Moriko Yukimura


Moriko as she appears in Part II.


Appears in

Part II



January 3rd




Part I - 9

Part II - 12


Part I - 119.38 cm

Part II - 151.13 cm


Part I - 28 kg

Part II - 41 kg

Blood type



Land of Iron


Isamu Yukimura (Father)
Akari Yukimura (Mother)
Nori Yukimura (Brother)
Michi Yukimura (Brother)

Moriko Yukimura (森の子 雪村, Yukimura Moriko) is an OC/RPC created for the Naruto RPC Universe by Jadzi.


Moriko is the middle child and only daughter of Isamu and Akari Yukimura. She has two brothers, Nori (age sixteen) and Michi (age six). The Yukimura family resides in the Land of Iron. There are no ninja in the Land of Iron, so naturally Isamu and Akari have taken up more civilian occupations: Isamu is an ice fisherman and Akari is a doctor. Moriko and her older brother attend a school in the village that teaches core subjects such as reading, writing, and arithmatic. The family is well-respected within the village, mostly due to Akari's reknown as a brilliant doctor.


Moriko is a withdrawn, quiet child. She prefers spending time alone, although she will tolerate having others around. She doesn't have any companions or playmates, because of her rather uninviting personality. She and the village children are civil towards each other, but for the most part they avoid her and vice versa. She isn't interested in friends or company, and the children find her to be very dull and unexciting. Due to her relative maturity in comparison to her peers, adults tend to assume she would do better in the company of the elder villagers. This proves to be true, simply because many of the grown-ups can relate to her ideas and concerns in ways that children cannot.


Moriko has long dark brown hair, with sections pinned back on both sides of her head. Her eyes are a gray-blue color. Her left eye is slighty smaller and more slanted than the other, giving her a permanent squint on that side. She has long and well-defined eyelashes. Her skin is a fair peach color. She has a scar on her right knee from falling out of a tree when she was seven years old.

Part II

Moriko is featured briefly in the Five Kage Summit Arc, as the summit is being held in her homeland. She and her family are wary of having such powerful ninjas in their country, although they know only fools would attack their own samurai. (To be continued; details are sketchy.)


  • Moriko has the second highest marks in her class.
  • Moriko means "forest child."
  • Her favorite color is blue.
  • She wants to be a doctor someday.
  • Moriko loves stew.
  • Her least favorite food is fish, even though her father is a fisherman.


  • "Why should you be afraid of thunder? It's just a noise, and you're louder." (To Michi.)
  • "She is always very tolerant...that's what makes her a great mother. I hope to be like her one day, but I'm just too impatient right now..." (About her mother.)
  • "Rattagan? Rasengan? No, it's definitely Rinnegan. Probably." (Thinking to herself about the dangers of a bloodline limit.)


Character base

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