Mitsuki Kokoro is a missing-nin from Moon Country.


Name: Mitsuki Kokoro

Age: Part 2: 24-25

Height: 5' 5"

Gender: Girl

Birthday: February 14

Chakra: Lightning


When Mitsuki was 13, she murdered her parents because she was possesed by a demon. When the demon left her body, it nearly killed her. When she awoke, she cried at the sight of her bruttaly murdered parents. The demon's chakra was left in her, and gave her powerful lightning. She traveled for a year, being hunted as a murderer. She finally made it to the Akatsuki hideout. She confronted Pain and told him that a powerful demon's chakra was sealed inside her and that she would be the perfect asset to the organization. She fought with Kakuzu for her qualifing match to become an Akatsuki member. Kakuzu's third heart was badly wounded, knocking him out. She finds herself very powerful, and doesn't date the boys because she doesn't think they're worthy, except for Itachi, she finds him special, but doesn't date him for reasons unknown. She doesn't cry often, only if it is something truly devastating. She helped in the Invasion of Pain, along with her closest friend, Dokuhebi. She is a spy and a fighter, fighting some of the guards with Dokuhebi. When Pain dies, she is quite sad, but does not cry. Whereas, when Konan dies, she cries because Konan was like a sister. Later, when Madara takes over the organization, she becomes more quiet because she doesn't trust Madara for anything and wishes Pain still ran things. She hates Sasuke for killing Itachi and wishes to fight him with Itachi's eyes. Sasuke hates her, too. Kabuto finds her attractive, but doesn't like her quiet, evil personality.


Hair: Dark Blue

Eyes: Violet, shaped like Sakura's

Piercings: Ears

Clothing/ Hairstyle:

-Hip length, down, no bangs, face framed

-Black Hitae ite on her forehead

-Long, tight sleeved Dark gray shirt with no shoulders, going down to her hips

-Black shorts like Karin

-Sandals like Tsunade's

-Fishnets from her ankles to just over her knee

Figure: Like Anko's


Mitsuki means "Beautiful Moon"

Kokoro means "Soul"

Her favorite food is Chiken Tsukune

Her least favorite food is Soba

Her hobby is fighting

She has been on 837 missions D rank-4, C rank-15 B rank- 346, A rank- 256, S rank- 216

Her most famous quote is "If you don't like me, fight me, I'll always win."


This character is my mom's!!! I got her into ninjas and she made another character, but I haven't put it up! So, if you guys say it's a Mary Sue, I'd consult with my mom on that!!!!

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