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Shippuden: 17-18


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Nakina (mother)
Tsuragi (father)
Kanade (aunt)
Gensetsu (uncle)

Mai Yuugure (Distant relative)

Mikio Yurashima is a fictional character created by cloudyskies908.


Mikio is an only child, and his mother and father as well as him moved to Konoha when he was around 6 years old. He was told it was so that they could be closer to the Yuugure clan-who were said to be on very good terms with the Yurashima and distant relatives.

In Konoha, Mikio was basically an outcast, having not have been from this village in the first place and was lonely for majority of this part of his childhood, with not even his younger relative Mai wanting to spend time him. So he was normally inside by himself rather than going to speak to other children.

However, at a young age, Mikio decided he wanted to become a strong, dependable ninja like his father and attended the ninja academy. Turns out-he's not as gifted as the others and just barely passed.

He found himself getting along with his teammates rather well, due to the fact that they were all from different villages as well (with the exception of his sensei) so they had at least one thing in common. He was, however, the worst on his team and had to be saved many times by his teammates Kirika and Hidou. His lack of skill in being a ninja is also what lead to his teammate Hidou dying in the Forest of Death during the Chunin Exams.

Devistated by this, Mikio became less and less motivated to become a good ninja and would have coompletely given up on being one if it were not for being motivated by Naruto Uzumaki. Mikio deeply admires the young shinobi, and finds him inspiring.

From that point on, Mikio trained rigorously and eventually got much better and even managed to protect his newest, inexperianced and naive teammate, Yasashi Fujimoto, which in a way filled an empty spot in his heart. He couldn't manage to save Hidou-but at least he could save Yasashi.


Mikio is a confident and out-going indiviual who is very loyal. He cares deeply for those he cares about and tries to help them whenever he can, even if it means doing the wrong thing. Mikio can occasionally be annoying or impulsive. He also finds himself butting into other people's business quite often, but with good intentions. By Shippuden, Mikio's learned not to just rush into things, but to plan or come up with a strategy first as well as how to be a better leader. He also learned to not just listen to people, but to really listen and understand. Not to just nod his head and pretend like he knows what he's doing.


Mikio's appearance is the most like his mother because he inheritated her pale green hair and feminine facial features, while he got his father's black eyes and wavy hair. He also has tan skin and wears silver earrings in each of his ears because it's a common assessory among the people in his family. Mikio was also noticably fairly short compared to many of those around him until he was around 15 years of age.


Mikio is a good medical ninja and fairly good at ninjutsu and taijutsu -More Information to be added later-

Kekkei Genkai

Lava Release


Part I

At around 14 is when Mikio is training with the help of his sensei so that he would no longer be a burden on his team so that he could not only heal his teammates, but he could be useful on the battlefield as well.

Eventually he was recognized by the Hokage because of his training and effort, so he was finally promoted to Chunin so that he was the same rank as the rest of his team.

Part II

During the timeskip, Mikio went on various missions to hone his skills. His main goal in Shippuden was to show exceptional kill in being a ninja so that he can be promoted to Jonin.

During the major Arcs (Pain's Invasion and the Ninja War) Mikio was mainly one of the ninjas that either saved people who were in danger, or healed the injured.


  • He has a similar appearence to Fu (green hair, tan skin). She was a kunoichi from Takigakure and the jinchuriki of the seven-tails.
  • Mikio has several nicknames, the most common ones being 'Miki' or 'Yura'
  • He likes birds, fish, tea, and dumplings, while he dislikes bears
  • Mikio wishes to fight Kirika Tsukino, due to having always lost to her in every fight and having to be saved by her as children.



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