsus of the clan,like the Gentle fist etc.

Taijutsu Expert

When Naruto and the gang first encountered Nagi's counterpart,they saw her in an abondand street competing in somekind of street fighting contest.they were surprised to see her easilly defeat them without using any jutsus.

Wrestling Expert

"Nagi" only uses them on someone who gets her pissed off. Neji's counterpart was often the victim of these attacks

Special Equipment


She was seen carrying a leather whip when using taijutsu in a 'more' serious battle

Other Differences

  • She is Foul mouthed
  • She is only likes doing things that shes interested in
  • She has a bad temper
  • She is a merciless fighter

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