Mitsu Koizumi

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小泉 御津 Koizumi Mitsu


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20px-Sagittarius.svg.png November 11th

Gender Female


Part I- 15

Part II- 18


Part I- 5'5 (165.1cm)

Part II- 5'7 (170.18cm)


Part I- 52kg

Part II- 56kg

Blood type





Iwa Iwagakure


Team Murasaki


Ninja Rank


Academy Grad. Age


Chūnin Prom. Age


Family (ages in part I)

Mother- Koizumi Takako (35)
Father- Koizumi Akeno (37) Deceased at 33
Sister- Koizumi Taura (4)
Grandmother (mum's side)- Kai Botan (62)
Grandfather (mum's side)- Kai Rinji (59) DECEASED
Grandmother (dad's side)- Koizumi Etsu (61) DECEASED
Grandfather (dad's side)- Koizumi Fujita (63) DECEASED

Mitsu Koizumi (小泉 御津 Koizumi Mitsu) is a kunoichi of Iwagakure, and is owned by Mrs-Rima-Nara on DeviantART.


Mitsu comes from a family on average income in Iwagakure. She was raised from a child by her mother, Koizumi Takako, and her grandmother, Koizumi Botan. Her father, Koizumi Akeno, died when Mitsu was 11 whilst on a mission protecting Iwagakure. Hit hard by their loss, Takako went into depression, although quickly brought herself out of it when Mitsu's younger sister, Taura, was born. Taura grew up with alot of admiration towards her elder sister, thinking she was brave to have become a ninja and it was amazing. Mitsu's soft spot for Taura meant her allowing her sister to follow her around and admire her.

Mitsu began developing her genjutsu once she was 11 years old, beginning by examining what aspects made a genjutsu appear realistic. She began experimenting soon after and trained with her new gennin team. She passed the academy graduation exam on her first try, and was placed onto a team with Uta Mori and Raidyn Higa.

Uta, a girl she had known since her childhood, and Mitsu didn't get off to a very good start, arguing over the slightest things and doing anything they could just to annoy one another. Raidyn, being the calm one of the trio, was usually stuck in the middle of their arguement, and one or both girls often attempted to blackmail him, although he almost never caved into their will. Uta's speciality in Barrier jutsu and Mitsu's speciality in Genjutsu were often used during their arguements, often preventing the other from doing or saying something they were going to. Murasaki, their Sensei, would just laugh and sit by, making the excuse that it was good training for them. But despite the pair's rivalry, when they were on missions, they put the rivalry behind each other in order to complete the mission. Raidyn's short range jutsu was easily supported by the barriers and genjutsu of Uta and Mitsu. Along with Murasaki's mid-lang range nin-jutsu, the team works together well enough to complete each of their missions quickly.

The team's first attempt at the chuunin exam was when Mitsu and Uta were 13, although they failed in the first test. Their second try, when they were also 13, took them through to the second exam, although they failed there. Their third try, when they were both 14, saw Raidyn pass, although Mitsu and Uta both failed. Their fourth try, when they were still 14, saw both Uta and Mitsu pass through to become chuunin. The trio continued working together alongside Murasaki, until she left Iwagakure to search for her sister, and they took a mission with Murasaki's two friends, Aseri and Rozu, to try to find her. They arrived back at the village after Murasaki had already returned and had found her sister, and the three were delighted that their sensei was back with them.

By this time, Taura had graduated to a genin and was following in her sister's footsteps by learning genjutsu, and she was often refered to as the younger double of Mitsu, due to their striking similarity's.


Mitsu's sweet, honey-like voice draws people in towards her, although often, she will backstab those who are drawn in. She has a very conniving personality, often hiding true intentions behind fake actions and a sweet smile, and her being slightly malicious ties into this.

Mitsu's nature seems rather sweet and innocent when she is first approached, although her true nature very quickly come out. It often only takes one wrong move to have her threatening someone, and the change in personality can confuse people and stop them from approaching her if they know.

Unfortunately, Mitsu's strength is very limited, and she is more smart than she is strong. She is often rendered unable to protect herself while she is casting her genjutsu or helping one of her teammates, and she is often having to be saved by Uta and Raidyn, much to her own dismay. She knows that Uta and Raidyn have got her back, so often, Mitsu will take chances instead of playing it safe. This has lead her to occassionally gamble her life decisions while out on missions

Some, such as Murasaki, would think of Mitsu's behaviour as entertaining, the way she likes to play with people before turning on them and telling them the truth. Often, her nature can turn people against her, though she just shrugs it off and continues with what she was doing.


Pcm 71 mitsu by dangermayer-d5dsd8x

Mitsu in part I, picture by DangerMayer

Naruto oc adoptables 4 closed by bubblesdafrog-d5ctndo

Mitsu's coloured part I outfit, picture by BubblesDaFrog on DeviantART

In part I, Mistu wears a sleeveless light pink turtle-neck with a diamond shaped hole cut out of it just above her breasts. On each wrist is a sleeveless glove, the tips of which reach half way up her lower arms. Around Mitsu's waist is a sash in the same red as the gloves, tied at her back. The ends of the sash are left loose to hang behind her right leg. On her legs, Mitsu wears brown leggings which end under her boots and have diamonds matching the one on her top on the outside of each leg. Her boots/sandals are in the same shade of pink as her top, and reveal her toes at the end. The front of mitsu's waist length hair is kept back out of her face by a silver clip which originally belonged to her mother, a little of the rest being held up, while the rest of the auburn coloured locks are left to hang loosely.

In part II- WIP

Casual outfit- WIP



Databook Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intellegence Strength Speed Stamina Hand Seals Total
First 2 1 4 4 1 2 3 4 21
Second 2 3 5 5 1 3 3 4 26

Part I

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Part II

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  • Mitsu (御津) means 'light'


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